Wake Up the District Attorney With 1,000 Letters: WEEK 2


Wake Up the District Attorney With 1,000 Letters: WEEK 2

A message from NYC CAN:

Fellow Advocates,

First off, the Building7Footage.com website has been updated with a bigger screen, a more widely viewable video format, and sleeker look. Go see what the District Attorney's office will be looking at as they open all the letters we sent last week!

Which brings us to the news you may be waiting for. We finished the week with a grand total of 133 letters. Well short of our ambitious goal of 1,000, but enough to feel confident that the DA's office is taking notice.

So, thank you very much to everyone who participated. For everyone who didn't participate, it's not too late! In fact, Week 2 is the perfect time to multiply the size of our campaign so that just when the DA's office thinks the letters will stop flowing in, they begin experiencing a noticeable increase.

Another reason why Week 2 is the perfect time to get involved is that this week's letter is probably the most important out of all four weeks. It points the DA toward developing testimonial evidence, which will ultimately be the most helpful kind of evidence for investigating and prosecuting those responsible for Building 7's destruction.

To help you get more people in your networks involved, the instructions have been refined, the action alert and letter are now posted on NYC CAN's Channel Your Voice page, and a Word file has been posted there for download/print.

Note: If you don't use Microsoft Word, you can download this PDF version instead.

Let's do our best to reach 1,000 letters, because if there's anybody we should be appealing to and educating, it's the Manhattan DA.

Thank you for your continued belief and commitment.


Ted Walter

Week 2: Wake Up the DA With 1,000 Letters – June 8-11, 2010

The Campaign:

This is the second week of our 4-week campaign urging the Manhattan District Attorney to investigate the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. To bring Building 7 fully to the attention of the District Attorney, our goal is to flood the DA's office with 1,000 letters and faxes per week. With 1,000 letters and faxes we will show the DA just how widespread the desire for a new investigation is. We are counting on you to take part in this gigantic grassroots effort no matter who you are or how busy you are. Together we can wake up the District Attorney so that when the time is right he will be ready to prosecute those responsible for the destruction of Building 7.

How it works:

We ask you to send only one letter per week. At the end of each week, we report how many letters and faxes were sent the previous week. This way we all get to know whether or not we reached our goal, and we are all depending on each other to action. Without action what hope do we have.

At the beginning of each week we send out and post a template of the letter for that week. We encourage you to edit the letter to make it your own, but please be sure to stick to what the letter is saying.

Each week will cover a different topic so that the District Attorney’s office can be comprehensively educated about the destruction of Building 7 in a way that is easy to absorb. The weeks are as follows:

Week 1: Getting the DA's office to watch footage of Building 7 - COMPLETED

Week 2: Testimonial Evidence – THIS WEEK

Week 3: Physical Evidence

Week 4: Technical Evidence (analysis of footage)


  • Download the Word File or PDF file and mail or fax it to the District Attorney’s office. We are asking you to mail or fax your letter because the District Attorney's office asks for complaints to be written. The fax # for the Special Prosecutions Bureau of the District Attorney’s Office is (212) 335-8914. The mailing address is included in the letter template.
  • Email us at info@nyccan.org to let us know you sent your letter so we can record a total for that week. Please write “SENT” in the subject line of your email unless you have something else to report or suggest.
  • Forward this action alert to as many people as possible, post it on blogs, websites, facebook, etc and sign up on the website to receive our action alerts directly.

We thank you with all of our heart for standing up and taking action.

Sent letter to Manhattan DA

Lets get this guy off his ass already. I'm way past sick and tired of these jerks.

On left video,we see the windows burst out before hitting ground

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
thanks for the link to Building7Footage.com. Having analysed hundreds of video of this building imploding, for the first time I see on the left the windows coming out as we get normally with explosions inside taking out the main structure.

Howerver we must not forget that the unexploded nano thermite found in the dust is the absolute forensic proof.

Here in France we have can see the American tv series "The experts" and I often wonder how is it they have not exposed the biggest hoax of the century. With a fiction they can not have any legal problems ? Are they waiting till the whole world knows before they start shooting ?



One Word...


Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief DNotice.org
Washington, DC