The "Tea Party Movement" is false, and probably an Intelligence anti-insurgency move

Recently, a friend sent me a link to the following article about the supposed "Tea Party Movement" by Mark Lilla, published in the New York Review of books:

I would like to share my response to the recent hype surrounding this false movement. 

While Mark Lilla reports on many authentic popular grievances he fundamentally errs in characterizing the "Tea Party Movement" as anything other than a corporate-controlled concoction, with the goal to corral people into an easily dismissed group of unstable, weak-minded, gold-buying, libertarian-bending, government-fearing, paranoid xenophobes.  According to his article, these people are "childlike," and "apocalyptic pessimists," with "a lost sense of belonging."  This movement is "not worth taking seriously," and "should be short-lived."   

Why doesn't Lilla cite the first, and only true grassroots instance of this modern Tea Party Movement:  the "9/11 Truth Tea Party" held in Boston and many other cities on December 16, 2006?  The purpose of these events was to shine light on the fraudulent 9/11 Commission Report, by heaving replicas of that publication into Boston Harbor.  See link:  See also David Ray Griffin’s talk in Seattle, 2008:  The focus of the tea party was narrow on purpose, because no fraud is as important and obvious as that of 9/11.  The subject of  9/11 has been raised by Obama multiple times to attempt to justify the continued killing in the wars, well over a million so far – not wars really, but invasions and occupations.  The intention of the 9/11 Truth Movement is to educate people about the reality of false flag operations in providing pretexts
for war and severe restrictions on civil liberties

The 9/11 Truth Movement has not used the Tea Party meme since.  The media was perfectly silent about our original event, but they promote the more recent “Tea Party Movement” with great energy and ludicrous amounts of resources.  I’ve seen numerous media stories of late, all going to great pains to fully elucidate the big tent of “populist” concerns, then never failing dismiss and deride.  Does this seem like a grassroots event?

There is nothing more feared by the powers-that-be than a bona fide grassroots political movement that targets corporate control of government.  To quote an unnamed military person, “When you’re getting flak, then you know you’re over the target.”  The Tea Party movement is nothing more (or less) than an Intelligence-driven anti-insurgency program.  Sometimes they use divide-and-conquer and sometimes they use a straw man.  This is one big straw man. 

The "tea party" movement is

The "tea party" movement is so fake and lame. Someone traced their funding to FOX news:

Chuck Todd admits FOX News created and hypes the Tea Party Movement

"Chuck Todd actually gets this right on Meet The Press. Gregory played a clip of Dick Armey trying to say that the teabaggers represent the "center" of American politics as bizarre as that may sound and it was Chuck Todd who corrected that lie. FOX News grabbed them, promoted them, sent their hosts to caress and nurture them and were the first network in the history of broadcasting to become true political activists that worked to undermine a newly elected president.

FOX News is the Ministry of Propaganda for the GOP."

And they openly have "white power" bands for entertainment--I'll get a link when i have a mo.