Delft University of Technology in Holland on fire and collapsing.

I was sent this by a guy who tries desperately to believe the official story. 

This was proof to him that the WTC collapsed due to fire.

He is a graduate of NC State University, known for science and engineering.

See the video........


Delft University of Technology in Holland on fire and collapsing



Not a lot of information on this incident so far... only found the following on Wikipedia:

"In the morning of may 13th, 2008 a fire started on the seventh floor of the faculty of architecture. The fire quickly spread out to the entire building. No persons were hurt in the fire. The damage to the building is extensive. As the building is still burning at the time of writing the total damage is More..not certain yet. A total loss of the faculty building is considered very likely."

The collapse may not have happened yet at the time the above was written. Less..



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