Watch Out?

Do we see here a smear method in the making? Here is the start of a recent Popular Mechanics article:

How Scientific Papers Get Retracted

In the scientific publishing world, peer reviewers are police officers in charge of catching bad research. Without these watchdogs, pseudoscience can masquerade as real science—and when they fail, as they sometimes do, the public has the most to lose.

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Good find.

They may indeed be setting up another PM hit job. However, if they try to bring negative light to the Paper, it may encourage other scientists to read and review the paper, and the 911 event. It brings more publicity to our cause and gets more qualified people into the discussion. We have the truth and science on our side.

"Elsevier" (arms dealer and ... ) -- Recent AIDS shake-up

The Popular Mechanics article mentions AIDS in its opening paragraphs. Recently, there has been renewed attention given to the cover-up of information about AIDS, and the many hundreds of millions of dollars in funding which reaches that sector. This is big, big, big money.
WORTH WATCHING - The following video sheds light on how the Press is manipulated in order to promote a hidden agenda.
amfAR stands for The Foundation for AIDS Research which in itself receives and delves out major $.

Elsevier is also mentioned in Popular Mechanics.
A few years ago, the landscape dramatically changed for libraries and institutions concerning peer-reviewed scientific research papers. Often scientific publications charge a fee. Libraries can pay tens of thousands of dollars yearly for the right to have access to scientific papers. A few years ago, after buying up a great number of publications, Elsevier started charging more for access and this resulted in budget stress for many libraries.
Elsevier is a huge mega-corporation which owns a lions share of scientific papers.
Elsevier has tried to distance itself from its own corporate controlled entity which is a major arms dealer.

The corporatocracy has tentacles all over the place.

Dr. Peter Duesberg Will Go Down In History As A True Scientist

I commented on Dr. Peter Duesberg here two years ago, the discoverer of the retrovirus back in 1970. This a another huge conspiracy that will eventually come to light. I must say, hundreds of thousands have died due to NIH's bogus claim back in the mid-1980'a that AIDS was caused by the HIV virus. Duesberg correctly pointed out that NIH never did the epidemiological trials to accept the HIV causes AIDS hypothesis. Duesberg further said that HIV is not lethal in itself, it just happens to be found in persons with damaged immune systems. The male homosexual population was the first to be seen with HIV, but that was because of the life styles of many male homosexuals: hundreds of sexual partners per NIGHT was not unusual, producing multiple sexual diseases (see the movie Cruising to get an idea of what was going on in the homosexual bars in the 1970s). These diseases would in themselves decrease the immune system. To counteract the sexual diseases, one takes medications, which also decrease the immune system! Duesberg said NIH (and its European counterpart in France) had committed the most dreaded cardinal sin one can make in statistics: Confounding (I will always remember my instructor in Statistics 101 cautioning us that correlation is NOT causation!). Duesberg maintained (correctly) that HIV was a piggyback disease that one would naturally see in an immune damaged person. That a large proportion of homosexual males had HIV was not a surprise, Duesberg maintained, since many in this sub-population had damaged immune systems to begin with!

Duesberg is a true modern hero! He's been through the ringer the last 25 years. Duesberg is the poster child of how a real scientist operates.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC