Spymaster departs amid intelligence controversy

The New York Times reports on the "strained relationship between the White House and the departing spymaster Dennis C. Blair" ...

In recent months, Mr. Blair had also made a push to rein in covert activities carried out by the C.I.A., reflecting his view that the United States had become too enamored over stealth activities.

He even developed rules to guide policy makers before they approved a covert action. Among them were guidelines that covert activity should never be employed “for the purpose of circumventing a lack of U.S. public support for any particular overt policy,” according to one American official.

Officials said that some in the White House and C.I.A. bristled at Mr. Blair’s efforts to exert greater oversight over covert action. The reaction, they said, puzzled Mr. Blair, who had thought he had been given a degree of authority over these activities.

Seems to me, some oversight of covert operations would be a good idea ... apparently, the powers that be don't agree.

Ray McGovern offers more insight into Blair's departure in an article entilteld Dirty Linen Gets Intel Chief Fired ...

An incompetent manager? Seems so. But Blair also demonstrated a strain of integrity. And that can often be the kiss of death in Official Washington.


It is important to understand that the same people who accuse those who seek truth as being anti-Semitic, mentally ill, conspiracy theorists are the same people that steal elections, start wars based on lies, carried out 9/11, control the media, education, and military, issue the currency and want to destroy Christianity.

Blair and roundup

I understand Blair called for roundup preparations in case economic collapse caused widespread US rioting


Does anyone else find it interesting that the CIA allowed the NYT to divulge anything at all about a disagreement over covert activities? And to spell it out this way too.

This basically announces that now the CIA will (continue to) engage in covert activities that go against the will of the people.

Some democracy we've got.

What surprised me most

was the revelation that Blair had tried to establish guidelines that would prevent the government from using covert activities "for the purpose of circumventing a lack of U.S. public support for any particular overt policy"... an example of such covert activity would be false flag terrorism designed to raise public support for the war on terror.

Now I wonder why Blair thought it necessary to attempt to constrain covert operations from targeting the public, surely there is a long history of covert action designed to manipulate public opinion by a government enamored with stealth. Perhaps Blair's concern stems from the fact that the 9/11 covert operation, which was clearly intended to raise public support for the war on terror, has seriously damaged the credibility and legitimacy of the US government, in the eyes of millions of astute observers around the world.

Clearly, the government did not appreciate Blair's attempt to protect innocent civilians from becoming the target of covert operations.

Nicely put

"Perhaps Blair's concern stems from the fact that the 9/11 covert operation, which was clearly intended to raise public support for the war on terror, has seriously damaged the credibility and legitimacy of the US government, in the eyes of millions of astute observers around the world."

Nicely put.

But I wonder how this damaged credibility plays out. How does it harm or even alter what the US can do? Some of the psi-ops value seems to derive from how blatant it all can be.

By the way, when you say "the government." you evidently mean the shadow government -- the folks who actually run things, and set the agenda. But this Blair story seems to show that the Obama crowd hoped to reign in that crowd. But now they have perhaps lost hope?

Correct, by government

I meant the "shadow government", or "security state" ... and you can be sure, they have complete control over the "Obama crowd"

My guess is Blair proved a little too independently minded and potentially disruptive and was therefore replaced by higher authority.

On the question of damaged credibility and the value of blatant psyops, I think there is some trade-off between the two ... on the one hand, there is that fascist credo, "It doesn't matter if they hate you, so long as they fear you". This can work for a while, but has limited value in an open society, where public opinion can bring pressure to bear on the ruling elite ... which is why covert operations, psyops, propaganda, etc. is the preferred approach of so-called democratic states. However, the covert approach really only works if it is actually covert, that is, remains secret. Once the secret is exposed, covert operations have a tendency to backfire on those responsible. That is why so much effort is being expended in maintaining the cover-up of 9/11 ...

Damaged credibility can affect government's domestic and foreign relations. Massive distrust and unpopularity is poison to ostensibly democratic states, where legitimacy is directly derived from popular consent. In foreign relations, a discredited, delegitimized government will experience greater difficulty obtaining the support and cooperation of other nations. We can see this effect at work already as the US and her allies are finding it increasingly difficult to get support for their campaign against Iran.



My point was that, from appearances here, the Obama crowd (i.e., Obama himself evidently) at one time actually thought things could change. If true, that puts them in a better light than thinking they always intended to roll over as they now have.

Although, even before he took office, his appointments sure looked cooked in favor of the shadow crowd -- CIA, DOD, and more.

Well, of course

Obama promised change, but it now appears that was just an empty promise.

I have to admit, while I thought he looked promising for a while, since he's been erected I'm not at all surprised to discover that he is nothing out of the usual for politicians ... owned, lock, stock and barrel, by vested interests ...

