Why 9/11 Happened...

Red March to Global Tyranny

by William F. Jasper

This is the final part of an interview with Christopher Story, editor of the London-based journal Soviet Analyst and of The Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn, the Soviet defector and author of New Lies for Old. The interview was conducted by William F. Jasper, senior editor of THE NEW AMERICAN, and took place just outside the San Francisco headquarters of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA.

Q. Can you explain the various "reforms" and "restructurings" of the KGB over the past few years?

A. Viktor Barannikov was appointed in December 1991 to head the new Security Ministry, consisting of four elements of the KGB: internal security, foreign espionage, border troops, and the Russian intelligence service.

Legislation passed by the Russian Supreme Soviet in 1992 gave the KGB's successors the powers deployed by the KGB under the "former" USSR. Then, one day ahead of Yeltsin's KGB-planned attack on the Supreme Soviet in September 1993, Barannikov was sacked. Yeltsin's barbarous attack destroyed the "democratist" parliament, which has been replaced by the Duma. This "new" legislature consists of obedient servants of the regime, who vote as ordered. For instance, the Duma voted 234 to 0 this summer to impose sanctions on Croatia. In April 1995, this Duma approved legislation conferring powers on the further reorganized Federal Security Service, powers which equal or exceed those of "the Organs" in the Stalin era.

In December 1993, Yeltsin ostensibly "disbanded" the Security Ministry, although in practice this procedure consisted of nothing more than the redistribution of the Ministry's functions and facilities among several old and recently established security and law enforcement agencies. For a time, at least 14 agencies with intelligence functions were identifiable by Western analysts.

In short, the KGB is far from being a shadow of its former self. On the contrary, with their penetration, manipulation, and direction of the so-called "Russian Mafia, in order to establish a form of "state-controlled capitalism," "the Organs," working to the Party's instructions, are the center of all power in the contemporary Soviet Union.

Q. Does the KGB still run gulag-style cocentration camps ?

A. According to a report in the June 30, 1993 issue of the highly respected Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the Soviet gulag system remains. The February 11, 1993 Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported that the gulag system consists, as previously, of hundreds of known and dozens of unknown prison camps, containing between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 prisoners. Torture has continued, as well as the abuse of psychiatric treatment. The population in Soviet Georgia has mysteriously declined from over 5 million to less than 3.8 million since Eduard Shevardnadze replaced the legitimately elected President Zviad Gamsakhurdia in March 1992. No explanation for this catastrophe has been forthcoming, and there are no indications of migration from Georgia to the West on the scale implied. Shevardnadze works secretly and dialectically with Moscow, where he has an apartment. His job is to squeeze the last sign of resistance out of the brave Georgian people, and he is presiding over this evil by every means at his disposal: induced famine, invasions of city residencies by country people (as in the Bolshevik Revolution), withholding fuel, hyperinflation, drug operations, thuggery by the regime's special repression forces, and military activities — after "allowing" Russia to establish numerous military bases throughout the territory. As for the repression carried out by the Russians in Tajikistan, no one knows the scale of the carnage that has taken place there.

Q. What does Golitsyn mean in The Perestroika Deception by his warning that the West may yet experience its bloody feasts ?

A. The secret Leninist revolutionaries covet the mad objective of world government. By definition, a world government must be a world dictatorship, which will seek to maintain total control. Its architects are seeking to eliminate all opposition to the establishment of world government by enlisting, through deception, the West's enthusiastic cooperation in its establishment. Conceivably, they may not succeed, in which case there will be bloodshed before the final purpose is achieved. But what is certain is that, if it is ever achieved, maintenance of a global dictatorship will prove an impossible task, even though access to weaponry by the population will be precluded; and in order to simplify this task the controllers may resort, as Stalin did, to the wholesale liquidation of millions of people. The Communists are responsible for perhaps 150-plus million deaths; and it is this image they have sought to erase from the West's consciousness with their talk of the elimination of the image of the enemy. They need to erase this image precisely because as long as it remains embedded in our memory, we will resist their schemes, including their plans to establish global control.

