Dr. Graeme MacQueen: The Connection between 9/11, Anthrax and Iraq 05-01-10 in Walkerton [1-5]

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The Connection between 9/11, Anthrax and Iraq by Dr. Graeme MacQueen in Walkerton, Ontario, Canada on May 1, 2010.

Walkerton, Ontario - Saturday, May 1.
Dr. Graeme MacQueen's speech about 9/11, Anthrax and the Iraqi connection

Graeme MacQueen, PhD Associate Professor of Religious Studies and founding Director, Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University (ret). * Interview 11/19/06: "... theres no way those 3 towers were brought down by planes, jet fuel and fire. One tower, maybe. A structural flaw in the tower, a set of coincidences. Two towers — were getting into a highly unlikely situation, even though their construction was similar, because the planes hit in different ways. Three towers (including WTC 7 now, which wasn't hit by a plane), the odds against this are astronomical." * Essay 8/21/06: Regarding the recorded oral accounts of 503 members of the Fire Department of New York taken by the Department shortly after 9/11. "Claims that explosions contributed to the collapses were made on 9/11 and have persisted, but studies supportive of the U.S. governments account of events have ignored or denied these claims. ... We begin by facing the simple number of individual witnesses (118) and the even greater number of references, direct or indirect, in their accounts to explosions. We next have to deal with the rich, mutually supportive detail of these accounts. ... I cannot read this material without being struck by the ways in which the witnesses testimony is not merely cumulative but complementary and multidimensional. ... It appears (references are somewhat unclear) that the Commission did, in fact, make fairly extensive use of the oral histories. ... But what about all the references in the FDNY material to explosions? The Report makes no mention of them." http://www.journalof911studies.com * Member: Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice Association Statement: "Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice is a non-partisan organization consisting of independent researchers and activists engaged in uncovering the true nature of the September 11, 2001 attacks." * Member: Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth Association Statement "When faced with actions that conflict with the universal moral principle that we should not do to others what we would not want done to ourselves or our loved ones, members of faith communities have a responsibility to voice their opposition to those actions. Many religious leaders throughout history have publicly challenged morally unacceptable practices---recently, for example, in the civil rights and anti-apartheid movements. A significant moral challenge has emerged due to glaring discrepancies between the official version of the events of September 11, 2001, and the results of extensive independent research by individuals with relevant scientific or professional expertise. . . . As a result of this extensive research carried out by scientists and professionals, it can now be seen that the official account of 9/11 is false beyond any reasonable doubt. ... Because the false account of 9/11 has led to [numerous] evils, it is incumbent on religious leaders, once they realize that the official account is a lie, to speak out."


Is the War in Afghanistan Justified by 9/11? Speaking tour by Dr. David Ray Griffin.
- Nobel Peace Prize Nominee 2008 & 2009
- Ranked 41st (by The New Statesman) in "The 50 People Who Matter Today"

"Whereas it is widely recognized that the US-led war in Afghanistan is illegal under international law, because it was never authorized by the UN Security Council, most Americans have believed that it was morally justified as a response to the 9/11 attacks, and many believe it is still justified as a necessary means to prevent another attack originating from that region. My lecture will present evidence showing that both of these beliefs are untrue, so that the 9/11 Truth Movement and more traditional Peace and Anti-War groups should be able to combine forces to oppose this illegal and immoral war."- David Ray Griffin


Wonderfull work

a totally compelling analysis and example of critical thinking by the good Doctor. Thanks for your courage and efforts.

thank you!!

thank you for this graeme!

an astute presentation

All these years I have been watching the Colin Powell presentation at the UN, and I never put 2 and 2 together. Of course it was meant to attach the anthrax attacks to 9/11, and of course the anthrax letters were forgeries. Can't wait for the extended version, Prof. MacQueen.

Great Job Boddhisatva!

Thank you for your contributions to this monumental effort.

Anthrax doc.?

Is it possible to get a theater release for an anthrax documentary? Unmasking Atta and Anthrax is a great tack for cracking 9/11 wide open.

A theater release about Anthrax could be the winning ticket, especially with the Good Doctor's diagnosis. And it might be doable, with less resistance than a 9/11- only doc.

Along with C.D., this is exactly the sort of material that should be advanced by the movement for maximum impact on the public consciousness.

Bravo Graeme.

Anthrax War

NTexas911Truth Screened Anthrax War last summer for a crowd of 20.

It is available.


Nice talk!

Nice piecing together of a puzzle.

Compelling, awesome, frightening

An extraordinary presentation on an event I had long put on the back burner. Thank you Dr. McQueen, for your courage and insight.

I am made to feel what it must have been like to have lived in Germany during the Nazi Reich. And that is not an exaggeration, for the first time.

Very Interesting

"Mohammed Atta asks for a loan" is a clasic! (Part 4) LOL! Great Speech!

I can watch part 4

twenty times, and I'm still laughing.

It's pure comedy, not even Graeme can stop himself from bursting into laughter in the end.

Atta gets a loan. What a bunch of preposterous bull. But it's priceless comedy.

Like Graeme says: "What are we to make of this nonsense"


Yes, I'm going to steal this story, but wont tell it as good as Graeme. But it gets better........here is the story itself.....


