Helen Thomas to Obama: When are we going to get out of Afghanistan Spare Us "BUSHISM"

Helen Thomas to Obama: When are we going to get out of Afghanistan Spare Us "BUSHISM"


Full Spectrum Dominance

The American agenda for a Full Spectrum Dominance in The New World Order is becoming more widely known.
Pretty good article - http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14046

Nice try Helen, "the doubting Thomas!"

I love you for trying darling. What a bold face liar eh? Where's the proof? How did Osama plant those explosives, time his operation around our war games, get NORAD to fall asleep, and attack our surpreme headquarters all at the same time. And what about that Israeli camera team to record the event, that took a few strings to make happen. Oh and by the way how did he delay and then sabotage a real investigation into "his crimes".

The wars will never end with this president or maybe with any president. The American people and their children as always are irrelevant, our leaders are heavily invested in the war machine with stocks and jobs. Historically speaking the current collateral damage estimates to Americans are well within an acceptable range. It's a bad man's world and this president isn't wearing a white hat.

What a joke: Obama

I can't watch this man anymore without feeling as if I'm watching some kind of circus freak show. So this is what has become of the office established by George Washington and the American people? What is this, the fifth Bush-mob administration?

Obama is

just another mouthpiece for the war party - prowar propagandist extraordinaire.

If I was in that room listening to his screed of hogwash I'd have trouble restraining myself from leaping on stage to throttle the lying bastard.