ABC’s Flash Forward is really a parody of 9/11


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ABC’s Flash Forward is really a parody of 9/11

Dr. John Singh

PHOTO: David S. Goyer

Multiple sources confirmed that the ABC show, about a mysterious event where everyone in the world simultaneously blacks out for two minutes, won’t be coming back for another season, Entertainment Weekly reported. Flash Forward’s first — and final — season ends this month.  Flash Forward airs in Canada on the CTV/A-Channel network.

David S. Goyer, whose writing is associated with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, is one of the creators of the series. Recently he drew an interesting comparison between the premise of the new series and the impact of the tragic events of 9/11. LINK

“I had this experience,” Goyer said. “I was in France immediately after 9/11. It’s definitely baked into the DNA of this show. LINK

Usually science fiction is set some time in the distant future. ABC’s Flash Forward was set in 2010. It is apparent that Flash Forward was designed as social commentary on the effects of 9/11 on society as a transformative event. But, it is also apparent that Flash Forward, as a “parody” of 9/11, was designed to present viewers with insight on “real masterminds” of 9/11.

Flash Forward, therefore echoes the 9/11 Truth sceptics who believe that “Muslim extremists” are acting as hired mercenaries of a “Western-Anglo-American” clique that is driven by the insatiable pursuit of power and money. ABC’s Flash Forward is really a parody of 9/11

PHOTO: FBI agent characters in ABC’s Flash Forward.

The FBI agents in Flash Forward seem to be the alter ego of idealists, like David S. Goyer, who are associated with the creation of Flash Forward.  Many investigative researchers like Dr. David Ray Griffin, believe that there has been a cover-up on exposing the masterminds of 9/11, so that an imperial war of aggression could be launched in the Middle East.

Researchers like Dr. David Ray Griffin, believe that the American Establishment prevented law enforcement agencies like the FBI from undertaking a critical investigation of 9/11 evidence.

The creators of Flash Forward, seem to have sought to present to Americans, and the world in general, the kind of clique which the FBI would have turned up, if they were allowed to freely pursue evidence in a manner that the FBI characters in Flash Forward were allowed pursue.

VIDEO: 9/11 Truth documentary

The warnings about another “black out” event that the FBI characters mobilised to seek to prevent in Flash Forward, seems to reflect on-going concerns among “9/11 Truth investigators”, that a second 9/11 is being planned, in order to inspire mass-fear, toward the execution of a Global conquest agenda.

It would be a shame to have a show like Flash Forward which is so apparently relevant to a post 9/11 era to be cancelled.

It seems to show that the

It seems to show that the corporate structure is aware of the 9/11 myth and reality.

I wouldn't trust ABC

the problem I have with fiction like this is that it provides ammunition or lends credence to those who would dismiss 9/11 truth as fantasy and fiction ... "oh, you've been watching too much television" is a popular retort from many people when confronted with the idea that 9/11 was anything other than what the government and mainstream media say ... in my opinion, this sort of hyper-drama is little more than sophisticated, reverse psychology propaganda and probably does more harm than good to our efforts to get some reasonable, adult-like discussion about the problems we face and the criminals we're up against.

Building 7

The opening episode has aircraft of all sorts hitting buildings, without complete structural failure. FashForward even has a 'Building 7', (in name only, no CD here) in one of its later shows. It's a mixed message that dilutes the real story of 9/11 a tiny bit, but I wouldn't be too concerned about its influence.

That is right... "Where is Building 7?! Find Building 7!"

Getting to Building 7 in time was part of a key moment.
"Building 7" was repeated again and again.
It is interesting that the writers picked that phrase.
Episode: "The garden of forking paths"

Flash Forward has been a great series.

I watch very little TV. This is one of the shows which I watch.
The second season Flash Forward shifts into high gear and is thrilling to watch. However, one needs to have seen the first season in order to catch the significance of events.

I certainly see a lot of comparisons between this show and 9/11.

In fact, there are many movies and shows which have relative metaphors to false flag events or covert manipulations.

I laugh at the irony sometimes when a movie's storyline shows a few heroes who are trying to convince others of a covert operation, but others remain hopelessly duped. Ha! would think that the current broad public would try to identify with heroic characteristics such as the relentless pursuit of truth. The irony is that audience members try not to identify with the non-questioning, duped characters of a movie, but upon leaving the theatre they often assume traits like the duped characters.

"The world after humans" documentary

Some time ago I saw an American (?) documentary about what would happen to the world, over time, if all humans suddenly disappeared from the planet.

Part of the documentary obviously dealt with buildings. In one animation some 300-meter-highrise in the Arab Emirates collapsed after some hundreds of years.

Suddenly jets of smoke were ejected in all directions on the bottom floor and on a couple of other disconnected floors, and *after that* the highrise started to drop, very fast. The end result was exactly the kind of pyroclastic dust cloud as at the WTC. Interestingly, the narrator referred to the collapse as an "attack of nature".

Another highrise was also shown collapse floor to floor to its foundations, which had been weakened by the sea.

Finally, an Orthodox cathedral in Russia was shown to collapse. First one tower fell, and somehow all the other surrounding towers and structures followed it, and the whole complex was shown dropping to the ground.

Either those who were in charge of the animations or who approved them really think, based on 9/11, that buildings fall that way, or this is an instance of some kind of manipulation.