Patriots Question 9/11 - Robert Bowman Interview

Youtube link for first of 5 youtube segments:

Top link is to first of five segments of an interview with Robert Bowman with a total running time about forty-eight minutes. Recorded live through the facilities of Greenfield Community Television www.GCTV on 13 April 2010.

Dr. Bowman served as an airforce pilot with more than 100 combat missions in Vietnam. He was in charge of a research project under the Ford and Carter administrations later to be known as Star Wars. During the Reagan administration Robert Bowman became a whistle blower knowing from the inside that this technology could only be successful as an offensive weapon. Robert Bowman, retired Lt. Col, is one of more than 200 Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials questioning the US government's 'official' version what happened on September 11, 2001 - see list and statements at . Bob Bowman currently serves as National Commander at www.ThePatriots.US

The interview was conducted by Jonathan Mark of and Tom Finnell of For a hard copy of this film, contact Jonathan Mark, see Info @ bottom of

Another url link to access all five segments, see:

Robert Bowman for President

He's got my vote!

Mine too

True American patriot. We need more like him.

Video Embedded Part 1

I saw Bowman speak a few years back in Takoma Park MD and

was not overly impressed. Most of his talk dwelled on his past experiences and his take on 911 seemed to boil down to incompetence and LIHOPism.

Would like to comment on this morning's (Fri.) CSPAN call-in show. Wow! Michael Sheehan was on and my brothers and sisters in truth were OUT IN FORCE. I got on near the end and asked if he was familiar with four names I listed from patriotsquestion911, starting w/Major Gen. Albert Stubblebine, then urged everyone listening to go check it out. I swear, it seems like every other caller was a fellow warrior for truth! The look on Peter's(the host) and Michael's face was priceless....I think they were clearly shook about the preponderance of us.

I'm still on an adrenaline buzz. Great way to start a day. I think we should all continue our polite, persistent assault every morning on CSPAN, if you have a chance. Curious if our talented and creative braintrust here at blogger would like to offer some other questions to ask keeping in mind:

1) Any long winded-ness will get you cut-off 2) asking 2 part or multiple questions is futile 3) asking for a chance for a follow up is liable to backfire 4)of course do not sound crazy, ie, loud, frantic, generally insane

Obviously who the actual guest is, and what has been talked about so far can and should play some part in formulating an effective ?

The key is I think, creating some desire for those listening to do further research. Chances are very high the guest will have some canned dismissive retort all prepared....but a good question will intrigue many in the audience.

Any ideas, suggestions for concise, stimulating questions?



here's a question: "The 9/11 Commission Report says on page18 that NORAD did monitor DOMESTIC aircraft over American airspace on 9/11; even actually tracking on RADAR Flight 77 and Delta 1989. Why do you think NORAD and the media continue to tell us that NORAD didn't monitor DOMESTIC aircraft within the United States on 9/11?"

Don't forget to say DOMESTIC aircraft!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

gotta agree with you here...

seems like some kinda soft shoe shuffle gate keeper act. HE knows there is much more compelling evidence than what he is supplying. He makes a poor case when A TRULY EXCELLENT one is possible.
you gotta ask why?

did you see WTC-7 segment he produced???

usually judgment comes from limited perception at best. Dr. Bowman's 3-minute WTC-7 segment shows the smoking gun. You might have been influenced by smirk remarks.. and formed a judgment without seeing the 5-segment video above.. Or considering his being an inspiration for many listed at

Respecting our real hero veterans supporting a new investigations builds unity and support in many ways..

I saw him speak in 05....

was not impressed. He had a cut out speech and did not present compelling evidence against the official story.
Glad to hear he is now bringing up building 7.
I would certainly vote for him for president. He has done a lot more for the truth movement than any other actual politician besides cynthia mckinney (and that includes ron paul, sadly)
so perhaps I am expecting blood from a stone.
Ordinary Americans are still not willing to face the truth.

camusrebel: Sorry but you got the wrong impression

I've seen Dr. Bowman speak a number of times including a 911 Rally IN FRONT OF THE WHITE HOUSE where he pulled no punches and shouted for President Bush to come out with his hands up! There is no chance he would ever support LIHOP or incompetence nonsense! He knows all too well how sophisticated our domestic enemies are. I've also seen him on FOX and he was so strong that you can rest assure he would never be asked back again. Sean the Pawn was put in his place and could never come close to questioning his patriotism to the US.

Bowman bridge war-to-peace

Thanks for all the comments.. Bob Bowman is the kind of guy that grows on you. David Ray Griffin said to me that he considered him as one of the best 9/11 speakers, eloquent and articulate, (and he has been there as an insider).

I sent the DVD of the interview to Veterans for Peace and Josh Stieber, a conscientious objector. I think of Bob as a bridge for peace veterans. He is a special human being, who represents what is best about the USA, while surviving the horrendous chaos of the illegal Vietnam War with more than 100 combat missions as an Air Force fighter pilot.

I would welcome sending the DVD to be played at community access television stations, and to any veteran. Also, my friend, Dr. Tom of 9/11 DVD Project has it listed, and it will be distributed, also, by One Dollar DVD Project.

Bob is a person who exemplifies the sort of transformation that our militarized government needs to undergo.. for peace and humanity.
For life's survival in the 21st Century.

Bowman on Left-Right divide

The following is on information presented by Phil Restino, Chapter Co-Chair, Central Florida Veterans For Peace, regarding the fourth segment of the video:

Veterans for Peace - Bob Bowman on Left-Right divide

When Bowman came to Cincinnati

he gave his Inaugural Address as our "virtual president." I hope to have it up sometime soon.