"The experts" and 9-11 Truth

I came across this interesting article in today's New York Post entitled "Why experts are usually wrong" by David H. Freedman. I'm passing it on because I think it has particular applicability to the discu"expert" opinion on what brought down the World Trade Center towers. I hope some will enoy it, and even get a chuckle out of it, true as it is.

 "Every day, expert advice assaults us from newspapers, websites and televisions. But judging by the state of the world and our lives, it doesn’t seem to be doing us much good.

"Blame the media (of course), but know that’s only a small part of the problem. Experts — that is, actual scientists, not just Dr. Phil — are often wrong, more often than we might think.

"Scientists themselves have examined the reliability of their own findings, and have come to some sobering conclusions. Take medical research, which has been especially well-scrutinized. About two-thirds of the findings published in top medical journals end up being refuted within a few years. "

...etc. Please find the entire article at http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/why_experts_are_usually_wrong_LsjnnoKdgoOoH5QJHmT5QO?CMP=OTC-rss&FEEDNAME=

The "experts."

Paul Lauterbur, the Nobel-winning discoverer of the principle behind magnetic resonance imaging, once said, "You could write the entire history of science in the last 50 years in terms of papers rejected by Science or Nature."

Of course, we all know what the "experts" said right after 9/11:

"This building would have stood had a plane or a force caused by a plane smashed into it. But steel melts, and 90,850 litres of aviation fluid melted the steel. Nothing is designed or will be designed to withstand that fire."
Hyman Brown: Senior Instructor Construction Engineering and Management. The project engineer for the construction of the Twin Towers

"The columns would have melted, the floors would have melted and eventually they would have collapsed one on top of each other."
Chris Wise: Structural engineer.

"The 35 tonnes of aviation fuel will have melted the steel... all that can be done is to place fire resistant material around the steel and delay the collapse by keeping the steel cool for longer."
John Knapton: Professor in Structural Engineering at Newcastle University, UK

"I believe that the intense heat softened or melted the structural elements--floor trusses and columns--so that they became like chewing gum, and that was enough to trigger the collapse."
Eduardo Kausel: Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT

"What caused the collapse of the buildings, to summarize it, was that the super-heated jet fuel melted the steel super-structure of these buildings and caused their collapse."
Lee Hamilton, 9/11 Co-Chair

Given the time of "collapse"

relative to absolute free fall time for any freely dropped object in NOTHING but air alone - I think Sir Isaac Newton would beg to differ with the notion that the buildings "collapsed", with floors above crushing and busting up floors below, all the way to the ground - it's ABSURD! Utterly impossible absent the use of explosives blowing out the structure beneath the descending and EXPLODING debris wave.

It is obvious they were blown up from the top down, the only problem with this assertion being the apparent sole cause (plane impacts and fires), a ruse apparently capable of hijacking Occam's razor, and altogether bypassing the rational critical faculty of obvservers, and of course the idea that elements on the inside planted explosives is hard to swallow, after all "we were attacked".

However, the myth is not holding up and is fast passing away under the glare of reality, thank heavens!

Excellent rundown

What stunning folly in retrospect. (That is, when it wasn't just deliberate slinging of baloney, as it doubtless was in at least a few cases.)

Then when skeptics of the official story began pointing out that the temperatures wouldn't have been nearly hot enough to melt the structural steel, the responses would shift to something like, 'Silly truthers...don't you know that melting the steel wasn't necessary to bring about structural failure? That the fires just had to be hot enough to sufficiently weaken the steel.' Yadda, yadda, yadda--forever moving the goalposts.

In response to which..

we then ask them to explain the ultra-high temperatures proven to have been present ie: molten steel..?!
Now THAT really stumps them big time at that point in the debate..!!! tee hee he. : )

This is a very succinct interview

Alex Jones did with Ron Avery. Ron is one of the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth in Austin. Ron also
did a great job at the ae911truth.org press conference in Austin a couple of months back. This is a link to the youtube series with Alex
here http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=alex+jones+ron+avery&aq=f
I watched it a second time and Ron Avery has it down. He truly understands engineering steel buildings.

riceowlex, I agree. Great presentation on WTC design

Ron Avery (Towers) and Derek Johnson (Bldg 7) delivered some great presentations about the World Trade Center Buildings.
"Steel mesh cheese grater design" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6tByY78VFk#t=2m50s

An Idea

Whose Time Has Come

this came to me, after thinking about G. Edward Griffin's presentation, offering the solution to the problem, to the most fundamental problem we are facing - because what's the use of enlightening people about such an abominable evil conspiracy for which apathy seems the ONLY appropriate response, if there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it, to SOLVE the problem, no matter how intractable it might appear at any given point in time and history?

Check it out

I think what we need is our OWN "think tanks" as the springboards from which to, in Griffin's words "come to power", in every arena of human affairs and social conduct, harnessing the power to alter governments, and to change the world and history, by determining, and sharing, *holographically*, in the broadest possible way, the very nature of the kind of world our children will one day come to live in - in other words, as Griffin says "REAL POWER". For example, the power to become the REAL "mainstream media" and wage all out WAR on the increasingly alternative media, since they the so-called MSM have proven that they can no longer be trusted, to do anything but spew forth propoganda, as the fascist sychophants that they are.

Now I myself have a personal business plan, to do an internet based startup of a new type of product which I know is sure to be a smashing success, and apart from giving away 25% of all proceeds to clean water in the third world with Dean Kaman's new water filtration system invention known as "The Slingshot" through a foundation to be called the "Clean Water Foundation" or CWF for short - I would like to fund a THINK TANK, of like minded people, like Griifin, and others, many others, people like Bob Bowman, David RAY Griffin, everyone from 9/11 blogger.. ; ) etc, etc, maybe even Alex Jones (as a last resort), not to allow this kind of thing to be co-opted, as most such organizations come to experience at some stage, particularly when dealing with something, with an idea THIS powerful, but to see to it, instead, that the holographic IDEA of a "new world", a new paradigm of Liberty, Truth, and Justice for all; the right to life, light, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the right to HOPE for real change and transformation - is fully distributed throughout OUR newfound emerging body politic (about 60% or more are now with US, thanks be to the Internet praise God). You could even have a whole movie and book to go with it (remeber how big the new age movie "The Secret" was.. on that scale - just a thought.
In other words if >I< myself could somehow manage to generate (with a great idea and service) a hundred million dollar profit center, then at some level I've then "come to power" (the power of great wealth), and so the first thing on my mind therefore, and on my agenda, will be to extend that power within our collective sphere (noosphere) of influence, and beyond, because there IS an IDEA, a great LIGHT, at the very end of this long dark historical tunnel we've all been through, and by God that idea therefore NEEDS to and MUST get distributed, non-locally and holographically, through the internet (and beyond) and by direct word of mouth connection. And it will, and it IS already, that's the thing. The 2nd American Revolution has already begun, it's an irreversible trend. Look out world because the NEXT generation are beginning to come to power..! Our best efforts, collectively, can only serve to accelerate that process and bring it to completetion and to fruition, what was, only a few short years ago, just a mere glimmer of hope, a twinkle in our eye, nothing but a dream!

We CAN and ARE winning the info war in other words. In the phychological realm, we rule, and we rock, we really do people. Let's get used to the idea, and begin really thinking about the kind of world WE want to create, to "inherit" which we will, because we've got the youth with us, and time and history is on our side, we've got one whole generation now preparing to "come to power".

What a big idea, in the face of something so ABHORRANT to the very fabric of what it means for us to be human as well as active historical participants by neccessity (the neccessity of free will choice, for what is power if not the power to choose), that it MUST simply be flat out rejected - the world the so-called "elite" ruling class attempted to spoon feed us, well enough's enough, we reject it - and already we have something in mind, something clearly articulated and shared and grokked most fully, to replace it - so bu bye false paradigms of the "elite", "keepers of the flame", you dropped the ball and have slid to the bottom of the dung heap, all in one shot, and into the gap of the reality chasm between the MSM and the REAL WORLD, we now pour a new world waiting to be born, in a substantial way, as if pouring cement for the cornerstone of a new building, or the keystone of a new arch through which the masses may pass, into everlasting freedom (with vigilence).

The so-called "elite" are quite obviously, not that smart - it is vitally important to remember that.. which brings me back on topic - the experts the "leaders" are often proven to have been foolish, misguided and ignorant, in hindsight - completely out to lunch, not knowing the first thing about the farthest reaching impact of their motives, conduct, planning - deluded "lunatic fringe", people like Cheney, Pearl, Rumsfeld, Bolton and Brzinzski and Henry Kissinger can't forget that monster - the world's been run by absolute NUTS!, by utter LOONIES, who had convinced themselves, arrogantly, that their "vision" of future history, no matter the consequences, was righteous. These are the same group of guys, according to Bob Bowman, who ran the Star Wars Program under Reagan, who WANTED to wage pre-emptive NUCLEAR war with Russia, considering as "acceptable", TWENTY MILLION American 'causalties' - the same guys who trotted out "pre-emptive war" for Iraq, while dusting off Operation Northwoods for the 21st century (once the Patsy Op False Flag (19 hijackers) was in place) as the pretext for waging war under the guise of "security" amid loss of civil liberty for the people, for the masses. Zelikow's dream "Catastrophic Terrorism, Imagining the Transformative Event", and one which he worked on with Robert Gates the current Sec Def.

I'd say their time is almost UP folks, and I think they know it. Soon they will all be dead and gone as the next generation comes up to take thier places, but either way, a tsunami of change and transformation is on the way to sweep them right off the stage, as a bottom up emergent phenomenon and it is OUR doing, armed with little more than keyboard mouse and screen! ; D

sorry for the long rant...just caught a vision and I wanted to share it with ya'll. thanks for reading and thinking BIG. : )

No fear, only faith.

Back to basics

My God, my wife's relatives who live in Indiana are visiting for a few days. We started talking about 9/11. I asked them about Building 7. I was shocked. They had never heard about the controlled demolition of said building even after all these years. They didn't even know the building existed!!! I couldn't believe it. Boy do we still have our work cut out for us. I am still in shock. I wonder how many people out there are still in the dark about Building 7? I know this is way off topic but I just had to share it with my fellow truthers. What on Earth do we have to do to wake people up. I am so frustrated. 9/11 is the key to all the problems this country faces even the so-called oil spill which was a false flag operation. There is no doubt in my mind about that one. WHEN WILL PEOPLE WAKE-UP???? After one or more of our cities gets nuked and the preps get caught red handed? Say your prayers fellow truthers. We may need divine intervention.