Q. The West has been assured time and time again that the Communist Party was suspended and has been greatly weakened in the Soviet Union. Please comment on Golitsyn's explanation in The Perestroika Deception that the reverse is the case.

A. At the 28th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) held in July 1990, Yeltsin and Gorbachev spelled out the task the Party now faced: In brief, it was to subdivide itself into factions spanning the entire political spectrum in order to establish the conditions for "democratism" — fake democracy.

Yeltsin's own resignation from the Communist Party at the 28th Party Congress in July 1990 coincided with the emergence of all those instant Soviet "democrats," "anti-Communists," and "nationalists" mentioned by Golitsyn in The Perestroika Deception. Communists were given the freedom to adopt whatever deceptive political label they liked. Some became Stalinists, others Social Democrats or Liberals. Some remained Communists. Others moved incongruously to the right, or adopted a nationalist stance. All these sudden political "changes of heart" were fake. Their purpose: to create the apparatus needed in order to play the game of "democratism" — an essential ingredient in the deception campaign to persuade the West that "Communism is dead" and had been succeeded by "democracy."

At the 28th Party Congress, Gorbachev also confirmed that the Communist Party was to be splintered when he stated that we must now prove in practice ... the idea of a broad coalition .... The Party must, resolutely and without delay, restructure all its work and reorganize all its structures on the basis of the new Statutes and the Congress' Program Statement, so that under the new conditions, it can effectively perform its role as the vanguard Party. We must do everything to firmly establish in the CPSU the power of the Party masses based on all-encompassing democracy, comradeship, openness, glashost and criticism .... When there are various views and even platforms on a number of questions of policy and practical activity, the majority must show respect for the minority. We must study, learn and improve our [new] culture. If we embark on this path, it will be easier to interact and have contacts with other forces. The Central Committee and I as General Secretary will do all we can to help the Republic Communist Parties gain their new independent status as soon as possible — a status that will lead not to a fragmentation of Communists and nations, but to a new internationalist unity of the CPSU on a common ideological political basis.

Gorbachev revealed that the CPSU was to be restructured from top to bottom, enveloped in "democracy" — meaning that its new controlled factions and platforms were to compete amongst each other, thereby creating "democratism," the illusion of democracy — and that all Communists must "study, learn and improve our culture," meaning the new "culture" of democratism. As for the Republic Communist Parties and the Soviet republics themselves, "independence," of course, is false and strictly provisional, its purpose being, as Golitsyn warned the CIA in the fall of 1990, to open up scope for independent military action in the Republics. Hence the "post-Gorbachev" repression (and in some cases, genocide) in Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabach, and Ukraine.

After the "August coup," the Communist Party was "banned." The West rejoiced (forgetting that the Chinese and Cuban Communist Parties, for instance, remained in place), and jumped to the reckless conclusion that Communism had collapsed. The assumption, presumably, was that having been "banned," the Party could not be "unbanned." But of course, it was only "banned" for cosmetic purposes. Today, the existence of the CPSU is openly acknowledged by Soviet/Russian and Western Communist sources.

Q. Most Western analysts pay close attention to the personalities on the Soviet/Russian stage, seeking to analyze the conflicting statements of the various characters. They attach Western-style political labels to these actors — describing one personality as "liberal," another as "further to the left," others still as Communists, and others as "non"- or "anti-Communists." From what you have explained, isn't such analysts completely futlie, since none of these people are political powers in their own right?

A. They are all servants of the revolution, and they cooperate closely while appearing to differ. They are not independent actors on the stage. To the extent that they may appear to differ genuinely on ephemeral matters, their differences are always of only passing significance; they have no possibility of ever achieving power in this environment which is so completely manipulated and controlled by the vast Communist Party network.

Q. Where, then, does the true locus of power lie?

A. Almost certainly, "the power above the state" is located in the Security Council, which is a continuation of the "Presidential Council" that existed under Gorbachev. Such an entity has existed since the Leninist state was first established, and it is to be found in other Communist states as well. Outside the Security Council, power resides within the cooperation network operative between the secret and overt Communist parties worldwide, since all participate fully in the implementation of the strategy to achieve world government through what Golitsyn refers to as the Second October Revolution ("Welt-oktober"). The closest cooperation exists between the Russian strategists and their Chinese counterparts.

