Swiss Reinsurance should re-investigate 9/11 for insurance fraud by Silverstein

If anyone can help get a new investigation going, it is the insurance company that was forced to pay billions to Larry Silverstein. The indications of insurance fraud include Larry's bidding to become the landlord of the asbestos filled World Trade Center buildings only weeks before 9/11, and taking out the maximum possible insurance against terrorist attacks. He, his son, and daughter "just happened" to be late (by over an hour) to their usual 8:00 am meeting at the restaurant atop World Trade Center 1 on 9/11/2001. Larry is a billionaire who could hire a team of doctors to meet at his convenience, even at midnight. Yet he claimed to be missing the 8:00 meeting with his tenants to go to a dermatologist, an appointment he did not attend. On PBS television, Larry falsely claimed to have spoken with "the fire department commander" who said the smartest thing for WTC 7 was to "pull it" - a term for controlled demolition.

Here is the information to encourage Swiss Reinsurance to re-investigate 9/11.

Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation
Americas Headquarters
175 King Street
Armonk, New York 10504
United States of America

T: +1 914 828 8000
F: +1 914 828 7000

Swiss Re Underwriters Agency Inc.
Park Avenue Plaza
55 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10055

T: +1 212 317 5400
T: +1 888 317 5599
F: +1 212 317 5450

Daniel Cosgrove +1 212 317 5676
Jason Lee +1 212 317 5105

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What's the point?

No, the evidence for fraud is that the destruction was due to controlled demolitions, of which more than ample evidence exists.

There are few things proven in this world, even in a legal sense, more that the controlled demolition of WTC7 and the twins as well.

I don't see the point in contacting the insurance company, who more than anyone, knows the statistical unlikelihood of the official story regarding their collapse. It is likely to also assume they have been compensated for their losses in some manner difficult to track.

But thanks for the information nevertheless!

Higer rates

The initial payout may have been huge, but the long term return more than compensates. 9/11 has justified such insurance companies to charge higher premiums as the likelihood of a terrorist attack has now grown exponentially.

While Swiss Reinsurance may well have been Recompensated ...

... who knows perhaps even out of these "missing" monies:

the point is that the more light shined on the cockroaches who perpetrated this crime the better.

It also may provide leads or inspiration for more citizen investigators to go digging about SwissRe. I don't believe any bad can come from any effort in this direction, and who knows where it could lead. Obviously there's something fishy there too, as in virtually ALL aspects of 9/11.

By the way, I've always been curious as to why Rummy made that announcement on 9/10.

Because there was zero risk

He told the truth, which was immediately overshadowed by 9/11

Switzerland is the Core of Corruption

Switzerland is revealed as the center for 9/11 Murder-for-hire conspiracy in Zug.
Hawks Cafe approches 9/11 from economic forensics view that uncovers many corporate suspects as likely co-conspirators.

Checking Hawkscafe

Looks like SOME good forensic research has gone into their brief but does anyone really believe there is evidence connecting the "Communist Party", and "Black Panthers", to the crime, by way of John Kerry no less. And the "Viet Cong". Not serious. Diversionary!

Targetting swiss-reinsurance employees is

a good move. There will be some honest people to convert & who knows what may be uncovered once this company is examined from bottom to top.

It is a much better focus than random people in the streets or internet.