Egyptian General: 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Egyptian General Muhammad Khilf  Discussion/interview on Egyptian TV

(6:54 / English subtitles)

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This is front page news.

This is front page news.

Why try to diminish George's and Dick's part in 911 inside job ?

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this video is front page news.

The George Bush elementary school classroom cinéma was a "cast ion alibi" during the 911 attacks and is a clear sign that George knew from the start that it was an inside job and he risked nothing staying in front of the classroom. Why is the gerneral not aware of the large quantity of information pointing to George Bush's , George Bush's father's and Dick Cheney's hand in on the organising of the attacks ?

Perhaps this general can give us inside information on the possible connection to George H.W. Bush and Mohamed Atta's father, El-Amir Atta, a retired lawyer in Egypt and possible ex Egyptian secret service agent. And their friendship with Mohammed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Al-Fayed princess Diana's boyfriend. These three important persons who have possible connections with JFK's assasination.

I am hoping that this post will attract a larger participation and debate with the Egyptian community.



Interestingly, he seems to think it was neither Bush nor Cheney

His take on things is very interesting.

Awesome interview

agreed, this is worthy of being on the front page ... this retired Egyptian General spells it out quite clearly, he leaves no doubt, the 9/11 operation is no secret, the game is up, the whole world knows about it... how much longer can US media keep a lid on it? Not much longer, by the looks of things...


The idea that four clowns could eyeball their way to the WTC is rather incredible. But how they were able to find the switch that turned off the transponders, if indeed there was such a switch, has always been a mystery to me. Is it a slam dunk to disable the transponders? If so, why do aircraft have such a capacity to disable transponders?


The turning off of the transponders was something I always wondered about too. Pilots, any help?