Former Utah Congressman, current Senate Candidate Merrill Cook Questions WTC7

Former Utah Congressman, current Senate Candidate Merrill Cook Questions WTC7!

We Are Change Utah talks with Former Congressman and current U.S. Senate Candidate Merrill Cook

We Are Change Utah
May 27, 2010

After the Senatorial Discussions event, members of We Are Change Utah decided to talk to Merrill Cook about 9/11 banking, and Bilderberg. Surprisingly he was very candid and forthcoming with us. Merill recognized a number of unanswered questions into 9/11, including WTC Building 7 and the FAA irregularities. Merill later compared the lack of truly thorough investigation with the JFK Assassination.

rogue elements

like the president, the vice president, the secretary of defense, etc. etc.

rogue elementism is the norm ...

truth and integrity, such as that shown here by Merrill Cook, is atypical of the political class and a serious challenge to the established order. If Cook is not promptly supported, applauded and joined by like-minded fellow politicians, his political future is likely in peril.

Good interview

Good interview

Great interview

Nice to hear a politico so open.

I give you my HOUSE if he actually DOES anything.

Truly Open Would Look Like This:

"Every lawmaker in the country now knows 9/11 was a False-Flag Psy-Op. We didn't realize it at the time, but we have since been made aware. A lot of us would like to bring this into national discourse but we all lack the courage to do so."

Man that was good to hear

I hope that he is elected. I know several people in Utah and they are all Constitutionally minded patriots.
It's refreshing to hear honesty from a politician.

Good work and good ground being made!

I think we would be suprised how many congressional reps have similar views...

Thanks for a little more light in a dark world!

Kind regards John

Congrats WAC Utah!

This is great to see. some fine activist work here, which shows us the truth movement has been making some pretty impressive inroads, in order to get someone like this guy to say these things - keep it up, guys!

Question for the interviewers...

Did Merrill Cook KNOW he was being recorded? It's hard to be certain from the camera angle. Or did he speak candidly only because he thought there would be no record? It's significant in either scenario, but an order of magnitude (or two) more so if he actually intended for his comments to be part of the official record as they now are. If politicians actually running for office start staking out positions on WTC7 and FAA irregularities on 9/11 as refreshingly sane (for a politician) as those expressed by Senate candidate Cook, things could get very interested indeed. And if I learn that Merrill Cook intentionally said these things on video record, then a campaign contribution will be coming his way from me very soon. In fact, I'll send him money every time he repeats these statements.

He seemed to look down at the camera...

I would like to know also if he new, seems he did but as you say the angle is strange.

Good on you with the campaign funds:)

Regards John

Interesting note

He left the corporation in 1973 to co-found Cook Slurry Company, a mining explosives manufacturer. Merrill Cook's father was the noted scientist Melvin A. Cook who, among his many accomplishments, pioneered the development of slurry explosives.

Slurry exlosives.

Of course the twin towers

did not "collapse" but were blown up, from the top down and that observation is irrefutable in accordance with Sir Isaac Newton's Three Laws of Motion, but we can let that slide, I guess, or can we? After all, didn't the most people die when those buildings were destroyed..?

I think the official story hangs on that really, on that focal point at ground zero, namely, that the buildings collapsed as a direct and sole result of the plane strikes and fires - if that goes down under rational analysis and scientific scrutiny, down goes the whole official story. Therefore, it's noteworthy imo, that he does not want to challenge that assumption and NIST's so-called investigation of the twin tower's destruction - can't go THERE now can we..?

Hopefully future generations, the non experiencing generations, will take another look and conclude well beyond any reasonable doubt, that the twin towers were blown up and did not "collapse" at all. I'm sure they will and can't not - while the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center remain forever conspicuously absent the New York City Slyline, in perpetuity. They will know, and it can be proven with little more than a few youtube videos, a stopwatch, and come basic physics. It's self evident in fact, a mere thought experiment can prove it ie: the timed descent of a steel safe or a grand piano dropped in nothing but air from the same height.

The presence of molten metal in the pit of destruction also proves the presence of explosives.

It's a no brainer - the twin towers were destroyed not by the plane impacts and fire, but by explosives, which implies by logical extension that the planes themselves were not the originating planes hijacked and flown to and into the targets by hijackers, although that need not be proven to show that the official story is flat out false regarding the cause of the destruction of the twin towers on September 11th, 2001, a day which must not be forgotten, for the sake of all the many victims of 9/11, both on that infamous day, and in the wake of the event, which served as a catalyzing and catastrophic "Pearl Harbor event" as envisioned by Philip Zelikow of all people, prior TO 9/11.

I live in Utah

and I'm very glad to hear of Merrill Cook's openness and support for an investigation of the fall of WTC 7 and of the lack of air defenses on 9/11.
He's a good man IMO.
I should also note that I spoke to Utah Congressman (currently in congress) Jason Chaffetz for about an hour regarding the red/gray chip finding in the WTC dust, and other scientific evidences. He came to my place in Provo, Utah, to talk to me about 9/11 evidences.
After our discussion, Congressman Chaffetz told me he supports a re-investigation of 9/11 questions (this before the video interview presented in this thread).

Congratulations for more fine work, WeAreChangeUtah !

PS -- I would ask WeAreChange interviewers to ask people like previous sec'y of Defense William Cohen and Brzezinski and others -- whether or not the US has the capability to initiate earthquakes... I would like to hear their answers and it might open an important path.


Congressman Jason Chaffetz needs to do something concrete and not just "support" an investigation. Is there something that an individual Congressman can do in terms of dedicating his staff to investigate an aspect of 9/11? Has Chaffetz met with Dennis Kucinich?

I would suggest a Press Conference in Utah between the Congressman, yourself, and Jeffrey Farrer. It might be a lightning rod for some media. (Which could create a political earthquake).

Probably best to leave man-made

earthquakes out of any 9/11 debate however...