911 truth signs appear on all spanish media because of Bilderberg meeting in Sitges


We took all of our signs reading 911 Truth (and 311, 7J)  which means march 11 and june 7 (spanish and london bombings) outside the Sitges hotel where the Bilderbergs were meeting. This was covered by every major television and news paper in spain and as a result our signs showed up in all major media.  Here you can see them on russia today:

Twice Cool

It is good news that Spanish press is covering the Bilderberg at all. The TRUTH signs make this twice as cool.

Thank you.


While "Down with Bildenberg" is a hearty laugh to those people, the 9-11, 7/7, 3/11 signs are like a kick in the gut. Make no mistake.

press on the bilderberg meeting

Here you can see some of the spanish tv reports, very critical for the most part of the bilderberg meeting: http://investigar11s.blogspot.com/2010/06/reportajes-desde-sitges.htmlsome

Excellent exposure! Thanks.

I love seeing street actions like this. Great job taking advantage of the press and venue.

mani on saturday

we also got a huge banner and carried it during this rally on Satuday in Barcelona:

by the way, we got very good use out of our signs but now we have no more, so contributions are welcome
at www.investigar11s.org

Hey Diana! way to go from

Hey Diana! way to go from fellow Reformer, John

French radio station informed listerners on Bilderberg,butnot TV

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
my colleague at work told me that his morning radio station informed it's listerners on the Bilderberg or a good three minutes. Have not yet managed yet to see the light on 911 but he was very excited to have known about the Bilderberg before. He told me do you realise that the Bilderberg groujp had choosen the American president ! If only he would do a bit of his own research he would discover a whole lot more.

Looking out on the French TV to see if they dare to talk about the Bilderberg meeting in Spain. If any French see it on the news please tell us about it here on 911Blogger.com

That goes the same way for the english, etc

At Herblay I contacted two well informed and educated secondary history teachers ( one was our last major, the other an ex local councillor) and I asked them what do they teach our children on the Bilderberg group and their importance in world politiques. Both of them looked at me and said but what is the Bilderberg group ? I have given them lots of information, internet links on it and I am waiting to see them again to know what they think and what are they going to do in class on this subject.