George W. Bush's Inaction On 9/11

A short production of news clips detailing George W. Bush's 9/11 inaction, including his post-attack foot dragging on establishing an independent investigation into the worst attack ever on United States soil.

Bush was clearly negligent in his duty on 9/11, not only as President, but also as our Commander in Chief. His inaction alone is reason enough to re-open the 9/11 investigation. Throw in the fact that Donald Rumsfeld was not at his post directing a defense for this country, and that Dick Cheney tracked the Pentagon attack "vehicle" from over 50 miles out and still did not shoot the object down, and you have negligence and dereliction of duty at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Don't just ask for a new investigation. Ask for a real 9/11 investigation.

This is a good video about some of the the puppet-level

In a theatre analogy this is the stage-level with the audience watching and the crew backstage managing
the play. Who are the puppeteers, the crew, the playwriters?

it all adds up..

I liked, too, the text introduction to news clips. Seeing how all the Bush administration actions add up is seeing the process of an elimination of the USA Republic.

The same overwhelming clear evidence links this same group to ongoing campaigns back to WW II NAZI financiers, for the build-up of corrupt money, energy resources, and an insane arms race and destruction to natural resources.

Check out YouTube video on Christopher Story speaking on EU corruption and infiltration since WW II, and his articles at WorldReports for more on this interplay of generations and fascism.

I also highly recommend the film by John Hankey, Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy.

These resources tell a story of why it is so critical that 9/11 is the ending point for such a loss of integrity and treachery. We either regain real justice and freedom; or else it is either martial law or zombie mind control.. or mix between the two.

FN will be linking. Thank You..

Excellent Video

Did anyone notice he was reading "My pet goat" upside down. He knew all along 9/11 was an inside job. Well he was just a puppet just like our new president Obama. I was watching Obama give a talk yesterday on TV. Next time he gives a talk watch hid body language. He kept moving his head from left to right just like a puppet would. It's a dead give away. He is totally mind controlled. He is just another NWO stooge. We must take our country back or it's Fascist City for all of us. I can't think of any way to accomplish this except through 9/11 truth. Keep on plugging away. This is one info. war we MUST WIN.

For the record

The book is The Pet Goat, and the video shows him holding it rightside up. The images which show otherwise are simply photochops.

You are probably right Pav

but it's still funny. Bush was such a dunce it wouldn't have mattered what way the book was held. He would still have trouble reading it. And to think he was president of this great country. Sort of turns my stomach.

The look

on his face when told the news............say's just one thing. I would bet this was his first thought. Holy shit we actually went through with it !

Or maybe....

"Hmm, this must be what Cheney was talking about when he told me at our last meeting that when all hell broke loose I should just sit tight and wait for instructions."

"Just Listen to Arie"

It's been noted before, but since when does a Press Sec. accompany the President on these type trips? (Wasn't that one of the FSC's questions)

Arie Fleischer, a subordinate, is the person who appears to be Bush's handler (Minder to the Decider) and is seen holding up a sign reading "Don't Say Anything Yet." Stalling for the attacks to play out.

Arie is also the one who officially squashed Powell's promised "White Paper" the following day. Arie Fleisher knows something about this operation.

Scary thought for Canucks

And now Ari Fliescher has been hired by the Stephen Harper government, ostensibly to "sell Canada to the US media." More likely to control the puppet strings north of the 49th.

Agree !

Bush looks like he is in deep thought and nervous.

or like he'd just shit his pants.



This is the way to go : justice and accountability from truth.
This is what could help generate political outrage and eventually action.
Unlike controlled demolition and even Building 7, molten metal at Ground Zero etc.
Those generate the well-known and harmful knee-jerk response from the very people
who need to get behind the movement. They are not going to get the movement to the
next level but will keep it marginalized!

Now : how to get this approach working in the legal / political system ? What road leads to Bush
Cheney et al. being indicted ?

RE: What did President Bush know prior to the attacks on 9/11?

We now know that Tenet flew down to Crawford Texas for a super secret 6 hour long meeting with Bush on August 24, 2001 after finding out on August 23, 2001 that Moussaoui had been arrested due to a request from the FBI to the INS. The FBI thought Moussaoui was an al Qaeda terrorist trying to learn how to fly a B747 and thought he might be part of a plot to hijack an American airliner and fly it into the World Trade Center Towers.

