The Evening of 9/11/01: The U.S. Was Already Bombing Afghanistan

Video from
FOX News, evening of 9/11/2001:

"We understand the US government is now bombing Afghanistan..."

Look at the 27:00 minute mark:

Maybe this is common knowledge among the 9/11 Truth community. But it sure is news to me.

Broken Link?

The page comes up, but no video loads. I know this site has been around for years, I never was able to tell if the video's were ever retouched or edited, however. Hope ths didn't get pulled because of this telling comment.

EDIT - Broken site or browser - none of the videos are coming up for me, but the timeline of events for that day does mention explosions in Afghanistan at 5:30 PM.

Link is working...

Dave, the links working for me. I'm using Chrome, in case that has any significance..

mouv4x8: you're welcome.

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bonjour ,
thanks for this posting and I did not know that the afghan "punishment" had been done so early.
The Video link worked.

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keep thinking it through

Then we add the fact that it takes months(at leasst weeks) to set up a military mission. Someone had to know it in advance.

I can't view that site. sorry

There is much evidence that

There is much evidence that the Bush/Cheney attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq were planned BEFORE the 9/11/01 terrorist atrocities took place. See the following articles from credible mainstream news sources:

US 'planned attack on Taleban'

The Afghanistan War was Planned Months Before the 9/11 Attacks,

Threat of US strikes passed to Taliban weeks before NY attack

O'Neill: Bush planned Iraq invasion before 9/11

US ‘drumbeats’ about Iraq invasion were heard months before 9/11

Secret US plans for Iraq's oil

Plan to oust Saddam drawn up two years before the invasion,

Thanks Joe...

Good set of links - I appreciate it.

I knew the 2 wars were planned in advance of 9/11.
I did NOT know about bombings the night OF.

Any supporter of the official government conspiracy theory, who
continues to maintain their position after being confronted with
the information led to by your links (and the Afghanistan bombing video),
are in permanent denial mode.