Q. In New Lies for Old, Golitsyn explained that the Sino-Soviet "split" was .false, .forming part of a deception designed to persuade the West that the world Communist movement was disunited. What is the current position?

A. The Sino-Soviet "split" was indeed a classic Leninist dialectical deception which masked the continuing collaboration between the two most important and powerful Communist Parties in the world, in pursuit of the long-range strategy which was ratified, as Golitsyn explained in New Lies for Old, at the Eighty-One Party Congress held in Moscow in November 1960. It was at that Congress that the Communist parties agreed to collaborate over a period of decades in pursuit of the objective of "convergence" leading to world government.

Golitsyn is most frequently attacked for his assertion that the Sino-Soviet "split" was false, because this particular element of the deception strategy is the most sensitive of all. If the West were to become aware that in fact the Russians and Chinese have been working closely together all along, and are the closest of allies, it would recognize the grave danger it faces. But of course, we now have a facade which perpetuates the illusion of the "split."

The Tiananmen Square atrocity in June 1989 provided a clear signal to Chinese dissidents that political perestroika was not about to be permitted in China. Golitsyn explains in The Perestroika Deception that the core demonstrators who appear to have been controlled and carried banners supporting the Chinese Communist Party suddenly marched out of the Square in formation. The shooting started after they had left; those who were killed were true dissidents who had traveled to Beijing to join in the demonstrations.

The current spectacle is of "non"-Communism in Russia and overt Communism in China. This preserves the illusion of the "split," and has provided the backdrop against which the two countries are collaborating in a coordinated military buildup of ominous proportions. The Russian-Chinese military agreement of 1993 has been followed by further accords, and the scale of China's buildup is now causing serious alarm in Western defense circles, which still do not understand that the two countries are allies.

Q. What is Gorbachev's function today?

A. Photographs appearing recently in the Western press of the assembled Russian Security Council do not show Gorbachev. This is because, for Western public consumption purposes, Gorbachev resigned on Christmas Day 1991, and faded into the background. But in reality, Gor-bachev moved sideways into an organization called the Gorbachev Foundation based in the Presidio, a former U.S. Army base in San Francisco overlooking the Golden Gate. The Gorbachev Foundation somehow took over the work of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), which I have already shown to exist. The International Department, in turn, was the successor of Cominform and Comintern. Thus, the Gorbachev Foundation is a cover for the International Department — traditionally the most aggressive and devious enemy of the West within the Communist apparatus.

Q. You and I have today entered the American offices of the Gorbachev Foundation, which as this interview is being conducted is planning a high-profile "State of the World Forum" — an influence-peddling bonanza — to be held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco (THE NEW AMERICAN'S report on this .forum appears on pages 23-28 of this issue.) We are sitting outside this old Admiral's House on the shore of San Francisco Bay, and it seems incredible that this building could be the chief branch of the International Department in the West. How can this be?

A. Well, we have been examining some of the documents we picked up when we entered the Gorbachev Foundation's building a couple of hours ago. And you can see from these documents that George Bush, Lady Thatcher, James Baker III, George Shultz, Senator Alan Cranston, and other well-known figures are scheduled to attend this event. How is it possible for the dozen or so young idealists we saw in the Gorbachev Foundation's offices to have invited all these big shots to their meeting? The answer, of course, is that this office works with the Gorbachev Foundation, Moscow, based at 49 Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow 125468, which directs Gorbachev's campaign to co-opt Western elites in support of the [secret Communist] strategy.

In The Perestroika Deception, Golitsyn explains how Gorbachev himself kick-started the process of influencing the American elite when he visited Washington in the late fall of 1987, ostensibly to sign a treaty. But the real purpose of the visit was to meet members of the American intelligentsia, whom he referred to as "the yeast of events." Translated, this means that once they had climbed aboard, there could be nothing stopping progress towards what Golitsyn calls the Second October Revolution via the "restructuring" of the Western mind so that it would accept, without questioning, the entire secret Leninist revolutionary program for achieving hegemony over the whole world. When the West finally wakes up to the fact that it has been deceived, the blackmail element of the "cooperation-blackmail" equation will be used mercilessly, and the West may be compelled to submit to the demands of the Soviet-Chinese alliance.

