20 A/E Radio Commercials Set to Go in San Francisco

It's GO time! For their first placement of Chip-in funds to buy radio/tv ads, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is running 20 radio spots on KGO-AM in San Francisco. These will air 2 per night Mon-Fri for two solid weeks starting May 17th and continuing through May 28th.

The KGO signal is among the most powerful in the country. Operating with 50,000 watts of power as a clear channel station, it is accessible throughout the western United States and beyond. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KGO_AM

Big thanks to Peter B. Collins, Bay Area radio personality, for helping to broker this deal with KGO. (He is the guy who read the *myths* portion during the recent Firefighters/AE911Truth speaking events in California). To quote Peter B:

"Repetition is the best way to get response from a radio spot. After midnight on KGO, you get incredible coverage with a live talk format. John Rothmann and Ray Taliafero will get calls from listeners; if the listeners get screened for saying they want to talk about 9/11, they will get clever and tag it on to a call about another topic. On KGO you will get your message to a large audience in the west, and stimulate discussion on a mainstream station."

He urges us to call into the live shows and instigate discussion. Here is the call in number: 415-808-0810 (mid.- 5 a.m.)

These 30 second spots are voiced by celebrity Ed Asner and plug the scientific study which found high explosives in WTC dust and AE911Truth. Repetition... Call-in potential... Great coverage... Celebrity endorsement...

This radio spot is available for anyone to download. Please place in your local market!

That's great news...look how far we've come:)

The only way is up!

Kind regards John

This is Huge.

Thanks RL McGee and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Ed Asner, and Peter B. Collins, and everyone who donated and/or who calls in. This seems like exactly how the job is going to get done for 9/11 Truth.