Truth Activists (Gold & Veeder) on Trial Thursday


Truth Activists (Gold & Veeder) on Trial Thursday


June 7, 2010

The trial for Cindy Sheehan and six others for their arrest in front of the White House on March 20th is this Thursday, June 10th at DC Superior Court, 500 Indiana, NW in room 120.

There will be a short pro-peace/pro-1st Amendment Rally and press conference at 8:15am in front of the Court.

Some statements from the "Peace Criminals" and their attorneys:

Cindy Sheehan: (Gold Star Mother and National Director of Peace of the Action, arrested for crossing a police line):

When I was picking up my property the day after I got out of jail-a Park Police officer told me: 'If you would quit protesting, this stuff would quit happening to you.' Unfortunately, even though many people have 'quit protesting' since the Democrats and Obama have risen to the top of the dung heap in DC, the wars continue and people continue to die. We cannot stop until the wars stop. My grandbabies WILL NOT live in a world where war for profit is the norm and where basic civil rights are ignored or regularly violated by authorities. It's draining in so many ways to continue, but continue we must.

Elaine Brower: (MFSO and WCW, arrested for disorderly conduct)

My son served 3 combat tours as a US Marine. My family suffered tremendous strain and stress with each re-deployment, and we were lucky to see him come home alive, but broken in a way that no one understands except the small percentage of families who are asked to make sacrifices for the illegal, illegitimate and immoral wars and occupations that this government refuses to end. I was participating in a peaceful protest allegedly safeguarded under the first amendment against furthering the deaths of millions of people. It is an outrage that we have no redress of our grievances, and spent 52 hours in jail because of it.

Jon Gold: (Core Team Member of Peace of the Action and 911 Truth Activist arrested for crossing a police line)

In response to our Government lying about, and covering up the 9/11 attacks, I began fighting for truth, accountability, and justice for what happened that day. My efforts, for the past eight years, have been on behalf of the people that lost someone that day, and for the 9/11 first responders that needed health care because of the toxic dust down at Ground Zero. The United States Government has used the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to launch illegal, preemptive wars and to take away our civil liberties. The resulting bankrupting of this country is unacceptable to me, and I felt it was my duty as a citizen to help to expose the cover-up. Ultimately, that fight led me to be in Washington D.C. on March 20th. It greatly saddens me that I was arrested, and will have to stand trial for such a trivial crime. I was under the impression that Americans have the right to peaceably assemble. Paradoxically crossing a police line is treated as a crime, but our leaders are not held accountable for their much more serious crimes of murder and genocide. It is also quite tragic to me that Cindy Sheehan, a mother of a lost soldier, has to stand trial because she believes in ending the illegal and unjust occupations that led to her son's death.

Kathleen Kirwin: (Lawyer for "Peace Criminals")

I am honored to stand in solidarity as legal counsel for seven courageous activists who have the guts, integrity and justified anger and outrage to stand up to the government of this country which continues to engage in wars of aggression around the world at the cost of millions of lives. In order for the government to continue waging its unlawful wars with impunity, it willfully and proactively violates the First Amendment to the United State Constitution, which specifically PROHIBITS the government from interfering with any citizen's RIGHT to peaceably assemble, petition for government redress of grievances and engage in freedom of speech. As such, and as a matter of law, it should be the government who faces trial for violating the constitution, not those who seek to defend it.

Mark Goldstone: (Lawyer for "Peace Criminals")

On Thursday, June 10, Cindy Sheehan, Iraq Veteran Matthis Chiroux and 5 other activists will go on trial before a Judge of the DC Superior Court. They face relatively minor charges, but their trial raises the public outrage that the war in Iraq still goes on after 7 years -- and the US invasion of Afghanistan is approaching its 9th year. A broad range of citizens and activists gathered in Lafayette Park on Saturday, March 20, to protest the US Government's continuing wars in the Middle East -- which only continue to destabilize the region, and to use America's precious economic resources.

The "Peace Criminals"

Cindy Sheehan: Gold Star Mother and National Director of Peace of the Action. From California.

Elaine Brower: Mother of US Marine and member of Military Families Speak Out and World Can't Wait. From New York.

Matthis Chiroux: Veteran and member of Iraq Vets Against the War. From New York.

Jon Gold: Core Team Member of Peace of the Action and 911 Truth Activist. From Pennsylvania

Jim Veeder: Peace Activist. From New York and Costa Rica.

Alex MacDonald: Peace Activist. From Pennsylvania.

LaFlora Cunningham: Peace Activist from DC.

The Legal Team

Ann Wilcox: DC-based lawyer and current chair of the Demonstration Support Committee for the DC chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. In the past year, she has advised and represented activists on issues ranging from climate change, single-payer health, peace and opposition to US torture policies.

Mark Goldstone: Has been defending non-violent activists for more than 25 years and was on the defense team for Cindy Sheehan's first Washington, DC arrest in 2005. Mark is the former head of the Demonstration Support Committee of DC Chapter of National Lawyers Guild.

Kathleen Kirwin: Bas been a national and international criminal defense and human rights lawyer for 25 years. Ms. Kirwin has spoken at the United Nations on the issue of international peace-making and peace-building and she has been an anti-war activist for the past 40 years.




If you are persecuted for righteousness sake

REJOICE and be exceedingly glad!

I know, easy for me to say, but the principal remains.

Enjoy the karmic debt that society owes you Jon et al, no matter what the outcome.

You did the right thing, so "no worries" as they say. Therefore, hold your head up high in court, and look the judge squarely in the eye.


There was a continuance

This, after Cindy and Jim traveled quite a distance for the trial.

Good luck to everyone.

Cindy got the message just before arriving at the airport. Still, total pain in the ass.

The people suffer for their rights while GWB does what he likes!

One day; one day will come the reckoning.....

Regards John


Justice cannot apply to JUST US.

And don't forget Richard Cheney and the rest of the sorry bunch of mass murderers.