Decent coverage of the 9/11 Truth Movement

It was just for a brief moment, but Chris Matthews respectfully covers the 9/11 Truth Movement in the following clip of his new MSNBC Hardball presentation "Rise of the New Right".

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I made that sign "TV Lies"

I made that pink sign "TV Lies" at the 8:21 mark.


Sorry, but I really don’t see any degree of respect for our movement here. Quite the contrary. His term “the 9/11 Truther Movement”, rather than Truth Movement is meant to be dismissive and belittling.
What Matthews has learned is that he can’t spend too much time on this topic or give to much information on it, because information is the strength of the movement. It is information which has brought all of us in, and continues to do so for millions more.
Matthews has proven himself to be an active enemy of the Truth time and time again, always characterizing us as lunatics. What you perceive as fair treatment is actually Matthews realizing he is backed into a corner on this issue with nowhere to go. We can only hope he behaves as a scorpion does when in the same situation, and I suggest we push him in that direction.

I guess all I really meant to point out

is that the coverage appeared rather neutral, not inflammatory like it used to be a lot of the time, representing our movement as large and well-organized. To some, this will likely speak volumes about the country's mindset.


In some instance any publicity is better than no publicity. Most likely this will lead more people to or spur them on to researching the truth. People don't trust the media or government as much anymore, and they are open to dissenting views more now. At least that's what I'm hoping and have experienced a bit personally. MSNBC is a big audience of politically minded people.


What is this post doing here? This is making excuses for the mainstream media. I know the budget is tight for 911blogger but please say it ain't so, has 911blogger sold out?

Final Comment About Oklahoma City Tragedy BS

Don't trust Chris Matthews. In his last comment he is referring to Timothy McVeigh who was used as another patsy to blame that bombing on. McVeigh may have had some radical beliefs and was easily led to do certain things that day, but that so-called fertilizer bomb didn't come close to creating the damage that was done at the Murrah Building. Chris Matthews was using the fear technigue in this broadcast only it was disguised more.
Take Care Matt

No "coverage", more like a reference...

... linking the movement to far-right extremists.

How Deceitful Chris Mathews Is

Three Things on This:

Skull and Bones - Did everyone see Beck wearing his Skull & Bones cumber bun?

Rumor into news - The MSM and Mathews go on about how rumor is turned into fact or new on the Internet.

Yet, is that not what they do in the MSM?

Examples off the top of my head - WMD, Mobile Weapons Labs, Gulf of Tonkin, The Kuwaiti Incubator Babies of the 1rst Gulf War, the attack on the USS Liberty was "an accident", Sgt. Terrance Yeakey (OKC), Vince Foster and the DC Madam, committed suicide. Barry Jennings and Mike Connell died of natural causes or accidents. JFK was shot by a dancing, "magical" bullet. There was no court verdict against the government (November 1999, Memphis Tennessee) finding it "responsible" for the "wrongful death" of MLK (YT/Google "An Act of State"). Sibel Edmonds was not a translator with the FBI who has blown the whistle on 911, nuclear arms dealing and global narco drug trafficking, being done by the US govt. The Federal Reserve is a corporation owned by the people of the United States and they, the people, print and own their own currency. Finally, there is gold in Fort Knox.

Chris Mathews Himself - as CM waves his fingers at all those that question and are angry, does this hypocrite not ask himself this question - Have I had any role, part or hand in all of this? For, if he were to ask himself that question, surely, he would have to answer yes. I know there are millions that would tell him that he and all of his colleagues had a "major' role in it.

I personally gave up on this sack of flaccid opinion years ago. I turned him off when he re-stated his belief in JFK's murder (the OS), because Oswald had gotten a job at the BD 4 months prior and that with the motorcade going by, it was just a target of opportunity, that he could not pass up. Subsequently, Oswald took advantage of this serendipitous moment and shot JFK - and with no plan for getting away, apparently; even though he had 4 months to plan for one.

This bit of "legend' ascribed to Oswald is all CM needs to tell people to go back to sleep and believe it all again.

It's an interesting thing, JFK and conspiracies, that is, because it was a few years after that assassination, as people began to question the Warren "report" and the whole "story", that the MSM came up with the term "conspiracy theory" and "theorists" and aren't they all whack jobs, tin foil heads, paranoids and delusional.

That's what CM and his colleagues have done for all of us and our freedoms - week in...week out...year after year...decade after decade; lie upon lie, upon lie; as silt on a river bed, it has built. However, the problem is now, the the lies have build up so much as to be obvious to eye; they are above water, for the first time.

And that is the problem that guys like CW are having. And they know it. The purpose of this piece as all these pieces, is to take the focus off of them - the MSM; the "soft-power" that controls us everyday. As long as we believe his lies, it continues on and they remain in control.

The question the (growing crowd) wants to know Mr. Matthews, is who holds you and the MSM accountable, for what you say, do and print?

Or maybe even to the finer point, who holds you accountable Mr. Mathews, for what you "don't" report?

sorry, I dont see much respect

Chris Matthews is trying to come off as reasonable and open minded but truly is a Richard Noggin.

This video essay by Chris

This video essay by Chris Matthews is promotional material designed to advertize a convenient and simplistic notion -- that any talk you hear related to creeping fascism, criminal financiers, false flag op's, fraudulent war, and severe restrictions on civil liberites, is only the rantings of a crazy mob of gun-wielding wackos. The goal is to associate the 9/11 Truth Movement with the media-driven "New Right Movement" which it entirely controls. It is likely an Intelligence-driven anti-insurgency campaign to depict angry citizens as an easily dismissed group of unstable, weak-minded, gold-buying, libertarian-bending, government-fearing, paranoid xenophobes.

Similarly, a recent article in The New York Review of Books, by Mark Lilla, treads the same terrain. See link: Why doesn't Chris Matthews or Mark Lilla cite the first, and only true grassroots instance of this modern Tea Party Movement: the multiple "9/11 Truth Tea Parties" held on December 16, 2006? See 9/11 Blogger link: The purpose of these events was to shine light on the fraudulent 9/11 Commission Report, by heaving replicas of that publication into Boston Harbor, and other citys' places of refuse. The MSM is trying hard to assign us New Right status, without presenting any real information about 9/11. Thus, it must mention the 9/11 Truth Movement, but does so briefly without any real detail -- just the association is required. All the detailed information and potent imagery goes to things that easily controlled. Like "gulit by association," this is "controllability by association."

hot potato

it's funny how now we have Mathews going out of his way to label us as part of the fringe right. maybe he should talk the Beck or O'Reilly who are convinced we are a fringe left movement. we are the hot potato that shows up at every table. at some point they all are gonna realize that they are surrounded and that they should either say something important or shut the f... up about 9/11 truth.

Frankly, we in the movement should

not waste another minute watching any television. It is all pure unadulterated propagandistic bullshit.
Even Keith and Rachel, gatekeepers extrodinaire both.

Ooohh, those dastardly conservatives are so, waste two precious hours of your life giggling along with us as we point out their hypocrisy, and gobs upon gobs of All Palin, All The Time.

911 Truth, not so much.

Suspicious Patriot, love the river silt just breaking the surface analogy.

@ camusrebel

Cheers, I appreciate the comment; and it is all "so" obvious, now. Yes, turn the TV off, it's nothing but precognitive training and myth creation.

... a music video I did on the obvious lies -


The official "story" of 911 is - dead!
911 Was "Another" Inside Job!

Calling it "the 9/11 truther movement"

is a problem for me - it's called the 9/11 TRUTH movement, not "truther" movement. That wasn't good coverage imho.

911 Was an Inside Job!