"Thum, Thum, Thum, Thum, Thum"


Craig Bartmer, an NYPD officer who was present at the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, testifies that he heard a series of explosions, "Thum, thum, thum, thum, thum" preceding the fall of the building. At the same time a TV interview is being conducted down the street, far from the building. The microphone picks up the same series of sharp, percussive sounds, confirming Bartmer's description. NIST artificially ruled out all such testimony by setting up a hypothetical loudness threshold for sounds it considered to be capable of destroying columns in the building.  The video goes on to question NIST's computed loudness threshold below which they would not investigate explosions.


"This Is It"

This is the 3rd building coming down that Brian Williams and Ashley were told about beforehand. (Brian then calmly places the enormous streamers ejected from this implosion within the context of the other streamers that "collapses" must obviously produce).

Shockwave Heard/ Claps of Thunder:
1010 WINS News Radio Interview with Emergency Worker:

Edit: NIST consciously failed to investigate any physical or testimonial or audio evidence supporting explosives. And it refuses to release its computer models on the grounds of "Public Safety." But if fires could truly bring down skyscrapers it would be a risk to the public NOT to make the information available.

NIST= National Institute of Scientific Treason


NI"S"T= National Institute of "Scientific" Treason

"Thum, Thum, Thum, Thum, Thum" Embedded

Curious Wods From Ashleigh Banfield on Sep 11 2002

One year later she said this an LA Times article:

"I've seen a story that was the impossible develop, and its tentacles spread to every corner of the world. I got to see firsthand many of the effects and explore avenues of my own sensitivity and try to understand why certain things happen when they seem implausible. It changes the way I think about things I do. It doesn't change the way I live my life. I sort of live my life for my work, which is all-consuming. I haven't seen my desk since Sept. 7"

I've always liked her, seems like she obviously knows more than feels she can say, career wise.

Professional audio analyst

Couldn't a professional audio analyst be asked to listen to the recording? He/she could filter out irrelevant sounds etc. to make the potential explosion sounds easier to hear.


Despite what you might have seen in the movies you can't simply 'filter out irrelevant sounds' but the signatures of blasts can be detected in the sub bass.

We had a look at the sound of WTC 1 demolition from several videos and found correlations of very low frequency sub bass peaks between videos that show the pattern of the destruction pretty well i.e. the descent begins a single bang followed by three bangs as the top block is demolished, then there begins a series of very rapid explosions we've called the 'zipper' and corresponds to the rapid ejections we see after the top block is destroyed finally the lower tower is demolished from the bottom.

The technique is outlined here

There's quite a lot of research material available about how sound waves propagate in the atmosphere as well as work done by the US military to estimate the size of an explosion from the sound measured at various distances from the source. And pdfs like this one.


Or this


Italian docu about building 7

Hi David,

I don't know if you are aware of the fact that well before Zero the Italians made a very good documentary about building 7 amongst other things.

This is a link to the pertaining scene.

The scene is as follows: Two police men call the mother of one of them to tell her not to be worried. While one of them is talking to the mother explosions begin to sound in the background seriously spooking the two policemen. When they want to go to the building they are stopped by firemen. When they yell at the firemen that the building is exploding the firemen confirm that this is true but not only that they say they know already. They say we knew this was going to happen.

I feel this scene links the testimony of Craig and the TV footage used in your video. Hope this helps.


That's "Shit is exploding"

Not "Seven is exploding". Listen closely. It was translated by an Italian who probably didn't know American slang.

The time has been estimated to be around 10:20 AM using shadows. The wristwatch part is very questionable IMO.


Youtube Comments Disabled?

I noticed that comments are not allowed. Is this David's decision or Youtube's?

His Choice. All of his Videos the same

His Choice. All of his Videos the same

Banfield : 11:28 am.....

Any Interviews w/ Lucia Davis to Pinpoint Timelines?

With her video camera she was there when towers collapsed. It would be interesting if she has been interviewed by someone who knows the right questions to ask.

Amateur videos with audio?

I've often wondered about the lack of video recordings with audio.

One would think that numerous people would have captured the "collapses" of the three skyscrapers with video cameras, pocket cameras with video capability, and mobile phones' video cameras, resulting in videos with audio.

Yet virtually all of the videos on the net have no audio whatsover.

Where are all the amateur videos with audio?

They generally have their gain set for close by sound

As David Chandler mentioned and proved that the gain on Ashley Banfield's microphone would be set to amplify only close by sound, the same is probably true of that in amateur video recorders.

They simply wouldn't pick up much of a sound produced several hundred yards away.

'A' weighting

Amateur Video cameras also roll off the bass frequencies by massive amounts 60dB typically this is known as A weighting, this is to stop hand held camera noise and the like, some have 'brick wall' filters .