WeAreChangeLA sends Karl Rove and his B.S. packing


WeAreChangeLA sends Karl Rove and his B.S. packing


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Jeremy Rothe-Kushel

Jeremy always inspires me to take courage in the face of all lies. He simply knows his stuff and walks into any arena well prepared. I loved the end part where the old man was shouting at Jeremy as if that would finally silence him or intimidate him. Like when a parent shouts desperately at their child, you can know the parent is unsure of what's going on. And being called a communist, that was rather childish!! Jeremy is fearless and strong and we can all learn something from him.

Totally Agreed.

He is a stellar example in those circumstances of self-control, courage, and whatever else it takes to do what he does. Stewart Howe also had a great demeanor during his question as well. I love this stuff.


WOW!!! Jeremy is one of my favourite truth advocates! After all the things he's done over the years...so many videos of Jeremy in action...he's already a hero in my eyes. Jeremy once described 911Truth as the "rosetta stone" which provides the insight to decode the puzzle of contemporary politics. He's a real smart guy I reckon and as you say very courageous.

Left-Right Paradigm

Rove says at 7:07 that there is a "fringe group on the far left of 9/11 deniers with Code Pink types" while Chris Matthews and the MSM, who cover for Rove, simultaneously associate 9/11 Truth with the Tea Party Movement which they consider to be far right.

And they call us lunatics.

This is why

the demand for a new investigation into 9/11 scares the hell out of the criminal elites...It brings the left and the right together.....I would be considered a lefty.....but I get 9/11....9/11 Truth ends War....At some point in time the people in this movement will be compared to The White Rose Society...The Jewish people in that audience are today's "Good Germans"...How sad...the oppressed have become the oppressors.

What a beautiful analogy

I'd never even heard of the White Rose until I read your comment.


"Isn’t it true that every honest German is ashamed of his government these days? Who among us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that will befall us and our children when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes—crimes that infinitely outdistance every human measure—reach the light of day?" — From the first leaflet of the White Rose

Unless it's been overused by other activist groups or mass movements, maybe a white rose should symbolize 9/11 truth from here on out.

EDIT: Ah, I spoke too soon.


"We are inspired by the White Rose movement, a student resistance group in Nazi Germany, which became known for an anonymous leaflet campaign that called for active opposition to German dictator, Adolf Hitler's regime. . . . Today, the members of the White Rose are honoured in Germany as great heroes who opposed the Third Reich in the face of deadly danger for such resistance. . . . Aegis Students honours the members of the White Rose by adopting the white rose as our symbol."

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (trailer) TRUE STORY

The movie

SOPHIE SCHOLL: THE FINAL DAYS is a must see for anyone in the truth community.
(Trailer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM5A4ETW_Io

"The Final Days is the true story of Germany's most famous anti-Nazi heroine brought to life. Sophie Scholl is the fearless activist of the underground student resistance group, The White Rose. Using historical records of her incarceration, the film re-creates the last six days of Sophie Scholl's life: a journey from arrest to interrogation, trial and sentence in 1943 Munich. Unwavering in her convictions and loyalty to her comrades, her cross-examination by the Gestapo quickly escalates into a searing test of wills as Scholl delivers a passionate call to freedom and personal responsibility that is both haunting and timeless." Written by Diaboyos

The leaflets can be read here: http://www.whiterosesociety.org/WRS_pamphlets_home.html

I also recommend the movie AGORA which is currently in theaters. It is the story of the Great (female) philosopher Hypatia, her life/death and the demise of the Library of Alexandria.

"While ancient historians and commentors noted Hypatia's genius, it is only in recent years that her significance in philosophy is generally recognized. As Sagan makes clear in the above passage, history is dependent upon what is recorded and what records survive for the future. In western philosophy, women have been almost entirely written out of the intellectual history until the twentieth century. Some by neglect, some by purposeful ommission, and some like Hypatia, by violence. Now that the change in historical balance is taking place, interest in philosophical women of the past is growing. For those of us with such an interest, Hypatia stands as a starting point in the intellectual classical world."


Yeah really

which is it - the far left or the far right who are asking all the 'crazy' questions..?

As Bob Bowman has aptly pointed out, Rove and his ilk ie: Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. were once thought of, by insiders, as the "lunatic fringe" as the pre-emptive war gang.

We've got to keep on pushing this thing unrelentingly, until we capture a whole generation and come to power ourselves.

If Obama's political career could be launched from the livingroom of Bill Ayers, then what can WE do, who are many, smart, ingenuitive? Can we unseat the oligarchs and the "ruling elite class" from the throne? Can we undo the false paradigms of the mainstream media, and create a better world via a more accurate historical frame of reference?

I am beginning to think that anything is possible, anything at all.

Bowman is correct to suggest that we need to take over BOTH parties, by successfully running as Dems and Republicans, and then maybe we can institute voting reform to allow for the emergence of viable third parties, while repealing any and all laws which violate or run the risk of violating the spirit and letter of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Freedoms.

We need to hatch a plan, we need think tanks, foundations, we need to get the debate started in the higher education system and capture one entire up-and-coming generation, so as to form the next governing class.

If we never stop, then we'll get our dream, if it takes one generation, two, or three or more, and then at some stage in the 21st century, 9/11 will be remembered not in accordance with the official story public myth as promulgated in the 9/11 Commision Report and the scientifically fraudulent NIST Report, but in accordance with truth and reality, and at that stage, historically, people like Rove and Cheney will go down as MONSTERS in the the spirit of Adolf Hitler.

We can do all this, and much more.

No fear, only faith!

HowAbout parody video executive reaction to911 turthers question

Herblay FRANCE

Thanks for the vidéo and agee completely with the above comments on Jeremy Rothe-Kushel.

