US Marine Austin Moody: US military never learns US Constitution and are incapable to defend it


Austin Moody served four years as infantry in the US Marines. He gave me permission to reprint his e-mail and letter below describing the Orwellian condition of active-duty military men and women conditioned to follow orders without ever being educated about the US Constitution. All orders must be within the US Constitution; ignorant soldiers are therefore incapable of honoring their Oath of Enlistment to support and defend the US Constitution.

This is a massive lie of omission from US military “leadership.”
Austin’s experience is consistent with US Army being conditioned to “always place the mission first,” rather than “always place the US Constitution first.” I’ve argued the current US military conditioning is identical to Nazi Germany military conditioning.
Through synchronicity, the day I received Austin’s e-mail I was sitting on a plane across the aisle from a uniformed US Army Sergeant Major, a 30-year veteran who carried himself and spoke as a professional. We discussed the content of Austin’s e-mail; here’s what he said:
  • He agreed that US soldiers have their attention to accomplish the mission they’re ordered to complete. Their only lawful venue for argument on the US President’s interpretation of the US Constitution is through voting every four years.
  • US soldiers are fully briefed on their rules of engagement, to prevent War Crimes, and to the broadest extent practical as to the purpose of their specific orders so they can best fulfill them. It’s never his place to challenge whether his orders are unconstitutional.
  • The UN Charter is not a consideration in receiving and carrying-out orders. The Sergeant Major said he has never had professional cause to reference or read the UN Charter. In conversation, it was clear he was uncertain of its content.
I felt the Sergeant Major was an absolutely honorable man in his intentions who answered questions without hesitation and with complete honesty.
This brave and honest soldier, however, is being played.
Here’s why: under the US Constitution and UN Charter to determine when wars are and are not legal, current US wars are not close to lawful. Many Americans are confused about the UN Charter, but it is the noblest legislative victory of our previous generation of Americans who won WW2: it’s only legal authority is to prevent unlawful use of force. All other work of the UN is advisory and subject to legislative action within individual nations.
I explain, document, and prove the unlawful status of current US wars in two papers; the first academic and the second a call for citizen response:
Citizen advocacy and comprehensive resources: Government by dicts
Here is Austin’s e-mail:
Below you will find a letter I mailed out 10 days ago to all members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, every military branch's Secretary , every branch's Inspectors General and DOD Inspector General, all Marine Corps Battalion Commanders and Battalion Sergeants Major (both active and reserve) , Regimental Commanders and their Sergeants Major, Division Commanders and their sergeants major, a total of 150 letters. