David Cameron: "...when the twin towers were blown up..."


June 11, 2010 — This morning on BBC news as David Cameron gave a speech to the troops in Afghanistan in which he said "In/on 9-11 when the twin towers were Blown up'' ...


Unguarded Moments.

A number of folk who know the real story have had similar "unguarded moment" slips, for example Rumsfeld on the shooting down of Flight 93, Giuliani with his prior knowledge of the collapse of the Twin Towers, Larry Silverstein with his "pull it" comment, and even Bush, when he admitted watching the impact of Flight 11 on television... and more. Mr. Cameron, however, could have done us all a big favor, and said, "..... when the Twin Towers *and* World Trade Center #7 were blown up".

but what the hell was this?

See the comment I just made ie: they're intentional

as part of some strange parallel reality spindoctoring of future history looking back. In other words, it's designed to confuse reality and distort the record. Won't work though.

The fellow says...

The fellow says, "Almost all of the perpetrators of the attack were trained here in Afghanistan."

Cheney? Rumsfeld? Mossad? I did not realize such ffolks went so far to get trained. ISS maybe -- though even that seems odd. Yet to say that our own CIA and DIA train in Afghanistan? Is that where they learn how to apply thermate-enriched paint to massive steel trusses? And NORAD trains how to 'stand down' in Afrghanistan?

It could be intentional

They may be thinking that history is foggy and murky, and that by saying such things, they can respin it back in favour of reality while upholding the myth at the same time.. i realize that sounds rather kooky, but they're crazy people.

Someone ought to put it to Mr. Cameron like this - we were told the buildings COLLAPSED from the fires around the level of the plane impacts, although there are over 1000 architects and engineers who think that they were demolished with explosives or in short, "blown up". Mr. Camera, which is it? Can you please clarify your comment. Thank you.


You could ask! ...

No slip

I have no time for David Cameron however the probability that he knows anything beyond what we has been told is the official explanation for 9/11 is MINIMAL. He's certainly not the first and is unlikely to be the last person to describe the twin towers as having been 'blown up' when he doesn't mean anything of the sort and certainly doesn't believe that. I really don't think this is an example of an unguarded moment or a slip of the tongue and unfortunately to suggest that it is such a thing makes us look paranoid and foolish.

I suspect that very few politicans (including Obama) know what actually happened that day. They may have read articles that make them doubt the official theory but you can bet your bottom dollar that they're quite happy to continue in their blissful ignorance and would rather let sleeping dogs lie.

Obama blissfully ignorant?

The notion that Obama or any other congressman or senator doesn't know what happened is just plain naive, Virginia. On the contrary, the 9-11 coverup probably occupys more of Barry's attention than just about anything. We're not that stupid and neither is Obama or Congress. (Cameron on the other hand may just be ignorant, but I doubt that too). It's the biggest most terrible opensecret in Washington. They ALL know and are scared silly they'll be called traitors when the truth comes out, which is why they're all going to be playing the ignorance card down the line when the real story finally emerges. Listen to the recent interview with Robert Bowman on Visibility911 and hear what he says about how hard Rahm Immanuel has been trying to stifle the truth for a more accurate picture of what this administration knows and is capable of.

Knowingly, willfully covering up the truth about 9/11

namely, that the twin towers were and MUST have been, brought down, not from the plane impacts, but with explosives, the impacts serving as a ruse for the fake causal mechanism of destruction - is not only treason, but aiding and abetting and therefore conspiracy in mass murder. They are all well aware of Architects and Engineers for 9/'11 Truth, who submitted their petiition to every member of Congress and most of them are aware of the Jones paper proving energetic materials in the dust.

All one has to do is WATCH the destruction of those buildings with an open mind (not assuming in advance) and it's as plain as day. It is as obvious that the twin towers were BLOWN UP from the top down, as it is that building 7 was a classic CD.

They know damn well, and yeah, they will only feign ignorance when the truth comes to light en mass and in the historical record in the fullness of time, they're just hoping it might wait for a couple of generations to come out into the light of day - TOO LATE!

The buildings were destroyed with explosives

they did not "collapse".

What more is there is know..?

Note: Most deaths occured on 9/11 when those two high rises were completely destroyed.

Therefore, mass murder was committed, and it did not occur solely as a result of Osama's 19 merry men slipping under the radar (literally).

In short, it is not neccessary to know precisely what happend, only that there had to have been an "inside job" component to it, and that the OCT Myth is a flat out LIE.

To suggest that Obama is not aware of this lie - the pretext for increasing war in Afghanistan, or the one he offered as justification, is absurd.

And Cameron? He's been bombarded already, time and again with all the facts, and has even been forced to respond once or twice. He knows too, they all do.


i don't doubt that obama knows that the bush administration hid the truth regarding 9/11 but i think you are mistaken if you think he knows what actually happened that day...as for Cameron being in on it? come on! he only became a politican in 2001! When he became prime minister do you think he emailed the British Secret Service saying "Guys, what really happened on September 11?". (and even if he did make his own enquiries do you think he will have been told the truth?)

The twin towers were blown up with explosives

they did not "collapse" as a result of the plane impacts and fires. The result, many many people died, and then war was unleashed.

In a nutshell that's what happened. They blew the buildings UP, along with the people in the buildings.

9/11 was an inside job. Like I said before, it's not neccessarily to know ALL the ins and outs of what precisely took place and how.

People were MURDERED with the use of bombs, by the 1000's IN THE BUILDINGS. Obama knows this, so does Cameron, and so do most of the Congress. They can't not know this.

The official story about what happened is nothing but a myth and a Big Lie.

Let's not cloud or obscure the issue eh?


You see I don't think I am obscuring the issue, I think it is important that we discuss 9/11 rationally - hysteria only makes us looks foolish.

Everyone that regularly reads this website is of the opinion that the twin towers would not have come down without additional assistance; no-one here thinks we haven't been lied to - but by going around stating that persons X, Y and Z are covering up the truth you alienate us from the public even further.

In my opinion we should stick to the FACTS - we cannot know definitively what Cameron does or does not know about 9/11 and frankly since he couldn't have been involved in its planning, pointing the finger at him seems like a pointless diversion.

Focusing on Kevin Ryan's list of potential suspects seems like a much more fruitful way to spend my time.

David Cameron ask pardon also for 911 and 7/7

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
in today's nation newspaper the "LIBERATION" there is a good article on David Cameron asking pardon for the "bloody Sunday". Of course 38 years after. When would the official documents fall legally into public hands ? in two years time ? ( the documents are declassified how many years after, 40 years ?)

Now if David Cameron would really like to be brave and honorable how about asking the pardon for the MI5 and MI6's part in the 911 attack ? or pardon for their part in the 7/7 London attacks ? Or will we have to wait 40 years to know the truth.

There are a lot of other pardons. Like the assasination of Dr David Kelly'.

or for the british special forces planting a bomb in Basra to created unrest between the Arabs.