9/11 Truth conference sparks review at UQAM

9/11 Truth conference sparks review at UQAM

Montreal's largest university is reviewing its room rental policies after a controversial conference. Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin, two prominent speakers for the 9/11 Truth movement, hosted a conference at the Université du Quebec à Montreal (UQAM) May 3.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911 Truth) organized the conference  to “reach out to the university crowd,” said Jean-Francois Ranger, the event organizer.

The AE911 Truth website promotes initiating an “open and independent investigation” into the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001.

They claim past investigations into the 9/11 attacks have ignored “sufficient evidence” that the skyscrapers collapsed “not by jet impact and fires, but by controlled demolition with explosives,” according to their website.

“We believe there is a huge need for an investigation into what happened. We have more questions than we have answers,” said Jean-Francois Ranger, the event organizer for AE911 Truth.

Ranger said UQAM was "a random choice" for the conference location. “We approached a few universities," he said.  UQAM  "had a big hall that we needed."

Julien Tourreille, a UQAM research fellow in strategic and diplomatic studies, said he did not oppose the conference but regretted its association with the university. “I just think it was unfortunate for the university to have had its name associated with this event,” Tourreille said.

“The university did not invite nor organize this conference, but the organizers used the name of the university, which was very clearly mentioned on their flyers, to bring some kind of legitimacy to their event,” Tourreille said.

Some also expressed concerns about the right to freedom of expression over the fallout from the conference. Francine Jacques, head of media relations at UQAM, told a Montreal daily after the conference that the school's rules about who could present there would be revised.

"The university's room rental policy is 'being revised to be more clearly in agreement with the university's mission,' " La Presse reported.

"There are some things that we certainly don't want, and there are others for which the situation is fuzzier, as is the case here," Jacques said. 

“Free speech is a major principle and right,” said Toureille, who said he is opposed to the theories presented by the AE911 organization.

“But free speech is not a synonym of lies and denial of ethics. With freedom comes responsibilities; with free speech comes the responsibility to honestly admit that your positions can be wrong or untrue and thus stop promoting those positions or arguments.”

Despite the controversy following the conference, Ranger said the conference itself faced little opposition. “It was a major success,” he said.

“We don’t face as much controversy as we used to. The event was sold out with 730 people attending. A lot of people really wanted to hear what Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin had to say about this topic,” Ranger said.

The AE911 Truth group handed out flyers in Montreal to spread information about the conference. “People were stopping to grab flyers and ask questions. The interest for this information in the streets of Montreal has never been higher,” Ranger said.

Have I stepped into the twilight zone?

“The university did not invite nor organize this conference, but the organizers used the name of the university, which was very clearly mentioned on their flyers, to bring some kind of legitimacy to their event,” Tourreille said."

So what, we're not allowed to tell people where the event is being held? How asinine is that? Are we supposed to give latitude and longitude coordinates instead?

Sorry for the sarcasm, but what a ridiculous reason to be upset. In the end, I'm sure this will have the "banned in Boston" effect and bring much more publicity to this issue, and even *more* people will go to the ae911truth.org website to find out what their side of the story is.

730 people?

Wow. That's amazing. Congratulations to the organizers. UQAM obviously got some political heat. It will only bring more attention to the cover up. Great job guys!

Tourreille the smell!

Why don't you debate the subject if you know so much. Because you don't have a case that's why! Just an Agenda! What about your responsibility to honestly admit that YOUR positions can be wrong. We should put the spotlight on this guy and never take it off. He's picked on the wrong people with a good cause. I propose he become the center of attention for the ridiculous conspiracy theory he is promoting irresponsibly!

Make Lemonade

By making unreasonable objections, these complainers (show-boating to cother their asses) are unwittingly raising curiosity abou the 9/11 issue. Let them complain and spread the word they are complaining about something they don't want you to know. After all, this is how Elvis became such a hit.

Organization of the event

There are a few mistakes in this article. The event WAS NOT organized by AE911Truth, but by World911Truth. Although we are 100% supportive of AE911Truth, we are not them. Journalists should do their homework better.

See http://world911truth.org/world911truth-presents-richard-gage-and-david-r... for all the info about the conference and visit http://world911truth.org/richard-gage-and-david-ray-griffin-in-montreal-... for an update post-conference.

Also, Toureille is lying when he says that we have used the UQAM name to try to promote the event. Our flyer was distributed to over 15,000 people and the mention of UQAM, the location of the event, was in small font, near the bottom of the flyer. The flyer was specifically designed to make sure we would never get such accusations. I guess Toureille needs new glasses.

The names of Griffin and Gage were enough to get a lot of attention in Montreal. That's what he fails to recognize.

For those who want to see, this was our official flyer:


Other than that, it clearly was an awesome night!

JF Ranger,
Organizer of the Montreal event and founder of World for 9/11 Truth

Who are these guys?

Who is Julien Tourreille? He sounds like he'd better start putting UQAM after his name to give him self some legitimacy ... cause he sounds like a complete illegitimate bastard.

La Presse?

Francine Jacques? She sounds like she's trying to sit on the fence (based on the quotes here). Although, to me, there's nothing fuzzy about it.

Apparently it's 'a revolutionary act' to tell the truth today. Its sad what people have become.


The answer to this is simple. Toureille and the few other UQAM professors that came out against us in Montreal are part of a faculty called "Chaire Raoul Dandurand".

This is a Google translation of their French webpage:


What is important to know about them is they are financed by Power Corporation of Canada (PowerCorp) and the Canadian Department of Defence amongst others. PowerCorp is run by Paul Desmarais, Jr. who is a big political influence and Bilderberg member. He helped organize a conference on June 15, 2009 in Montreal called "Adapting to a New World Order". (You can't make that stuff up!)

Here's an article of last year on this: http://www.infowars.com/elitist-confab-in-montreal-adapting-to-a-new-wor...

Also, PowerCorp owns the "La Presse" Newspaper.

Dots connected.

They came out loudly against our 9/11 conference in Montreal firing basic propaganda techniques at us. They got afraid of us and the influence of World911Truth organizing this event in Montreal but... the publicity we've got from it and another (good) article published by the Canadian Press made us go coast to coast. We've got an unprecedented media attention all across Canada and specifically in the province of Quebec. We've been invited on the biggest TV and Radio shows and got coverage in all the biggest Newspapers. Even the Toronto Star, the largest Newspaper in Canada was talking about this.

A well deserved backfire.