Richard Gage, AIA to Appear on Major Chinese Television News Program

Richard Gage, AIA, of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth gave Mark from Truth Action Ottawa a forty-minute telephone interview in which Mr. Gage summarizes his recent Australian, Japanese and Canadian tours, his appearance on CBC's Fifth Estate program (available here and here), and offers words of encouragement to those participating in the global 11th of Every Month Campaign for 9/11 Truth. This is an excerpt where he discusses his upcoming appearance on a major Chinese television program.

To hear the full interview, please visit

We'd like to thank Mr. Gage once again for his tireless efforts in the pursuit of truth, and we hope to see him again soon.

Fascinating ...

it will be interesting to see the US govt's response to the Chinese govt's approval of the broadcasting of Richard Gage's presentation challenging the US govt's theory of 9/11 ... unlike western democracies, where govt's eschew overt censorship and control of the media, the situation in China is such that this tacit approval or support for 9/11 truth activists by China's ruling party is clearly a significant symbolic gesture, almost on a par with, say, the US granting political asylum to China's dissident Falon Gong practitioners. China's official consent to the broadcasting of views that are covertly censored, censured and banned by mainstream media and governments in the West, is a provocative challenge from the normally cautious, circumspect regime... it suggests or indicates a growing confidence on the part of the Chinese ruling party, to challenge US dominance of the consensus reality, to question the honesty and integrity of the Washington consensus, to scrutinize the veracity of US government dogma, to test the lineament of Anglo-American empire... or am I reading too much into it?


You are probably reading this correctly. It reminds me of the Zero documentary being broadcast in Russia, where the government there still exercises an oversight of the airwaves.

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I didn't know

but it wouldn't surprise me ...

Time Will Tell The Truth

Wait for the coming "collapse" of the Communist party in China. Then see who dominates the government!

Don’t forget where you heard it first!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

expose the truth about sept 11th

Noone here knows all the facts about 9/11 and the whole world would benefit from the truth getting out.

Its a great piece of news that ae911truth is getting exposure in china.
I'm very glad about this as I think that it needs the whole world to expose the lies from that day in history.
The russians have already broadcast ZERO on national state TV which was amazing so im very upbeat about this kind of news.
Our main hope is that the truth about 9/11 will get out to a wider audience and that includes the world!

Well done architects and keep up the good work gong xi nimen, gong xi gong xi !!!


"...Falun Gong is an organization set up by the Chinese Communist government! That is why you hear about them. That is why the Chinese government even allows interviews with members of the so-called Falun Gong."

I have never heard that the Chinese government set up Falun Gong, though in some obscure way they may have due to Chinese laws or relations back then (1992). I do know that they encouraged it for a while. But then the group grew too large and held a protest, which earned them suppression at the hands of the Chinese government. Can you provide sources that the government set it up?

What official interviews with Falun Gong? Never heard of one, not a recent one. Please provide sources.

As for oppression of Christians and many other groups, you are correct.

BTW, I am not a Falun Gong practitioner.

It is significant that China may interview Gage, but not all that significant. It is a card we may be able to use in the USA, but China is generally a highly repressive regime and I do not think we will want to align with them too closely.

Chinese Media Coverage

Alvin R says,

"What official interviews with Falun Gong?"

The publishing of "Letters to the Editor" by Falun Gong members and the books published by the group before the 1999 crackdown.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

"...before the 1999 crackdown."

"...before the 1999 crackdown."

OK. But you had said "...the Chinese government even allows interviews with members of the so-called Falun Gong."

"allows" = present tense

You also said in your first post: 'When the communist party "collapses" in China in the not too distant future, the new government there will be heavily weighted with Falun Gong members. This is the purpose of the Falun Gong.'

1) There is no indication that the Communist Party in China is going to collapse in the "not too distant future." Could happen, but it's just a wild guess as of today.

2) "... the new government there will be heavily weighted with Falun Gong members." That is make-believe.

3) "This is the purpose of the Falun Gong." What are your reasons/sources for saying this or any of what you said?

I am seriously not trying to yank your chain but it is important that people have a real sense of what is going on in China if Gage is going to do an interview there.

If the interview happens, it will be because China wants to use Gage to make people doubt the USA while showing that we have censorship in the US, too. There is nothing wrong with that and we can use the occasion if we are not naive about China's motives. I surely hope Gage understands this.

On the other side is how the US media might react to our using a Chinese interview. I am not too worried about that, but Gage and the rest of us should be prepared to stay balanced and not start gushing about how open or reasonable China is. It is neither open nor reasonable in most cases.

This is for Richard: Just be clear about what you are doing and use your street smarts.