I have discovered that the Gorbachev Foundation/USA was registered initially with the California authorities as the Tamalpais Institute on April 10, 1991 — that is to say, over four months prior to the "August coup." This has been established from an examination of the entity's founding documents. Precisely one year later — on April 10, 1992 — the organization changed its name to the Gorbachev Foundation/ USA. I believe that the establishment, over four months ahead of the fake coup, of the shell which later became the Gorbachev Foundation/USA provides convincing evidence of forward planning — revealing that the coup was indeed false, and that Gorbachev had received his instructions from the strategists well in advance.

Gorbachev had in fact hinted on several occasions that the "Break with the Past" was imminent. On May 17, 1990, he remarked that "we have entered the last lap," and one year later, at a press conference with President Mitterrand on May 6, 1991, he said:

The dangers lie in the fact that someone, analysing at some private moment or other, this or that instance or episode, or even event, including a dramatic event, should not make hasty conclusions and cast doubt on all that has been acquired and what we have created in putting international relations onto new channels, onto new rails, entering, as all of us have said, a period of peaceful development.

In this classically Aesopian Leninist statement, Gorbachev said three revealing things. First, he hinted at continuing anxiety in Soviet strategic circles at the possibility that Moscow's devious Leninist strategy of "convergence" with the West on Communist terms, facilitated by the forthcoming false "Break with the Past," might be exposed by someone like Golitsyn in the West who had done his homework on the strategic deception tradition of Lenin. Second, Gorbachev predicted the forthcoming "August coup" ("a dramatic event"), which the Soviets had actually code-named "Golgotha." Third, the Soviet president affirmed Moscow's pride in having successfully redirected Western thinking so that it was now ripe for accepting the Soviet (Leninist) view of the world's stateless future.

Lady Thatcher, George Bush, and the other prominent personalities who will be participating at the Gorbachev Foundation's "State of the World Forum" have all along been prepared to overlook Gorbachev's Leninist pedigree, and are lending their prestige to the global campaign by the International Department of the CPSU's Central Committee to "restructure the world."

Without elaborating here, the technique being used by the International Department/Gorbachev Foundation is to assert the existence of hideous "global problems" — the environment, world health, global security, the global crime epidemic, terrorism — which are "too big" for nation-states to handle. Accordingly, "global structures" are required in order to address these problems; and the Gorbachev Foundation projects these "solutions" to the international elite. A "global justice system," for instance, would require a national legal system to be revised so as to enable anyone to be arrested anywhere, for any "offense," at any time. Another theme floated by Gorbachev is that wherever human rights abuses are taking place, the international community should have carte blanche to intervene across borders. Such an arrangement, naturally, would render such borders pointless.

All these initiatives are subtly aimed at doing away with the nation-state, which is the core objective originally enunciated by Lenin shortly after seizing power. The Gorbachev Foundation is one of the leading contemporary instruments working towards this objective. It is much more dangerous than its predecessors because it has successfully deceived the West that its intentions are entirely altruistic.

The location of the Gorbachev Foundation's office here in the Presidio is significant. This place used to be an important U.S. military base, until it was closed two years ago, on the ground that "the Cold War is over" and the enemy has "disappeared." So here is Gorbachev's organization, linked to the secret International Department, today's Comintern, directing the secret Communists' further penetration and mind-control activities in America. The fact that Lady Thatcher, George Bush, and other "pragmatic" members of "the Great and the Good" in the West are obediently trooping to San Francisco this month to be honored guests at a conference hosted by the International Department of the CPSU summarizes the pitiful condition of Western analysis, and reveals with stark clarity how advanced the Leninist revolutionaries' "global restructuring" and mind-control activities have progressed in the space of just a few short years. It also reveals the woefully inadequate intellectual capacity of the Western elite and its gullibility in the face of the Communists' relentless onslaught against the West.

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