Former employee of Controlled Demolition, Inc. talks about the WTC collapses

This past weekend, 5/8/2010, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth held a conference in the San Francisco area to discuss their work. One of the guest speakers was a gentleman by the name of Tom Sullivan who had previously worked for Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI), owned and operated by the Loizeaux family.

Tom Sullivan worked for CDI about 10 years ago before and during 9/11, and he worked for CDI for almost 3 years. His roll with CDI was Site Photographer/Explosives Technician. He is also licensed by the FDNY to handle explosives. His explosives tech. duties included placing explosives in buildings to prepare them for demolition.

Sullivan worked on projects such as Seattle King Dome, Three Rivers Stadium, Philadelphia Naval Hospital, Key Span Gas Holders, among others. He also went to high-school with Doug Loizeaux of CDI as well. Sullivan has also published work in the book "Implosion" published by Black Dog Publishing.

In his talking points, Sullivan talks about some of the myths surrounding 9/11 on how certain things would have been discovered in the debris pile of the collapses if explosives were used at the WTC:

1.) One of the myths is that if explosives were used, there would be pieces of the casings or other physical evidence left behind from the use of explosives. Sullivan has stated that there is nothing left of the casings.

2.) Another myth is that miles of detcord would be found in the debris pile. On this point, Sullivan mentioned the remote-controlled detonators that have been in use for many years.

CDI has on their own website a section that talks about their own remote-controlled demolition capabilities called DREXS (Directional Remote Explosive Severance).

In my opinion, even if detcord was used, there were thousands of miles of wiring, cabling, etc. in that debris pile. Detcord looks like any other cable to the untrained eye. And even with the detcord covered in and discolored by all the gray dust, it would be virtually indistinguishable from any other wiring or cabling in those buildings even to the trained eye, especially if you're not specifically looking for it. And I don't know anyone that was specifically looking for signs of explosives during cleanup.

Sullivan has said there is no possible way those buildings could have collapsed the way they did from fire.

To watch the conference you can go here:

Sullivan is introduced at 1:34:15.

On a side note, CDI has denied any knowledge of Sullivan being employed by them. Thankfully, Sullivan has kept his credentials which were verified by AE911T. Sullivan's credentials were also verified by KPFA radio (Guns and Butter radio) for a segment that involved Sullivan.

Demolition experts for 9/11 Truth

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Nice list there!

I don't know of any more yet, but if I do, I will definitely keep you and your blog in mind.

List discussed on Randi forums

"The rest of this list of "demolition experts" is highly suspect. The fact is that anyone who has ever used High Explosives should know that had a charge been detonated in any of the WTC buildings, everyone within a half-mile (at least) would have heard the unmistakable "crack" that is inevitable when something detonates at 20,000+ ft/second. "

If someone has an account there, perhaps they could mention the former CDI employee. ;-)

Edit. Updated the list of demolition experts and added links to their AE911Truth profiles.

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I've got an account over there, but I stopped trying to reason with those goons long ago. I figure such poor souls will be the last people on Earth to stop defending the cover-up, if they ever do.

poor souls ... ??

goons, definitely... poor souls? I think you're being too kind ;-)

Certainly, they will be the last to abandon faith in the official conspiracy theory, if they ever do!

Talk about conspiracy nutters, that lot really take the cake ...

Terral Lee Croft?

I removed him from the list as his profile page could no longer be found at AE911Truth. Does anyone know why?

About time!

Glad someone (formerly) from Controlled Demolition Inc. has spoken out and maybe this will start that snowball of courage we need from people within the demolition industry.

So, anti-truth lurkers (I'm talking to you Pat Curley), nobody in the demolition industry supports the 9/11 truth movement huh?

ETA This entry should be on the front page. Isn't it a bit strange that an anthropology professor's take on 9/11 is on the news page, but a former employee of Controlled Demolition Inc. speaking out is only in the blogs section? Anyone else find this a tad weird?

9/11: Fort Monmouth, NJ - Timely Alert II Exercise

From the article above "And I don't know anyone that was specifically looking for signs of explosives during cleanup."

According to this bit of information from Paul Thompson's Complete 9/11 Timeline there was at least one group who were dispatched to look for signs of explosives.

"On 9/11, Fort Monmouth is geared to go into high-alert status as part of Timely Alert II. The exercise is called off once the base is alerted to the real attacks.... "

"... Teams of CECOM experts from the base are later deployed to ground zero in New York with equipment capable of locating cellular phone transmissions within the ruins of the collapsed World Trade Center. Its explosive ordnance company is also deployed to assist authorities should they come across anything they think might be explosives, while digging through the debris in search of victims. "


And we all know that we can completely trust our military to be upfront and honest. Right?

Good catch...

Good catch...

The fact that CDI is denying his association...

indicates to me that CDI may have been in on it or at least in on the coverup. They sure have been helpful to the OCT perpetuators.

If this guy checks out as you mentioned, this is huge.

I hope he stays safe and well and lives a long and peaceful life.

Thanks for the post.

Thanks to Mr. Sullivan for speaking truth to power.

Mark Loizeaux, the president of CDI,

has spoken out against 9/11 truth and controlled demolition in the past:

This is even though Loizeaux is ironically on the record as a prime testimonial to molten steel.

Looking at Loizeaux' face on that video, it's as if he knows he's being forced to lie. He just doesn't look comfortable in his role. That clip uses the "miles of det cord" argument in addition to the fact that explosives are loud and not silent.

My gut intuition tells me Loizeaux is part of the cover up, whether gladly or out of fear for his life.

Remember that Dick Cheney had a word with Brigham Young University.

Who's to say Darth Vader didn't also have a word with CDI and Loizeaux?

Outstanding and worth the time

This video is fantastic. I'm glad someone else finally asked about the floor decking. I originally wanted to see images of it because I figured it would reveal much about how the concrete was atomized. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that almost all of the floor decking seems to have been atomized with the concrete. My Gods! there must have been numerous very carefully placed, extremely powerful, highly sophisticated demolition devices throughout the buildings.

This proper response to this is not "there is no way anybody could have done this." The proper response is "how did they pull this off?"