Kagan helped shield Saudis from 9/11 lawsuits By John Byrne Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 RAW STORY


Kagan helped shield Saudis from 9/11 lawsuits

By John Byrne
Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 -- 9:04 am

Elena Kagan, President Barack Obama's latest nominee to the Supreme Court, helped protect the Saudi royal family from lawsuits that sought to hold al Qaeda financiers responsible in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

The suits were filed by thousands family members and others affected by the Sept. 11 attacks. In court papers, they provided evidence that members of the Saudi royal family had channeled millions to al Qaeda prior to the bombings, often in contravention of direct guidance from the United States.

But Kagan, acting as President Obama's Solicitor General, argued that the case should not be heard even if evidence proved that the Saudis helped underwrite al Qaeda, because it would interfere with US foreign policy with the oil-rich nation. She posited “that the princes are immune from petitioners’ claims” because of “the potentially significant foreign relations consequences of subjecting another sovereign state to suit.”

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer published Tuesday, the mother of a man who was killed on United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania said he didn't know why Kagan argued that the case not even be heard. By keeping the case off the dockets, the Saudis were spared scrutiny of their finances.

"We had hoped she would be with us so that we could have our day in court," Beverly Burnett said.

“I find this reprehensible,” said Kristen Breitweiser, another family member whose husband was killed in the 9/11 attacks, said at the time. “One would have hoped that the Obama administration would have taken a different stance than the Bush administration, and you wonder what message this sends to victims of terrorism around the world.”

The Obama Administration's decision to intervene in the Saudi-al Qaeda case so irritated two Republican senators that they introduced legislation aiming to ensure that Americans have the ability to sue foreign governments.

Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) offered a proposal to amend the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which Kagan cited as one reason the Saudi case should not be heard. Both senators said that US citizens should be able to sue foreign governments if they are found to be supporting terrorist activity.

Specter, who has since become a Democrat, was unusually blunt.

"She wants to coddle the Saudis," he said.

examine the history

of al qa'ida, (formerly the afghan mujahedin) reaching back to the Carter Administration, it becomes apparent that Kagen was not just shielding the Saudis, but indeed the US government itself, from revelations about the covert support for the terror group by US intelligence, acting with and through the intelligence agencies of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, the UK, et. al.

Patsy Group Funded By Saudis?

We know, after years of study, that Al Qaeda is a fake patsy group that was set-up to take the fall for the attacks on 9/11/2001 in order to blame the Muslim world in general for the attacks on 9/11/2001. Therefor, there is no real evidence of a connection between the Saudis and 9/11/2001. Sure, they may finance terrorist groups and maybe even the same one that the 9/11 Perps decided to pin the attacks on 9/11 on. How could the Saudis have known that their pet terrorist group was going to be set up as patsies for 9/11/2001?

Unless you're willing to accept tortured confessions from 'alleged terrorists' as truth then there is no REAL connection between Al Qaeda and the attacks on 9/11/2001. I can't accept tortured confessions. And the official theory about Muslims hijackers with box cutters took down the WTC 7, 1 and 2 has surely not and will never be proven.

It's hard to accept the reality of the situation. But the reality is that hijackings were faked in order to shield the demolition of three buildings on 9/11/2001. The 'terrorism' that Kristen Breitweiser and others refer to is far from a 'Islamic Terrorist Threat", as they suggest. To play along with this patsy-story is pushing us further from the truth.

Good points...

Good points, jpass.

It is all speculation. We can't know much at all about the workings of the various intelligence agencies.

To me it looks as though the 19 patsies must have been intelligence assets, perhaps shared between the two countries. Surely the Saudi government was involved in their selection and so on.

I think it might be an eye-opener to see the passenger manifests (long since destroyed, no doubt, if they ever existed) for the flights that went out of the US during the no-fly period right after 9-11. It could be those patsies weren't patsies at all, but on board those flights back to Saudi Arabia.

That will remain just speculation, obviously. But I do suppose the Saudi royalty knows quite a bit.

the message

Kristen Breitweiser wonders 'what message this sends to victims of terrorism around the world'.

The message is this:

Terrorists of the wortd, unite, and work with us. You too can get away with it.

Remember that Addington and Cheney held a "lessons learned during Iran-Contra" conference.


Kagan Involved In 9/11 Cover Up


Kagan Involved In 9/11 Cover Up

Steve Watson
Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Kagan Involved In 9/11 Cover Up 120510Kagan2In addition to the attacks on free speech, detainee rights and the close connections to Goldman Sachs, another noteworthy black mark on the record of Elena Kagan, the president’s nominee to the Supreme Court, is that she played a significant part in killing off the efforts of 9/11 victims’ families to bring lawsuits against members of the Saudi Royal family for financial links to the conspiracy.

Last year, thousands of family members filed suits claiming that Saudi Arabia and four of its princes actively aided in financing the terrorist attacks through front groups posing as charities.

The New York Times ran a report in June highlighting how documents uncovered by lawyers for the 9/11 families “provide new evidence of extensive financial support for Al Qaeda and other extremist groups by members of the Saudi royal family.”

The documents consisted of “several hundred thousand pages of investigative material” assembled by the 9/11 families, according to the report.

The families also pointed to a 28-page, classified section of the 2003 joint congressional inquiry into 9/11 that deals with the Saudi role in the attacks.

Had the cases been heard, the exposure given to the Saudi connection would have undoubtedly opened the flood gates for more suppressed evidence surrounding the attacks to emerge.

“The revelations would undoubtedly shatter the official explanations of the September 11 attacks and point to complicity on the part of US intelligence and security agencies.” writer Barry Grey noted at the time in his excellent piece on the government’s effort to shut down the lawsuits.

“Given its longstanding and intimate ties to the Saudi royal family and Saudi intelligence, it is not possible to believe that the CIA would have been unaware of Saudi support for Al Qaeda and at least some of the 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudi nationals, as they were preparing to carry out the attacks on New York and Washington.” Grey wrote.

Enter Elena Kagan.


This is a good article.

I use references of articles like these when I post on "comment sections" of Kagan in mainstream news in order to make 9/11 more visible.


Anyone who has read up on 9/11 (outside of the infantile gibberish regurgitated by the mainstream media of course) knows full well that the 9/11 attacks were not carried out by those alleged 19 Arabs (including 15 alleged Saudis), and Kagan might also be aware that this is the case. The threat of a highly public lawsuit involving thousands of plaintiffs, placing the money-trail and other aspects of 9/11 under intense scrutiny, where high level people in both the US and Saudi (and elsewhere) are subpoenaed and placed under oath in a courtroom, is the LAST thing that the powers-that-be want to happen. Kagan (as well as the Supreme Court justices) were probably under enormous pressure to get this issue swept under the carpet ASAP.

But the message reaching "9/11-ignorant" America, if the media do their duty and report this, is as follows:
Elena Kagan to Saudi princes: "funneling $millions to al Qaida is OK,.... and the US supreme court agrees with me.
Elena Kagan to thousands of American families: Go screw yourselves.

Whichever way one interprets this, it looks bad for Kagan. (Hence the mainstream media block on the story).

The story is gaining traction

WorldNetDaily just picked it up:

"Kagan shielded Saudis from 9/11 lawsuit"

It looks like there are a few talking points to which some neocon-leaning outlets are receptive.