He retained

He retained Gates as Defense secretary from the GWB administration. I think that's something that was decided even before Obama was inaugurated.

Lest any forget, that's Gates, the former CIA director.

Let me guess

Fiddler on the Nose

One can see the expression "Oy vey" in the girl's face!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief DNotice.org
Washington, DC

DB's "push to rein in covert activities" most likely had

nothing to do w/9/11. My first thought was he was concerned with the "assasinate at will" program and
who was making these decisions. Why was Blackwater involved with drone strikes? Maybe he found out they
did the Benazir Bhutto hit. The Pat Tillman job. Paul Wellstone. Mile Connell's murder.

Perhaps he was uncomfortable with out of control black ops. Whatever qualms he developed, Blair now must be considered a potential freind to those of us fighting for Truth and praying for some courageous whistleblowers to join our struggle. He should be approached. Anyone know how to get his email or any other ways to reach out to him?

Chris Story: Why Admiral Dennis C. Blair Was Sacked

"He pushed for the releases and obtained copy checks of Biden, Geithner and Emanuel's Bush Bribery payments"
Monday 24 May 2010 02:30

Not many have the background and tenacity of Chris Story, and details. I often encourage subscribers of Flyby News and 911blogger to look into his reporting in depth. To read his latest article,


see URL


Thanks for the link.

Bu I don't find his writing style too easy to understand.

His 9-11 expose there is in the LIHOP category.

Not LIHOP.. UK style - but keep reading

You have to invest a lot of time to really follow the financial intelligence writing of Christopher Story. He is certainly not a LIHOP sort.. but follows the financial path to show the levels of corruption and deceit, especially since the Bush Sr. administration. Just keep reading.. you will understand more where he is coming from..

His book, The New Underworld Order 'addresses the greatest crisis the world has ever faced – namely, the globalisation of criminalism.'

You really have to read quite a bit of his work, because he is so prolific and detailed. He has written much on the planned inside attacks of 9/11 and the destruction of financial documents at the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald and on 'lucky' Larry Silverstein.

Chris Story identifies the cast of characters who were behind 9/11 and/or cover-up. Yet he is an established financial publisher for many decades, and an ally for 9/11 truth in his own way, which I believe has much to say of his integrity and individuality.

RothZions & Co.

We've been here before with Chris Story. He believes in the "puppet master" theory of international finance, where RothZions & Co. has manipulated Western civilization for the past one-hundred years or so. As I pointed out earlier in the month in another thread, RothZions & Co could have done a better job without installing Bolshevism in Russia, which "puppet master" theorists accept as a truth. A little probing of this historical viewpoint easily trounces it.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief DNotice.org
Washington, DC

Their Russian plan worked perfectly!!

99.9 % of Americans , when they hear the word socialism or communism, reflexively and automaticaly think....ooohhh, evil and scairy!

The danger socialism posed to the PTB around 1900 was clear. Jack London was a very popular writer and openly preaching the gospel. They were frightened. They needed a boogey man. What better than a nominally socialist/communist country that was really neither but run by some "madmen" that were your creation and in your constant employ. Voila...Uncle Joe, gulags, starvation, etc.

So now when any 3rd grader can see our planet cannot bear any more capitalism, our brainwashed masses of pathetic adults still cower at the mention of socialism.

We must nationalize our network TV stations, taking back OUR airwaves, to begin undoing the century of hugely successful brainwashing. Then we can nationalize the entire energy sector. From there, we will begin to neuter capitalism, if it puts up a fight we will exterminate it.

I'm not saying I think Story

is correct or on the right path or a clear thinker or coherent writer. Au contraire. I skimmed his jumbled mess a few days ago. Seems intentionally obtuse. We do not need extra baggage.

we all only have a finite amount of free time to devote, so, no

when it comes to crazy sounding, poorly referenced, border line whack jobs, I don't have to
"invest" shit, thank you very much.

mirror reflections

i have been a part of this truth movement for a long time.. and mostly hear such surfaced put-down comments against those truthers suggesting that the official 9/11 story is bogus. People like what is familiar, and unable to expand into new areas of connecting conflicts. If you read Chris Story before and after the major financial crises, you would realize that he has much to offer.. His Youtube talk on EU Corruption is quite coherent.. If you did invest the time, you would find Chris Story well intentioned, brilliant and connected to integrity, international law and justice. We have so few financial professionals supporting the truth about 9/11, or even questioning it; why put someone who supports truth down due to surfaced perceptions and judgments?

The following are a few C. Story articles regarding 9-11

Monday 1 March 2010 02:00

Tuesday 19 December 2006 17:12