From the article...." I wrote his name down. And I spelled it A-T-T-A-H, and he told me, "No, A-T-T-A, as in 'Atta boy!'"

Said the top secret terrorist...LOL....oh...and when did this happen?

"I met him somewhere between the end of April, around the third week of April to the third week of May of 2000."

The 9-11 Commission said he arrived in the U.S. for the first time June 3 2000.

And who is conducting the interview? Brian Ross, who is the top investigative reporter for ABC news and a confirmed tool of the Government, the guy telling us he had it confirmed that the anthrax had bentonite in it confirming it was from Iraq....


"The story of how top secret terrorist M Atta asks for a loan" A classic indeed!

Oh! you mean

the coke snorting pork eating boyfriend of a stripper devout Muslim top secret martyr who applied for a loan in his own name.


Congressional investigators plan to examine how the FBI determined that one scientist was responsible for the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks

Wall Street Journal (2010) - The Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved
The FBI disproved its main theory about how the spores were weaponized.

Funny how Cheney and his staff were given doses of the anti-anthrax Cipro right after the 9/11 attacks, isn't it?

"On the night of the Sept. 11 attacks, the White House Medical Office dispensed Cipro to staff accompanying Vice President Dick Cheney as he was secreted off to the safety of Camp David, and told them it was "a precaution," according to one person directly involved."

"Let me put it this way," Bush said. "I'm confident that when I come to work tomorrow, I'll be safe."


Anthrax War Documentary 1/7

ANTHRAX WAR is an investigative documentary about the 2001 U.S. Anthrax Attacks, a trail of dead scientists and the dark secrets of germ war research.

The film begins in the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks when anthrax-laced letters, mailed to media offices in New York and to the U.S. Senate in Washington, spread fear and panic across the United States and beyond.

Additional Resources:





Bad news for FBI?

Sounds like the FBI didn't like the report it got from the National Academy of Sciences........

"Date: Dec. 9, 2010

Statement by E. William Colglazier, Executive Officer, National Academy of Sciences, and Chief Operating Officer, National Research Council, Regarding Status of Review of the Scientific Approaches Used by the FBI During Its Investigation of the 2001 Anthrax Mailings

"On Sept. 15, 2008, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) received a letter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation requesting that NAS conduct an independent review of the scientific approaches used by the FBI in its investigation of the 2001 anthrax mailings. In response, the National Research Council, the principal operating arm of NAS and the National Academy of Engineering, convened the Committee on the Review of the Scientific Approaches Used During the FBI’s Investigation of the 2001 Bacillus anthracis Mailings to carry out this task under the terms of an April 24, 2009 contract. The committee’s project scope, as agreed to by the National Research Council and FBI, was limited to an assessment of the scientific approaches, methodologies, and analytical techniques used by the FBI in its investigation.

The committee completed its assessment earlier this fall after satisfying the rigorous report review process of the National Research Council, and a report was delivered to the FBI on Oct. 27 for a security review pursuant to the contract. Since that time, the FBI has informed us it has additional materials relevant to the committee’s charge, materials that had not been provided previously to the committee. On Dec. 3, the FBI delivered a summary of additional materials and certain documents for the committee’s consideration, and in an accompanying letter asked for the opportunity for an additional presentation to the committee by forensic experts, investigators, and federal prosecutors who worked on the investigation. We have determined that some of this material is the type of information previously requested by the committee during the course of its review and that some of this information is relevant to the committee’s report. To consider this information, the committee will reconvene for one last meeting. We have requested that any additional information the FBI wishes to turn over to the committee be provided by Dec. 15. The committee expects to complete its work by February 2011, with the goal of producing the most thorough and accurate analysis possible"

WASHINGTON — The Federal Bureau of Investigation has requested a last-minute delay in the release of a report on the bureau’s anthrax investigation by the National Academy of Sciences, prompting a congressman to say that the bureau “may be seeking to try to steer or otherwise pressure” the academy’s scientific panel “to reach a conclusion desired by the bureau.”

Representative Rush D. Holt, a Democrat of New Jersey and a physicist who has often been critical of the investigation, made the remarks in a letter Thursday to the F.B.I.’s director, Robert S. Mueller III, saying that he found the bureau’s request for a delay “disturbing.” The F.B.I. has told the committee that it wants to turn over an additional 500 pages of investigative documents not provided previously despite the committee’s request for all relevant material when it began the review in April 2009.

“If these new documents were relevant to the N.A.S.’s review why were they previously undisclosed and withheld?” Mr. Holt wrote. The anthrax-laced letters that killed five people in 2001 were sent from a mailbox in Princeton in his district.

Isn't this especially significant?

White House precautions

On September 11, the president and White House staff began taking a regimen of Cipro, a powerful antibiotic. The public interest group Judicial Watch filed lawsuits in June 2002 against federal agencies to obtain information about how, what and when the White House knew on 9/11 about the danger of anthrax weeks before the first known victim of the anthrax attacks.[38][39] The issue, therefore, is on what grounds governmental officials were alerted to prepare for the coming anthrax attacks, which were later traced to a U.S. army medical research institute.[40]