Show "Party's Purposes" by brian78046

Dean, with all due respect:

That is just a collection of non-sequiturs, based on unsupported statements, leading to ungrounded speculation.

Sun Tzu and The Scientific Method

In the realm of science my logic doesn't necessarily follow; I'll agree there with you. However, I am not discussing the realm of science. I'm discussing the Communist world. China in this particular instance. The logic of China (and her ally, Russia), is: how best to defeat the West? The best way is naturally to have Western populations believe Communist China no longer exists. That can be the only explanation for the continued existence of the Falung Gong.

In the same manner that the Russian Orthodox Church in the USSR was infiltrated by the Bolsheviks, so too the Falung Gong is infiltrated and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

This is the logic of Sun Tzu (with a pinch of Communist inspiration added), not the scientific method!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC


I don't really see the Chinese ruling party as an expansionist, imperialist regime, but have you considered the possibility that Falon Gong is a front for Western infiltration and/or support for anti-communist forces in China?



the Falun Gong wouldn't have lasted eighteen days let alone eighteen years UNLESS it was a Chinese front. Western infiltration into China would be more discrete!

You may not have noticed, but the PRC is everywhere:

1. Several hundred thousand Chinese in Africa busy pumping oil and other concerns;
2. Building a port and oil pipeline in Burma (that is why Burma didn't want Western assistance after the May 2008 cyclone hit);
3. The Chinese-controlled entity called Hutchison-Whampoa has a subsidiary company, the Panama Ports Company. This company operates the ports Cristobal and Balboa located at each end of the Panama Canal.
4. In 1991, Hutchison-Whampoa acquired the United Kingdom's busiest port, the Port of Felixstowe. Since 1994, HPH has expanded globally to strategic locations in 25 countries throughout Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Today, HPH is the world's leading port investor, developer and operator with interests in a total of 306 berths in 50 ports. The national flag shipping carrier for communist China, the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company, better known as COSCO, has an exclusive contract with Li Ka Shing's Hutchison Whampoa. Although presented as a commercial entity, COSCO is actually an arm of the Chinese military establishment" and "frequently take[s] part in Chinese military exercises and have been armed with missile launchers."

Li Ka Shing, who owns the "huge shipping firm Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. and the giant Far East investment firm Cheong Kong Holdings," was "also a 'member of the boards of directors of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC)'," Charles R. Smith wrote February 27, 2006, for NewsMax. "CITIC is the bank of the Chinese army (People's Liberation Army, or PLA), providing financing for Chinese army weapons sales and Western technology purchases. CITIC is known to have set up Chinese arms front companies such as Poly Technologies.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Exactly ...

"If the interview happens, it will be because China wants to use Gage to make people doubt the USA while showing that we have censorship in the US, too. " ... spot on, Alvin, I think you are right on this point, China is quite adept at political symbolism and perception management ... consider the diplomatic pressure they apply to prevent or discourage foreign governments from formal recognition or meetings with the Dalai Lama. China is certainly aware of the "prohibited" status of 9/11 Truth activism in the West, and this tacit approval of Richard Gage's presentation, which will be broadcast to over 60 million English speaking Chinese world-wide, is a significant dig at the Western power elite by the Chinese ruling party.



Thanks for trying to poison the well.

Your comments of disinformation echo from the walls of a psycho ward. "the Falung Gong is an organization set up by the Chinese Communist government!" by Dean Jackson

Quite contrary to the propaganda you spiel, Li Hongzi founder of the Falung Gong, and most wanted Chinese criminal, got his initial training from Zhang Hongbao when he was an early member of Zhong Gong International. Zhang's cult, once numbering well over twenty million members, began when he took a Harvard correspondence course on “Multi Level Marketing.”

The government has outlawed "cults” because of their flagrant fraud on the people and gross violation of many criminal laws that have included fraud, counterfeiting, rape and murder.

Now, Li Hongzhi like the Dalai Lama is a CIA asset using his kool aid drinkers in China to provide ground intelligence, destabilization and other dirty deeds done dirt cheap for his CIA handlers.

Richard Gage's appearance in China is very important in winning the court of world opinion. Winning the hearts and minds of 1.3 billion Chinese, combined with 1.1 billion members of Islam, will provide a powerful base to put political, legal and world public pressure on the war criminals in the States and the UK.

China is concerned about American military on their Afghanistan border. They are also worried about the bumper crop of heroin being produced, protected, and distributed there. The Chinese government is not happy about these drugs sneaking into China.

