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Hey, all. I'm putting up the first piece by Abby Martin on at the same time that I'm making this post here.

Addendum by Abby Martin

There will be a second piece by her up there soon. You can see more of Ms. Martin's work on Also, she's starting a new site called MEDIAROOTS. Thanks, Abby.

This is my first post on I've been looking at this site for a couple years, and I've been making comments here for a few months. I'd like to say that I've been treated well by the ownership, staff, and participants here both privately and publicly. I really appreciate that. It's a pleasure to be here. Thanks to everyone involved.


thanks so much for this paul, you are the best!!!

Thank you, Ms. Martin.

It's a great joy for me to look at and show your work.

Great idea Paul!

Great idea to start exposing people to 9-11 Truth artwork, and no better way to start than with a work of art from Abby.

Abby, I remember seeing some of your artwork a couple of years ago. Love your style so much. :) This piece is provocative and beautiful.

With you in the struggte,

Hey, Bruno.



thanks so much for the kind words bruno

Good stuff - welcome Paul.

Good stuff - welcome Paul. :)

Cool, buddy.


thanks paul and abby

also i recommend that anyone who loves to be inspired by poetry and music, to listen to pauls truth album. i bought it on itunes! thankyou Paul, your music is beautiful!


your extremely generous, free, and beautiful. Your totally amazing. Please let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you. I'd certainly like to broadcast your art, writings, or whatever if you ever want to do that. My deepest gratitude goes to you now and always.



Welcome Paul

Congrats on your 1st post to 911blogger. Keep showing the 9/11 art it is an important part of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Thanks to all the artists throughout the last 8 to 9 years that have contributed.
Take Care Matt

Great, Matt.

Thanks. Yeah, I think art is an important part of this whole thing too. I hope so. I believe that this situation calls on us all to show our best, most noble, and strongest effort now. To me, art is one way to do that.