Tenet also found out on August 23, 2001 that Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, two known al Qaeda terrorists connected to the east African bombings and to the planning of the attack on the USS Cole were inside of the US and knew they were in the US only in order to take part in another massive al Qaeda attack that the CIA and FBI HQ had been told would kill thousands of Americans.

Email that went to the mangers of the CIA CTC unit including Richard Blee, head of the CIA Bin Laden unit and Cofer Black head of the CIA CTC unit confirm that the CIA knew in July 2001 that the huge attack they had been warned about was aimed at the US and would be connected to the people at the Kuala Lumpur al Qaeda planning meeting that had taken place in January 2000, and even the name Khalid al-Mihdhar was noted with special interest.

During this time the official position of the CIA was that it was completely forbidden that any information on the Kuala Lumpur meeting or the fact that Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi had been at that meeting planning the Cole bombing with Walid Bin Attash to could go to the FBI criminal investigators on the Cole bombing.

In fact it was this prohibition on the transfer of information from the Kuala Lumpur meeting that appears to have been the reason that the FBI Cole bombing investigation was shut down when these FBI investigators found out on August 28, 2001 that both Mihdhar and Hazmi were inside of the US and knew they were here to take part in another horrific al Qaeda terrorists attack.

Strangely we do not know what Tenet told Bush on August 24, 2001, but we do know that neither Tenet nor any of the many other mangers at the CIA who knew about Mihdhar and Hazmi ever alerted anyone at the FBI who was in a position that could have stopped the huge attack the CIA and FBI HQ knew Mihdhar and Hazmi were about to take part in, and in fact even allowed CIA managers working with FBI HQ agents to shut down the one investigation that could have prevented the attacks on 9/11.
Since it is clear the CIA and FBI HQ management had copious warnings about this huge attack and even knew by shutting down the one investigation that could have prevented this attack, it is clear that these mangers at both the FBI HQ and the CIA knew their actions would result in the deaths of thousands of Americans. It is impossible to believe, since the existence of this meeting had been kept so secret, that Tenet did not give this exact same information to Bush on August 24, 2001.

Not so fast

These people are not telling the truth. And the idea that Muslim Terrorists hijacked these planes and destroyed those three buildings is a complete phony patsy story created by the perps and those trying to cover their asses. This narrative was created by the perps and holds no more water then the claim that space beams vaporized the world trade center towers.

From Oct. 1 - Seymour M. Hersh
"Many of the investigators believe that some of the initial clues that were uncovered about the terrorists’ identities and preparations, such as flight manuals, were meant to be found. A former high-level intelligence official told me, “Whatever trail was left was left deliberately—for the F.B.I. to chase.”

Who was tracking these alleged terrorists around the country? Who was in a position to plant evidence and then feed the sniffer dogs at the CIA and FBI with fake intel about evil Muslims? Who could have faked 4 hijackings and remotely flew planes into the WTC 1,2 and 7 and elsewhere? Who could have rigged the buildings with explosives before that day of 9/11/2001?

there were multiple teams working on this attack and we can be certain that it was NOT the work of those pesky evil Muslims. They were set up for certain. There were teams at the FBI, CIA, DOD and maybe at the NYPD and Port Authority and definitely at the WTC complex itself..

a full investigation is needed for the whole truth and justice

Were there real patsies and was there a plot to attack US cities w/ planes? If not, then why were people at CIA and FBI HQ hiding info and obstructing FBI agents who were trying to do their job before and after 9/11, and why has so much effort gone into suppressing info related to these patsies, as well as the numerous warnings received, and the intel developed by the CIA and FBI before 9/11? Those who are covering up the 9/11 crimes are guilty of crimes, whether or not they knew anything about the plot beforehand.

