9/11 Ground Zero Molten Metal Confirmed

9/11 - Ground Zero Molten Metal Confirmed


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Good video..

To be clear, however, he didn't say, "There are no witnesses or reports", he says he didn't know of anybody who said so. This doesn't mean that he still couldn't be lying and/or being willfully ignorant, don't get me wrong. But I believe it should be noted that he does not state that "there are no witnesses or reports", but rather does not know of anyone saying that.

Good video...really dumb apology

Plenty of witnesses to the 911 Commission testified to explosions and molten metal...and they were conveniently lost when the report was compiled.

Same thing here, you can't find something you are not looking for while playing a monkey’s role of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

The criminal demeanor of these murdering accomplices is amazing!

Have they no shame?

Your right

I should have stated my words properly when talking to John Gross. He didn't say "There are no witnesses or reports". He said "I know of absolutely nobody, no eyewitnesses who said so, nobody who's produced it, I was on the site, I was on the steel yards, so I don't know that thats so".

I think the point is still there though! As a NIST investigator John Gross sure didn't look very hard to find anyone who saw molten metal. After all, it only took me about 10 minutes of searching to find Glen Klein who confirmed it.

Alison Geyh from John Hopkins also confirmed to me that she spoke with many workers who told her they saw molten metal:


So I don't know, maybe John Gross was at a different Ground Zero than the one Glen and Alison were at because what he says totally contradicts what the people I talked to said. As well as all the other testimonys in the video.

Plus the fact that John ran from my phone call must say something in itself.

The "cross" that appears near the end of

the video -- where is this located now? I'm particularly interested because of the previously-molten metal that is draped across one arm of this cross. I had not realized its presence there before. It would be desirable to analyze this molten material...

Great video.


Dr. Jones, could you possibly speculate as to what type of metal it is draped on the cross? I recall from the picture it looked more like aluminum or another silverish metal that iron or steel. I understand that we will not truly know what it is until we are able to get a sample, but I was curious if you had an educated guess. Thanks!

Dave Nehring

It is near Ground Zero

Dr. Jones, the cross is on display outside in front of a building on the right side of Church St. between Vesey St. and Barclay St. when heading north.

I was just there about two months ago.

I seem to remember that the piece of metal draped across the one arm of the cross was sheet metal. Maybe molten metal fused it to the I-beam, but the drape itself certainly didn't appear to be previously molten metal to me.

Guilani repeated molten metal comment

As noted before in comments by me, Guilani also stated last year at a motivational seminar I attended in Honolulu that molten metal and heat was so intense that even days later, they were concerned about Bush's safety at Ground Zero when the president went there due to the possibility of molten material coming up through the ground.