China has never forgotten the scourge this nation suffered due to drugs the west brought to China under the leadership of the Sassoon/Rothschild connection. Drug trafficking fortunes were made by them with the blessings of the British crown. Likewise, as Sassoon’s gang handled all the drug sales in China, many Americans (Skull and Bones, “Delano” as in FDR for example) made fortunes by trafficking the drugs to China as well.

China is not comfortable about DU munitions in Afghanistan. The DU dust floating into Chinese aerospace and landing on her crops is a problem.

China brings to the table many Noble Laureates in the Arts and Sciences. Let's see how many Architects, Engineers, Scientists, and Scholars sign the petition for a new investigation that will finally lead to the prosecution of the guilty.

For, until the guilty are brought to justice, none of us are safe.

This effort will have to come from the outside of America. China will be an important player if the 911 murderers/war criminals/baby killers are ever to be brought to justice.

Comrade beijingyank...

beijingyank says,

"The government has outlawed "cults” because of their flagrant fraud on the people and gross violation of many criminal laws that have included fraud, counterfeiting, rape and murder."

So why hasn't the Chinese Bolsheviks outlawed themselves? More to the point of this discussion, it took China some seven years to finally outlaw the Falung Gong, and this in a totalitarian state where the formation of an organization such as the Falung Gong would have been destroyed immediately IF it were what you say it is or what its followers claim it to be!

The fact the Falung Gong was allowed to even exist one day by Chinese authorities is proof that the Falung Gong is a toll of the Chinese Government, not the CIA!

As far as DU is concerned, I think you're too kind to the American side. I wouldn't be surprised America INTENTIONALLY dumps DU on Chinese crops, just as China sends us poisoned products.

beijingyank says,

"China will be an important player if the 911 murderers/war criminals/baby killers are ever to be brought to justice."

Are you kidding? China is an enemy of the United States! The reason for the phony War on Terror is a ruse to continue the Cold War that still exists between the USSR (and her ally, China) and America.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Faulty logic

Dean, you dismiss beijingyank's comment that "China will be an important player if the 9/11 murderers are ever to be brought to justice", with the retort "Are you kidding? China is an enemy of the United States!" ... I cannot see how China being an enemy of the US (as you put it) could rule out their being also an "important player" in bringing the 9/11 criminals to justice ... in fact, if China is an enemy of the US (as you claim) then surely they would want to see the 9/11 criminals brought to justice, as this would clearly constitute a severe blow to the US ruling elite.

Not In The Cards


China isn't going to do anything to upset her trade relations with the American government UNTIL she and Russia are ready to make their final move against the United States. And when they do make their move against America, the last thing anyone will be thinking of is 9/11!

Yesterday I forgot to mention that leaders of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests will also make up the new Chinese government when the PRC "collapses". The Tiananmen Square protests/massacre are a part of China's long-term strategic program at misleading Western analysts of China's true intentions.

Anatoliy Golitsyn explains in The Perestroika Deception that the core demonstrators who appear to have been controlled and carried banners supporting the Chinese Communist Party suddenly marched out of the Square in formation. The shooting started after they had left; those who were killed were true dissidents who had traveled to Beijing to join in the demonstrations. --

The poor Chinese student dupes were literally crushed to death underneath tank tracks; the lucky ones were shot in the back...dead before the excruciating pain of a tank slowly crushing the life out of the student. This is what you can expect from the brave PRC when they make a move on the Americas. Your military forces won't be around either to repel the Communists. They'll be too busy fighting for their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Korea) when the populations there rise up en-mass and annihilate them. In the case of Korea, a Chinese-assisted North Korean invasion of South Korea.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

China, The Patriots Best Friend

Dean, you are way off topic. You seem to be slightly prejudiced. Some might accuse you of being a brain washed stooge for the lunatic JBS or right fringe.

You have added nothing of substance to this thread other than emotional, shoot from the hip, hackneyed propaganda. You are a distraction bringing no value to this thread.

You are short on logic and long on hatred of a people that never did anything bad to you. Dean, you don't have a clue about China or the Chinese.

This thread is not about cults, or civil unrest, Kent State, or Katrina. This thread is all about 911, tyranny, and a fairy tale Dean.

This thread is about presenting scientific evidence about 911 to a highly educated and elite audience to evaluate and come to the truth. I expect Richard Gage will be talking to many Nobel Laureates when he comes to China.

CCTV's Dialogue has incredible demographics. It reaches the intelligentsia in China and it is distributed world wide mostly to expat Chinese.

Let Richard Gage and the Chinese talk science and let the chips fall where they may. This thread is not about fears and opinions based on racism; it's all about getting to the truth about a defining moment in history Dean.

