"This is Where We Take Our Stand" Winter Soldiers to Take Their Stand on PBS


This is Where We Take Our Stand

Winter Soldiers to Take Their Stand on PBS

This is Where We Take Our Stand - Trailer from Displaced Films on Vimeo.

This is Where We Take Our Stand - Trailer from Displaced Films on Vimeo.

David Zeiger of Displaced Films and Bestor Cram of Northern Light Productions wrote to announce the good news:

We are very happy to report that we have received funding from the Independent Television Service (ITVS) to create an hour-long documentary for Public Television.

The film, also titled This is Where We Take Our Stand, will go beyond the web series, delving further into the lives of the soldiers and veterans who organized and testified at Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan in March of 2008, and reflecting on its impact two years later.

The new film, which we hope will be broadcast on PBS early next year, brings the story of Winter Soldier and the veterans who testified to a huge audience nationwide at a time when it is, ironically and infuriatingly, more timely than ever. So spread the word, watch the web series if you haven't yet, and stay tuned!

Support our troops!

These fine people in particular.

So important.

As one who served in the GI Anti-War Movement in the 70's, I know from first hand experience that TO SLIT THE ARMY is the critical factor. Back then many tens of thousands of soldiers were turning towards the Resistance. The explosive nature of the GI Movement was an important factor in finally ending the Viet Nam War. However, as we were all painfully aware at the time - UNTIL and Unless we end the Capitalist/Imperialist State - an end to war is impossible !!


More important than the American public, I wonder to what extent it would be possible to get this DVD into the hands of servicemen still "fighting."

I've had this vision (going back to Viet Nam days) of US soldiers finally saying, "Enough," dropping their weapons and refusing to fight. All of them, simultaneously leaving the battlefield. (Reminiscento of that wonderful scene in David Lean's "Dr. Zhivago," where, as deserting troops are passing others headed for the front, convince them to stop and join them.)

Ah, but I can dream, can't I?

But there has been revolts in the ranks of soldiers before. It's not completely in the realm of fantasy. Why not now? Do they know that this is a phony war, based on set of complete lies, and intended only for the enrichment of a small, priveleged class with no honor, nobility or even a whit of respect for the men fighting? Or the civilians being MURDERED? Who could fight having obtained such knowledge?