Will someone PLEASE respond to this clown?

Someone, either mole or sheeple, is expending lots of energy trying to debunk the 9/11 Truth movement on Youtube. I've tried to respond but I've been, apparantly, blocked, so don't be surprised if you can only post once. Most his responses are support, of course.

Here is the link:



I feel it's our duty to respond to this disinformation wherever it appears. I hope you feel the same way. Again, thanks.


I wouldn't waste time with this. I did post a response because you requested but as a general rule I let this stuff pass by. If we don't respond then no one will.

Also, the person who posted the video must approve your comments. That's why you probably don't see yours.

At the end of the day this person is debating the issues that 9/11 Truth has already claimed victory over. There's no longer a reason to debate controlled demolition, especially with provocateurs on YouTube who are specifically trying to waste our time.

Same here

Waiting on approval.

Here is what I wrote:

What do you mean there is no proof? Explosive unreacted nanothermite has been found in four samples of World Trade Center dust. There is a peer-reviewed scientific paper discussing this and many more findings that so far have remained unchallenged by the scientific establishment. Also, both the RJ Lee and USGS reports indicate the discovery of very high concentrations of iron-rich micro spherules in samples of WTC dust, which are indicative of extremely high temperature reactions.

Irrelevant at this point...

That person's YouTube channel name says it all: "loosechangeexposed."

The dude thinks that the movement's claims are purely the brainchild of Dylan Avery.

AE911Truth juggernaut is at full strength and can't be stopped now.