How about a parody video showing the bad executive reaction to 911 thruther's questions ? By exemple a parody between a father and his young son, showing how the father is loosing contrôle of himself when the son asks innocent but meaningfull questions questions on WTC7, etc . That the father shouts at his son and calls his child a communiste, mentally ill, "fringe group on the far left of 9/11 deniers with Code Pink types", etc using real extracts from the above video and others on YouTube, etc.
and at the end has had enough and he ends up saying you are right but you have no idea that what you are saying good change the world dramatically.

Tried to find exemples on YouTube and did not find anything as good as we need. However the following parodies could give us some ideas.

I am convinced that to bring the general public to the lies and truths of the 911 traitress, we have to at the same time give them some entertainment.







This is a very important point

and I think we should articulate it as such whenever we are accused of having certain political leanings. 9/11 truth is a universal issue affecting war and peace in our time and it does not belong to any one party.

Btw, great job confronting Rove!

Raging Ideologues

Note how Rove spins the opposition as liberal antics.

And hard not to notice the raging partisans supportive of Rove hysterically clinging to their false world views.

Hard to believe that after the past 10 years that people can still be this ignorant.

Jeremy is seeing the value of cleverly handing out rope...

Jeremy seems to have turned a corner here in that its usually best to hand out enough rope for criminals to hang themselves with instead of playing the role of being the total annoying one in the dialogue.

All of this works because we have the truth which sustains itself, and the war criminals have to expend far more energy in telling, sustaining and controlling their lies.

If the match were being played upon a level playing field, the 9/11 Truth for Peace Movement would be winning hands down. THIS is why the HI PERPS have long since infiltrated and affected the corporate, and now as we are exposing, the indie media. Without the constant support and protections of and by the establishment...aka...the ruling class's decades long establishment of lies and covert manipulations...the average citizen would have seen many more truths decades ago. This is what the Powers-To-Be fear most of all...informed citizenry.

Gotta love WAC-LA's work at exposing some truths here.

Its hard to tell where the TV NEWS segment was being shown, and what actually was being shown on air versus what appears to be some cut-ins edited into this piece by WAC-LA. But the UTubers may not care...and may choose to become more active themselves...which would be cool!

It was nice to see that "other" peace activists were jumping all over Rove's despicable bones too...very nice indeed!

Gotta love Code Pink...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

I would

love to be tutored by Jeremy (or someone with his talent) in how to frame questions so I don't become too emotional and come off like a rambling idiot. He is brilliant ...(I also happen to think his trimmed beard looks quite handsome).

Remember Carl Rove

Did say that he and Bush were creating a "New Reality" These people are sociopaths, they are pedophiles, they are habitual liars, murderers and thieves. All documented. And people come to this thing to hear this trash speak...INBELIEVABLE...Thank God there were sane people there asking for the truth. His high tailing it speaks volume, this isn't the first time Carl has run away. He should be in prison.

They ALL believe reality is what they say it is

In telling Ron Suskind of The New York Times Magazine that the U.S. government 'creates its own reality' and that truth is no longer arrived at through a 'judicious study of reality,' Rove (or whoever theunnamed Bush administration official was) was just bluntly stating what, in practice, has been a view of pretty much the entire Washington and media establishment. Is disparaging the 'judicious study of reality' really that different from supporting legislation which restricts the public's ability to carry out such judicious study for themselves, and to challenge the version of reality being sold by the powers that be? Or which equates the questioning of that version with 'violent radicalization'? As with so many other things, the Bush administration was simply more blunt and crass in articulating what the rest of the power elite prefers to handle more discreetly.

But of course, that doesn't make them any less sociopathic (as you have accurately characterized this worldview).

If challenging the official version of 9/11

is to be equated with 'violent radicalization', then the 'powers that be' had better beware, there's a tidal wave of 'violent radicalization' arising that will sweep the violent and corrupt 'powers that be' into oblivion...


great work WACLA , I love your courage and committment Jeremy et al. True patriotism. Rot in Hell Rove!

WeAreChange LA Great Job Confronting A Treasonous War Criminal

It's really important to see Karl Rove get confronted like this. We did this in Milwaukee back in December of 2009 but we didn't get as much video as you were able to get. We had a lot of people outside the auditorium where he spoke at UW Milwaukee. Near the end of the video the campus police remove someone from the auditorium. Again, great work confronting Karl Rove in LA. Here's our video from Milwaukee:


Take Care Matt



My daughters watch all of these and told me to tell you again, Jeremy, that you look so handsome with your short hair

Ok, I told you.

911 Was an Inside Job!

Fiction and fantasy

Is where the whole official story belongs! Or perhaps it doesn't even deserve to be alongside Tolkein and Harry Potter! Let's put it in the Horror section!!
Suspicious Patriot, your video moves me deeply. Please do more. And thanks for including clips of JFK, the liars hope we will at least let that one go. NO WAY!!
Thankyou so much for your art that is so passionate and inspiring to us all to take heart.

@ Lillyann

Lillyann - I appreciate, greatly, your very kind and generous words; The Truth needs to be "hummable".

We all do and bring to the table what we can; it's part of the beauty of this Movement. It is defuse and leaderless, yet, it grows and moves forward, none-the-less. The only reason we have grown is as a result of the efforts of all of us; pitching in where and when we can. Write a song, make a movie, a video...hand out DVDs, talk to your family, friends, strangers...it' all adds up. When we succeed, it will be because we all pushed the rock up the hill.

I thank you for your passion and for your hard work - you inspire me.

Cheers, your brother in The Truth,


Another WACLA success!

Thanks for doing what you do so well.

I just love

"We are change" Thanks guys for calling "Bushes' Brain" a liar to his face. Karl Rove is nothing but scum. Great job guys. Keep up the good work.