An event that has plunged America into illegal foreign intrigue. It has squandered an incredible amount of wealth and has put future generations behind an eight ball of massive crushing debt. These illegal wars, based on fabrication, have resulted in the murder of well over 2 million innocent people. Add torture of kids in front of their parents, DU, poppy fields, The Patriot Act, full body scanners, 3000 New Yorkers, fuzzy American military casualty figures, and you get the idea if they are not stopped and brought to justice, based on truth, none of us are safe.

911 is an event that brought attacks on the Constitution and our sacred Natural individual liberties. I have sworn to "defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic" on more than one occasion Dean. And I am calling in a debt the Chinese owe the American Patriots.

When China faced its' darkest moment it was American Patriots that came to their defense. They have never forgotten us Dean. They have not forgotten to be thankful to us because of this small group of Americans who came to defend them from tyranny,

Better known as the Flying Tigers, the Chinese have donated millions of dollars and land to establish a museum in China to them. Members of the group are invited to red carpet treatment in China year after year. Most Chinese know about the exploits of these heroes. It is because of these men I live in a freedom and in a peace much greater than the one I left behind in the States.

The criminals at large have made any prospect of justice quite elusive at home. The criminals have the guns, they control the courts, and they own the main stream media. Cross them you get fired, blacklisted, or ruled a suicide with two bullets in the head.

Change will have to come from the outside in. I’ve lost all hopes in a system of checks and balances that is corrupt and broken.

China is on the cutting edge of all of the sciences. Their scientists and professionals are world class and take a back seat to no one Dean. These groups of professionals, scientists, and experts will be an incredible well to draw upon to achieve justice and humiliate the gangster liars at NIST, and with the U.S. government’s yarn, better known as “The Official Conspiracy Theory.”

Americans might even begin to wake up when they discover the world is laughing at how gullible they have been.

America has lost the moral high ground because of 911 and the Chinese are intimately acquainted with arrogant tyranny that acts with evil impunity.

The Chinese are the best friends the Patriots could ever have. Let me clue you in about the friendship Americans have tasted when we were united to fighting against tyranny and evil in the past. It comes from the Flying Tiger Web Site.

"Our Flying Tigers arrived in Shijiazhuang to a police escort, red carpet, bands playing, bouquets of flowers, dignitaries greetings and in general a very warm welcome…

The bomber crashed close to their village and they (Chinese) were able to get to the airmen before the Japanese. The ten crewmen were hidden in the surrounding country side until it was safe to move them back to their own forces, a journey that often took weeks or months and involved considerable danger to the Chinese. Also remember that rations were scarce and the Chinese shared what little they had to eat with these men. But it is what happened when the Japanese came into the village looking for the bomber crew that is the real story.

A story of courage and sacrifice by many to protect a few.

When the Japanese entered the village they wanted to know where the downed (American) pilots were. When no one would talk the Japanese took the old women of the village and began cutting their fingers off one by one. No one talked! The Japanese then took babies out of mothers’ arms and threw them down wells. No one talked! The Japanese then began bayoneting the men of the village. No one talked! Tiring, finding nothing in the village, and realizing that no villager was going to help them, the Japanese left to search the country side. "

Yes, if the Chinese and the Patriots work together again, nothing will stop us from rooting this tyranny from America. Together we will see the guilty, the traitors, the quislings, the baby killing war criminals, the enablers, and the propagandists taste justice at the end of a rope.

Yes, Dean, China is the best friend Patriots could have to root this evil from America.

Best of Luck to Richard Gage and Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth when in China!

Red Dawn


The Communists making policy in China (in collusion with their Soviet partners) have plans for "Their scientists and professionals [who] are world class and take a back seat to no one..."

When the Communist government "collapses" in China, then we'll see who's correct. There's plenty of time to wait and see.

In 1984, KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn finally published his book revealing Soviet/Sino long-term strategy against the West. I suggest you familiarize yourself with it:

You can then read Golitsyn's second book:

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Again Dean You Are Off Topic

You don't know anything about China. You contribute nothing except worthless propaganda.

Stay on topic please and stop the dribble designed to derail the thread.

9/11 Is About The USSR/China


Once you've familiarized yourself with Golitsyn's books, you'll then understand why 9/11 happened and why the fraudulent War on Terror is a cover for the war we are still fighting with the USSR and China.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Would You Believe "Former" Nazis?


the article above is from The New American magazine, published in 1995. I merely copy and pasted the contents of the link!

