Splitting the Sky to donate $1000 to AE911Truth

Judge Manfred Delong granted conditional discharge to Splitting the Sky, who had been charged with obstructing a peace officer while attempting a citizens arrest of George W Bush for war crimes.

The judge ordered that Splitting the Sky must make a $1,000 donation to a charity of his choice and pay a $50 victim fine surcharge as conditions of his probation.

Speaking to reporters outside the court after the sentencing hearing, Splitting the Sky announced he would make his $1000 donation to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Listen to Joshua Blakeney, who was present at the sentencing hearing.

How Beautiful is that!

I've been following his case. At one time it was looking like two years in jail.

A $1000 Donation to AE911TRUTH. Now that is real justice being served.

God Bless You Splitting-The -Sky.


Has anything been resolved?

Has anything been resolved? I wish there wasn't so much emotion in the movement. I wish that anyone who is seriously investigating could be respected.

Excuse me, sir

I stand by every single word I have posted about the so-called Citizen Investigation Team.

You had every chance in this recent thread to refute anything I said. You were completely unable to do so.

You were actually the one who was complaining about "hate". I merely pointed out that readers should check out your own posts for a good look at what you were accusing others of. You asked me to provide an example. I did. After four spam-like posts in a row of non-responsive nonsense, you made a fifth post conceding the point. Please man up and take some responsibility for your own actions. If you feel there is impropriety in the way the site is being run, take it up with the owners instead of spamming your accusations against another site user as you did in the previously mentioned thread.

I don't think your blog should be published here, nor is it worthy of response. However, since it is published and it contains accusations against myself - there you go. Those are the last minutes of my life that I will waste on you.


You can't seem to accept that you get voted down because the majority of people who feel strongly enough to vote, disagree with you.

You do have a lovely sense of irony though.

You accuse Cosmos vote rigging and then complain about ad hominem attacks. ;-)

You accuse him of "attacking" CIT. Craig and his followers consider any criticism or disagreement an attack. Deal with disagreement and criticism in an adult way or take your crying towel over to the CIT forum.

CIT claims to have proof of flyover - they do not. That is not an ad hominem attack, it's a statement of fact.

ETA: Breezyin, Craig and Aldo are not serious or credible investigators IMO.