9/11 Truth Movement Perspective - PTB have their hands full

Dear Friends and fellow Truthers,

Joining the 9/11 Truth Movement isn’t joining a “conspiracy group.” It is joining a group of people who are aware of gross discrepancies in the official 9/11 story and have the courage to ask difficult questions to those who should have the answers, but are not providing them. It is also in fact joining in to help with one of humanity’s greatest opportunities to raise our consciousness. Like many others, I believe that the worlds' enlightenment by the 9/11 Truth Movement is of great concern to the planners for the "Powers That Be" (PTB). But I see the greatest immediate benefit of exposing the real 9/11 conspiracy isn’t the identification and prosecution of the individual perpetrators, but instead the general public’s realization that their daily source of “facts” which form the foundation of their world views are ultimately derived from a fascist mass-media propaganda machine which at various levels is also complicit in the distortion and cover-up of the 9/11 false-flag event. It is THIS REALIZATION on its own that will enable millions of new people to pop through the propaganda bubble and start to critically reevaluate not only 9/11, but all other areas of important local and world issues. In other words, if the PTB can nearly pull-off a lie on the scale of 9/11, what else have they lied to us about?

I have no doubt that within multiple government agencies, their agents are told that various 9/11 Truth Movement organizations and their members are to be considered dangerous or extremists. However do you remember the buzzing from within the Patriot and 9/11 Truth movements in regards to the MIAC Strategic Report in early 2009? This report was sent to active members of law enforcement in the State of Missouri. In Chuck Baldwin’s well written response he outlines the “extremist issues” that were profiled in the report to law enforcement.

Quote from Chuck Baldwin’s MIAC Report response:

(--start quote--)
“According to the MIAC report, if you oppose any of the following, you could qualify for being profiled as a potential dangerous "militia member":
The United Nations
The New World Order
Gun Control
The violation of Posse Comitatus
The Federal Reserve
The Income Tax
The Ammunition and Accountability Act
A possible Constitutional Convention
The North American Union
Universal Service Program
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Illegal Immigration

Again, I would bet that at least 75% of the American people would oppose at least one or more items on the above list. Well, according to the MIAC report, that is sufficient to make them potential dangerous "militia members."
(--end quote--)

Did you notice which extremist position is conspicuously missing from the MIAC Strategic Report? Why did the government employees writing the MIAC Strategic Report not list members of the 9/11 Truth Movement as possible extremists or militia members? Could it be that this issue was too “hot” to list. Could it be that it was so “hot” that they feared listing it because even those uninitiated members of law enforcement who received this report, might just decide to do a little 911 investigating on their own? Given all of the forensic evidence archived via AE911Truth.org, blogs like this one, and other 911 Truth Movement organizations, do you think it wouldn’t take too long for these “peace” officers to question the official 9/11 explanation and figure things out for themselves?

9/11 is clearly one of the biggest and most important of all of the lies (and crimes) of recent world history. Now, thanks to the brave and tireless efforts of thousands of true “hero’s for humanity”, it is also one of the easiest to expose. Many other critical world problems are derivatives of 9/11. The other matters are all important, but most seem too easy for the PTB to politicize, spin and divide using their mass media political propaganda machine.

Most people have the potential to get confused and blurry eyed over the politicized debates regarding: government spending; banking reform; health care reform, immigration, global climate change etc. It is the same with the other less known conspiracies such as the North American Union and the New World Order. Because of the government’s ability to borrow and throw money and media coverage to intentionally confuse or temporarily pacify the efforts of various independent information and reform organizations, most of these organizations have to struggle to maintain a cohesive focus. From my perspective, this is not so with the 9/11 Truth Movement… even though there are different and competing theories as to many aspects of how or why this enormous event happened, it is the mass conscious feeling of empathy for the murdered innocent victims on 9/11, their families and the collateral innocent human deaths from the wars that followed which act as the underlying cohesive force. The PTB seem to no longer push large scale mass-media propaganda with the intent to distort or confuse this problem. And at this point in time, because the consciousness of so many Truthers are on high-alert, attempting another false-flag event might backfire and expose them. This is why our vigilance of exposure and momentum is so important.

False-flag catastrophes are planned and executed for the purpose of steering the mass conscious emotions of a country State (or all humanity) towards a false perpetrator or source in order to benefit the secret agenda of the actual group or groups responsible. Whether implemented in the U.S. or any other country, the mass murder of innocent victims are events that nearly all human beings on our planet can easily empathize with, and also cry out for justice with a common voice. The powerful focus of this common empathetic energy is beginning to move away from the “illusive” alleged Muslim terrorists and towards the REAL perpetrators. It appears the PTB can't easily use the usual propaganda response against the 911 Truth Movement, maybe because any large response would just throw gasoline on the fire already burning down the layers of curtains they hide behind.

AE911Truth.org and others have amassed and organized a large array of scientifically sound forensic evidence. This is now supported by a growing world-wide group of active people who recognize that if enough of humanity can awaken to the dark political and economic mechanisms surrounding this 9/11 false-flag event, that it could become the inflection point that brings about a much greater positive change for the world. This 9/11 evidence may eventually be used to support the prosecution and indictments of members of the PTB for their crimes against humanity. But even if indictments and prison sentences are years away or never happen, just shining a bright light on the collusion between the PTB owned mass-media and government to cover-up the crime will be enough to wake up 100’s of millions of people to question the “facts” being presented as the foundation of their current world views.

If we stay the course, at some point the Orwellian mass-media propaganda machine will break down, and then we will need to look to ourselves and to each other to help find the REAL foundation on which to rebuild from. For Americans, Our Constitution would be a decent place to start. Eventually then the real forgiveness, healing and greater positive changes begin.