The real identities of some the alleged Al Qaeda operatives is still unclear, and also unclear is what kind of plot they thought they were participating in. Obviously, Al Qaeda didn't mine WTC 1, 2 & 7 with explosives, and inept pilots didn't guide the planes to their targets- this just means, as jpass says, that the patsies had help- their plot, whatever it was, was hijacked, perhaps replaced w/ something much larger than whatever they had in mind. The plan to use "Al Qaeda" operatives as patsies and a war-and-police state justifying cover story, which the MSM have uncritically gone along, with must've been in place long before 9/11. This kind of corruption is a lot larger than simply 9/11.

There needs to be a full investigation; it's clear the OCT is a fraud and there's an ongoing cover up. Islam and "Muslims" are not to blame to for 9/11. However, it's obvious US imperialist oil-and--hegemony grabbing foreign policy in the Middle East, and unwavering hypocritical support for Israel no matter how horrific the state crimes against the Palestinians, is creating lots of enemies of the US- and they are being used to justify the endless alleged "war on terror"

Glarring missing point of a cover-up ALIBI

An alibi is a type of defence found in legal proceedings by demonstrating that the defendant was not in the place where an alleged offence was committed.
Ever heard of a president visiting a day care?

Nice try Jr.Bush!t--I'm the only American who caught onto your staged event. Most folks think that Bush had no knowledge of the attck--bullsh!t

Bush most certainly knew, I agree

Bush is not an imbecile, as many would like to believe. He cleverly feigns dumbfuckery as a form of arrogance; to deflect scrutiny and culpability. He's acting the part of the simpleton, but his mannerisms, behavior, and words paint quite a different picture.

I disagree

I'm fairly sure Bush really is an imbecile, and figure whoever the real terrorist masterminds behind 9/11 were used that to their advantage.

A bit of both...

I think Bush is more smart than he was made out to be, and more conniving. That being said, I think he is simultaneously a bumbler. He can be a terrible liar, as exemplified when he claimed to see the first plane hit the first tower on live television, something for which I have no doubt his handlers cussed him out, behind closed doors. In fact he made this claim multiple times. He also in one instance referred to explosives being in the WTC.

Were do you see any evidence of smarts?

Looking at Bush's record, I've no reason to consider him anything more than a dolt who got where it did solely due to familial connections. His mentions of seeing the first plane hit seems to me as attempts to pretend he was diligent in his duty to keep on top of the situation. As for the mention of explosives, it looks like he was reading that off a prepared statement, surely written by someone else who apparently forgot that official story excludes the fact that there were explosives in the buildings.

Maybe Bush wasn't let in the loop

and there would be good reason not to have him there, no matter how dumb or smart he was, as he would be frequently talking in public and would have more chance to slip up. He was obviously being managed in the classroom as exemplified by Ari Fleischer's sign not to say anything yet. Although I am not saying he was innocent of wrongdoing in many ways I am tending to believe that Bush was probably manipulated most of the time, and probably knew it to some degree and went along with it because it was what the gang wanted.

With those things being said, there is no doubt, in most minds who have looked at this, that Dick Cheney would have had to be directly involved in the plot.

I would be willing to bet that Cheney was the one who insisted on he and Bush being together for their little unrecorded 1 hour discussion with the 911 commissioners. I would also bet that Cheney did most of the answering for the two.

I suspect the whole admin was manipulated to some extent

The classroom appearance comes off like a well planned physiological operation on Bush to me. Figuring Bush as the bigoted type, putting him in a room with so many black people would've made him uneasy in general. Beyond that, the rhythmic chanting of a story about a goat (commonly associated with evil) which contains the words "panes" (sounds like "planes") and "steal" (sounds like "steel") surely had a extremely disorientating effect on him considering the details of the attacks.

As for Cheney and others in the administration, imagining myself in the shoes of the corporate baron types I suspect were behind 9/11; I would've had Cheney and crew suckered into facilitating 9/11 without letting them in on anything close to the full extent of it. That would've been easier to convince them to go along with, but still put them in a position where they had to insure the cover-up to protect themselves from having their limited involvement exposed, and conceivably leave even them not actually knowing who the real terrorist masterminds behind 9/11 are.

I think Cheney was an important operative

while Bush was just the congenial face they needed to put on things, who was easily manipulated into doing the cabal's bidding, since he believed in them to begin with. If he was told about it he was probably not involved in the details and was told to just play along with the cover story and Cheney's lead.