Now maybe you might want to comment on the article? You might want to ask yourself why the Russian electorate would ever elect a "former" KGB officer to be their President? Or why "former" KGB/GRU officers control the economy in Russia, including "former" KGB officer Alexander Lebedev who recently bought the Evening Standard in Great Britain:

On March 25, 2010 Lebedev bought The Independent and Independent on Sunday:

How could all these KGB/GRU officers suddenly become billionaire/multi-millionaire businessmen overnight? In the real world, they would have been tried for crimes, and many of them executed. The remainder would have been banned from ANY participation in politics and business. --

Folks, if you put on your thinking caps and ask yourselves a few simple questions about the "collapse" of the USSR, the answer is obvious that (just like 9/11) you're being played for fools. Why doesn’t the media want to interview Anatoliy Golitsyn; they interview other Soviet defectors whose predictions on Soviet behavior was close to zero. Golitsyn’s predictions were approximately 94% (


"Comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes.

Our purpose is to disarm the Americans

and let them fall asleep.

We want to accomplish three things: One, we want the Americans to withdraw conventional forces from Europe. Two, we want them to withdraw nuclear forces from Europe. Three, we want the Americans to stop proceeding with the Strategic Defense Initiative." -- Mikhail Gorbachev in speech to the Politburo in 1987.


So why did the West not disband NATO after the Soviet Union "collapsed" in 1991? Why was NORAD not disbanded in 1991 (and its missions handed over to the Air Force proper)?

Watch the three part interview with Christopher Story (Editor of Soviet Analyst) on Anatoliy Golitsyn and Soviet deception:

Imagine what the reaction of the world would be if in 1944 (before D-Day, let's say) it learned that "former" Nazis had taken over the government and industry of Germany and were calling for terms of surrender! The world would be laughing at such an obvious ruse!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Thoughtful response

Your analysis is intelligent and piercing, but I do think may be over stating the implications of this event.

As long as China continues to make extraordinary profits from the exporting of American industry and the purchasing of products by American consumers, the corporate/military/political status of this country will remain quo.

Then again, I think you are spot on saying that, "it suggests or indicates a growing confidence on the part of the Chinese ruling party."

Certainly, as long as ...

China continues to make extraordinary profits from the exporting of American industry and the purchasing of products by American consumers, the status quo won't change... but China is already divesting its dollar reserves and investing heavily in other parts of the world... the process of US decline and a shift in the status quo may have already begun ...

Clearly there are some

Clearly there are some countries who believe in 'free spech' so long is it's not about criticizing their own governments.


The fall of the Chinese Gov't? Right now, the chinese trust their gov't far more than we do ours and they know it. Their money is backed by silver too. I doubt they are headed where our gov't is going. This is definately a political positioning by China. The showing of Zero in Russia was a big event, but how many saw it? If Richard is right and this is watched by some 20M in China and another 40M outside? That seems to have a much bigger "Holy S**t" factor to me. We'll have to wait and see. I think we might see Hilary Clinton flying off to Beijing on an emergency [enter msm issue here] summit and it gets dropped?.. it might be blackmail going on. Let's face it, the next step for Richard or other prominent member (or all) will be to make a presentation at the U.N. This gov't is over a barrel and hanging by thread and 9/11 Truth can bring it aallll crashing down. If the chinese gov't fails, it will be from the ripple effect, but they might be willing to take that chance.

I hope it brings down all the ideologies and we can all live together as decent and civil human beings with a new definition and role for gov't that is sustainable and benefits all mankind.

peace all

"You may say I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one.."

--John Lennon

Political Science 101

dtg86 says,

"Right now, the chinese trust their gov't far more than we do ours and they know it."

Are you kidding? The people in China have ZERO say in who runs their government, and the vast majority aren't Communists! Here in America we do have a say; it's called elections. Now if the American electorate decide to throw out the murderous Republicans and Democrats, guess what happens? A new political era. In China there's no such thing as throwing out the Communist Party.

I guess you never heard of Lord Acton's truism, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Majority of Americans

Majority of Americans distrust the government
Submitted by johnscriv on Mon, 04/19/2010 - 1:12am Distrust of Government
Pew Study Finds 'Perfect Storm' of Government Discontent - Business Week

Only 22 percent of survey respondents said they can trust the government in Washington and 30 percent said the federal government is a major threat to their freedom.

Few trust the government, poll finds - LA Times

Growing numbers of people want government's power curtailed, Pew reports.

Majority of Americans distrust the government - Washington Post
Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they do not trust the U.S. government to do what is right.

Americans were found to be more frustrated than angry, with 56 percent expressing frustration with the federal government, compared with 21 percent who said they were angry.


Not much of a election when it's a two horse race and you own both horses.

"In 410-4 Vote, House Approves Millions in Extra Funding for Israel’s Missile Defense"

ae911truth in china

Well done architects and keep up the good work gong xi nimen, gong xi gong xi !!!