At this point, I cannot imagine any path to the beginning of a new social and economic Renaissance within America or the world until humanity fully reconciles the 9/11 false-flag event and the real motivations of those groups responsible. If we fail to directly face this tragedy, I can’t see how we can pull ourselves out and away from the slippery slope towards world tyranny.

The 911 Truth Movement is gaining momentum and may already be too large for the PTB to effectively contain. The forensic evidence gathered at AE911Truth.org stands like a giant shining indestructible pillar of truth at the center of all of the other massive political and macroeconomic problems and their related reform movements.

Joining the 9/11 Truth Movement isn’t joining a “conspiracy group.” It is in fact joining in to help with one of humanity’s greatest opportunities to raise our consciousness, to see our common strengths and problems, to see with new clarity through the fog of many historical distortions and lies that have been used to manipulate us… to free suppressed knowledge and technologies to help us all benefit in peace, to express more love and less fear, to celebrate our individual liberties and spiritual freedoms, to respect our beautiful and diverse cultures, and to have real chance at sustainable world peace. I know that some people think that all of that reads like an impossible pipe-dream, or just pie-in-the-sky idealism. But that is the potential I currently see... so I think to myself "who wouldn't want to be a part of all that?

I ponder the PTB and those covering for them believe that the most of humanity neither deserves nor are able to handle the truth. I beg to differ.

Lets keep the creative juices flowing for finding new keys to open minds. Lets keep the momentum building.

Wishing Love, Truth and Light to all.

It is the bigger picture

ERICB brings up a good point. The search for the truth in the Sept. 11, attacks is revealing much more than the connections among the possible perpetrators. We are seeing something akin to the dark ages when the Catholic Church branded anyone who held a divergent opinion, that is a heteradox opinion, as a heretic. The heretics were thrown in the dungeons and forced to confess over torture. When the torture could no longer be tolerated, the prisoner confessed and was burnt at the stake. This was designed to strike terror into the populace and bring about total capitulation. The system is much the same today, but heteradox thinkers are not tortured in America, but are ridiculed by the carefully constructed media. There's more to this though and that is the insidious way that ordinarily good people will go along with fascism and the official story in order to protect their own careers and social status. This is the realm of the ego and until we become more spiritual and abandon the self preservation instinct then as each one of us rises to a higher social status then each one will in turn capitulate. Have nothing, own nothing, fear nothing.

My response to the phrase: "911 Truth nonsense."

There is no "911 Truth sense" and there is no "911 Truth nonsense" because there is no "911 Truth" party or platform or official spokesperson.

The ONLY thing that everyone in the "911 Truth movement" agree upon without question is that the "Official Government Conspiracy Theory" is false and that an impartial investigation is needed.

To use the phrase "911 Truth nonsense" is to reinforce in one's own mind a false concept - that being that ANYONE speaks for a "movement" that is grass roots and has no "official" positions or spokespersons.

Exactly right ...

the ONLY thing that unites us is the truth, the truth about what really didn't happen on 9/11 (the official story) ... and what really didn't happen after (a proper investigation)... and that is what makes the 9/11 truth movement invincible and unstoppable ... both the fact that it's NOT organized and it IS based on truth ...

Excellent perspective, EricB!

I've been on to the malevolence since I was about 20 years old and have had countless late night exchanges with friends and co-workers driving the truth home, That's 35 years of talking until I'm blue in the face. I have a pretty good batting average of winning the discussions, but the retort is and has almost always been, "Yea, but WE can't do anything about it." I always maintained that we could and that we can. We are so close, and you are correct. 911 Truth is the vehicle that can open the door to a world wide awakening of malfeasance and manipulation by the PTB that could shake the earth from it's axis. And in the process, cleanse our souls and spirits of the evils and lies that brought us to this so uncomfortable place.

These guys are good, no doubt, but their diversions are constructed to be such, mainly as a direct result of our innate, trusting human nature. It has "snowballed" and I am sure that they all realize the potential consequences of this particularly uncomfortable time in history, They have but two choices, as I see it. #1) Kill everyone that's not "in" on the game and start the game over (They may have already done that once or three times before, and in fact, how could we know?) and #2) Beg for mercy. Lots and lots of mercy.

The good news for them is that our species is very forgiving. The bad news is that they have spent 6000 thousand years training and brainwashing us NOT to be. We truly live in interesting times. I, for one, can't wait to see the end of this movie.

Peace on you all!

We are subversive to power!

9/11 Truth breaks down power, it makes it biodegradable back to the earth like nothing else!

We move our message through osmosis and diffusion like a great truth tonic and we are bringing back the healthy conciousness to the world.

Good article of hope, thanks!

Regards John

great metaphor john ...

9/11 truth is like the soap that breaks down the grime of corrupt government ...

general awakening thru 9/11 truth

good points-
9/11 truth has been a gateway truth drug for me- leading to other forbidden truths!
i have had a general awakening and have started thinking critically about what the msm are telling us
i started off internet- based, moved on to do some grass roots work which i still help out with sometimes, and i have forced myself to read books now on 9/11, peak oil and the banking system as i think we need books with footnotes , listed sources of evidence to show as proof
the books i have read are:
crossing the rubicon by MCR(i cried when i read about the russian ruble collapse)
the new pearl harbor (revised) by DRG
collapse by MCR (i have the original version called instead a 25 point presidential energy policy)
the web of debt by ellen brown
none dare call it conspiracy by gary allen (good to look into the history of the bankers and cfr though it is a commie-bashing book of its time for sure)

hey ericb! as the R said - peace to the nation of islam and im out of here- out!

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Douglas Hilton London, UK