Don't forget Cheney's secret National Energy Policy task force meetings with the oil barons in early 2001, where a future attack on Iraq and the Taliban had to be discussed for how control of Iraqi oil and a pipeline going through Afghanistan to the Caspian area would be gained. Some form of plan for something that would allow them to use the U.S. military to achieve their purposes would have had to be discussed. I am pretty sure that George Bush never attended any of these meetings.

I think it would have been Cheney and his minions who ensured a cover-up using FEMA and NIST took place, and applied the pressure to keep Congress from doing anything. Of course, the cabal continues to need to control judicial proceedings concerning 911 and they do that by funneling all 911 related cases through the 2nd U.S. District Court in Lower Manhattan. I also think they needed control of New York City's top politician and that is why Rudy Giuliani wanted to run for a third term. I am sure they would have had a backup to him though as he was at the end of his second term, and that would have been Bloomberg. I wonder if they would have went beyond him though and if you noticed Bloomberg got the City Council to change the City Charter and allow him to run for a third term, which would be needed as 911 is still hot and the push is still on for a new investigation which they need to stifle.

It was Cheney and his office who took personal control of the BYU problem when Steven Jones started speaking out and was gaining a lot of attention in the summer of 2006. Of course, Bush met with Gordon Hinckley about it, but I think that was just to emphasize the issue and that he would have been told what to say by Cheney. Cheney did not just depend on George Bush to get this job done.

RE: Maybe Bush was not in the loop

If he was not in the loop then way did Tenet lie to the 9/11 Commission on April 14, 2001 when he said he knew about the huge al Qaeda attack that was about to take place inside of the US in August 2001 but had not talked to the President in August, he had not even picked up the phone to call the President about this horrific information all during the month of August and could offer no explaination of why he had not called the President to give him this horrific news.

Bill Harlow, the CIA spokesman said the next day that Tenet had indeed lied to the 9/11 Commission and had flown down to Crawford Texas on August 17, 2001, and had seen the President in Washington DC on August 31, 2001.

Both Tenet and Harlow left off the fact that Tenet had flown down to Crawford Texas for a 6 hour long meeting on August 24, 2001 just after Tenet had found out about Moussaoui and the fact that Mihdhar and Hazmi were inside of the US in order to take part in a massive al Qaeda attack that the CIA had been warned about since April 2001.

Why had Tenet intentionally lied, in what now is clear was a well thought out and carefully crafted lie, to the whole world if the President was out of the loop?

I mean the loop to cause 911

I am sure Bush was in the loop and played his part in the embellishment of the cover story concerning what he knew and didn't know about the attacks in the sense of his blowing the Al Queda warnings etc.. But that is small potatos compared to being in the loop on how the attacks were actually carried out and the domestic planning for it. The whole Al-Queda thing is the cover to begin with and showing Bush bungled that would just be part of the cover to make it look credible. I would bet the things you are talking about were intentionally leaked to help with the cover story and the incompetence defense.

What many are wondering is just how much he would have been involved in the real plot or whether he was just manipulated knowingly or not. I say he would allow himself to be manipulated as he made his money with the people who would have gained from 911 and is part of that group, whether he was intimately involved in the planning for the real plot or not..

I am coming to believe he did have full knowledge of the real plot beforehand and was a willing frontman after the fact. Bush was waiting for instructions at Brooker Elementary school, otherwise he would have reacted, so he had to know beforehand.

The difference between him and Cheney is that Cheney is a planner and there is no doubt in my mind that Cheney would have been fully involved upfront in the planning of all of the details of the plot and its cover-up.


I think this is a highly effective video. What it shows is simply inexplicable, in the context of the official myth -- I mean, account.

If only all Americans could be forced to watch it twice

This Clip is what needs to be shown on idiot boxes nationwide. If only. Instead we have NBC currently pitching 13 new shows to advertisers, each one more vapid than the next. Television has been used like a neurological weapon against thought; this vid is an antidote, albeit in a small dose so far. Kudos to the maker. So many good films at our disposal. How to get them seen and seen and seen?

What did Card really whisper?

The official story is that Card whispered the words "A second plane has hit the second tower. America is under attack."

However, as this WMV video humorously shows, it would clearly be impossible to have said those words in so few seconds.

My personal guess is that he probably said something like, "It's a go."

The suspicious behavior of George W. Bush

It is important to note that a suspicious behavior of U.S. President George W. Bush has been noticed on the morning of September 11, 2001 even before that the first plane struck the north tower of World Trade Center. See: « The suspicious behavior of George W. Bush during the 9/11 attacks By Matthew Everett”:


“Early morning

As he began that day, there was little that appears unusual in the president's behavior. He'd arrived at the Colony Beach and Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, Florida, at 6:30 p.m. the previous evening, being in Florida as part of an effort to place a national spotlight on education. Bush went to bed early, as was his custom. [7] He'd gotten up just before 6 a.m. the morning of September 11. At 6:30, he went for his daily jog, going four-and-a-half miles around the Longboat Key Golf Club, accompanied by several Secret Service agents, and joined part of the way along by Bloomberg News White House correspondent Richard Keil. After returning to his hotel, the president ate breakfast, showered, and got dressed. Then, for the next hour, he met in his penthouse suite with a series of advisors, including -- at just after 8 a.m. -- receiving his daily CIA briefing. Reportedly, "The heightened threat of terrorism was mentioned this morning," during the briefing, "as it had been nearly every morning since George W. Bush took office." With his CIA briefer the president discussed the latest developments in the Middle East, particularly the Palestinian situation. [8] So far, so good.

Bush only appears to have begun acting out of character after 8:15, which happens to coincide with the time the attacks were beginning, when Flight 11 broke contact with air traffic control. [9] At that time, Bush met with Sandy Kress to go over the details of his planned 9 o'clock visit to the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in nearby Sarasota, where he was set to take part in a reading program demonstration and then address parents and teachers. Also in the meeting were Bush's senior advisor Karl Rove, White House chief of staff Andrew Card, and Secretary of Education Rod Paige. Bush was scheduled to leave the resort at 8:30 a.m. for the drive to the school. But, Kress has recalled, he "was just sitting back and wanting to talk for a bit." According to Kress: "I've never known him to be late. But I remember we finished the briefing on that fateful day, and we continued to talk for another ten minutes about people and politics in Texas. The time to leave came and passed." Kress added: "That struck me as unusual." [10] It appears that Bush was dawdling.

After finally leaving his penthouse suite, the president took the elevator down. Despite the fact that he was now running late, he stopped to have his photo taken with a hotel maintenance worker as he stepped out of the elevator. According to journalist and author Bill Sammon, Bush only then got into his limousine to head for Sarasota after "much shaking of hands and posing for pictures and saying pleasant things to local VIPs who had been invited to the Colony to see him off." For the second time, it appears that George W. Bush was dawdling. Sammon, who was traveling with the president that morning, reported that Bush set off for the school at 8:39 a.m. [11] The president "famous for his punctuality" was running nine minutes late.”

Perhaps that the visit of the school by the President of the United States, George W. Bush, was organised for that this one is not present in the white house on the morning of September 11, 2001, in which, as army chief, he would have had the responsibility to defend the country attacked. So the visit of the school allowed him not to be considered as responsible for errors of the air defence of the United States which had to allow the alleged terrorist attacks to succeed.

Excuse me for my poor English that is not my language.


The air traffic controllers would have automatically and quickly sent up jets in seconds when a plane was off course or the transponder was turned off - so Bush had nothing to do with the response that was countered and called off by Cheney, who replaced himself as head of response team. See Robin Hordon's comment in patriots question 9/11.

What if Bush had an attack of explosive diarrhea?

Would he have excused himself, or would he have defecated in his pants? This is a serious question which I ask for a serious reason. This is not an attempt at bathroom humor - but rather a way to illustrate something that ought to be beyond obvious.

Obviously, he would have gotten up and gone to the bathroom (with or without interupting the teacher to excuse himself).

So the question arises: Why would excusing himself to get on the phone and inform himself with respect to a "surprise attack" on the country be less compelling than excusing himself to relieve his bowels?

And given the fact

that hijackings had been reported since about 8:15 a.m., how could he have justified even ENTERING the classroom for a photo-op after "seeing" the first plane hit?

IOW, he entered the classroom with the knowledge that hijackings (at least Flight 11) had been reported.... AND a plane has flown into the freaking World Trade Center (which had already been a terror target ostensibly).

Even if Bush is nothing but an imbecile, he should not have been allowed by the Secret Service to even enter the classroom. Seems like double dereliction of duty on the part of the S.S.

1. Letting him enter after 1st strike, with news of reported hijackings of unknown number of aircraft, which had NOT been intercepted.

2. Letting him stay in the classroom upon news of the 2nd strike, when the CIC himself might be a target and is urgently needed for decision-making and to give potential shoot-down orders.

Regarding the plane that

Regarding the plane that struck the north tower of World Trade Center, apparently President George W. Bush has been officially informed or he felt that it was an accident, not a plane hijacked by terrorists. That's why he has not canceled the visit of the school. See: “Context of '(Between 8:46 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Key Administration Officials Allegedly Think First Crash Is an Accident'

Quote: “President Bush says that, when he learns of the crash while in Sarasota, Florida, “my first reaction was—as an old pilot—how could the guy have gotten so off course to hit the towers? What a terrible accident that is.. »

« Immediately following the attacks, President George W. Bush stated that "nobody in our government at least, and I don't the think the prior government, could envisage flying air planes into buildings". See:

First, we must not forget that in the months of July and August 2001, President George Bush was personally informed several times of an imminent terrorist attack on American soil and that this attack might use hijacked planes as means of attack, for example:

Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US:


“The following is the full text of the intelligence briefing of 6 August 2001, prepared for President George W Bush, concerning the al-Qaeda threat to the United States.”

“We have not been able to corroborate some of the more sensational threat reporting, such as that from a ... (edited)... service in 1998 saying that Bin Laden wanted to hijack a US aircraft to gain the release of "Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel Rahman and other US-held extremists. Nevertheless, FBI information since that time indicates patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks, including recent surveillance of federal buildings in New York.”

“August 2001 - The UK is warned three times of an imminent al Qaeda attack in the United States, the third specifying multiple airplane hijackings. According to the Sunday Herald, the report is passed on to President Bush a short time later.”

July 2001 - Jordanian intelligence told US officials that al-Qaeda was planning an attack on American soil, and Egyptian intelligence warned the CIA that 20 al Qaeda jihadists were in the United States, and that four of them were receiving flight training.

“August, 2001: Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the US that suicide pilots were training for attacks on US targets. [Fox News, 5/17/02] The head of Russian intelligence also later stated, "We had clearly warned them" on several occasions, but they "did not pay the necessary attention." [Agence France-Presse, 9/16/01]

Also: David Ray Griffin, quote : “Standard operating procedures dictate that if an FAA flight controller notices anything that suggests a possible hijacking--if radio contact is lost, if the plane's transponder goes off, or if the plane deviates from its flight plan--the controller is to contact a superior. If the problem cannot be fixed quickly--within about a minute--the superior is to ask NORAD--the North American Aerospace Defense Command--to scramble jet fighters to find out what is going on. NORAD then issues a scramble order to the nearest Air Force base with fighters on alert. On 9/11, all the hijacked airliners occurred in NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector, which is known as NEADS. So all the scramble orders would have come from NEADS”

In the morning of September 11, 2001, the NORAD should have been informed at approximately 8:15 - 8:16 of Flight 11 hijacking, if the standard operating procedures had been respected. But NORAD's official timeline states that he has been informed of this hijacking at only 8:40, see: “The Failure to Defend the Skies on 9/11”:

However, even if the chronology of NORAD is the truth, at 8:46 when Flight 11 struck the north tower, the Department of Defense of the United States should have known that Flight 11 was an hijacked airplane, so why “Key Administration Officials Allegedly Think First Crash Is an Accident” and why “A public announcement is broadcast inside the WTC Tower Two (the South Tower, which has yet to be hit), saying that the building is secure and people can return to their offices.”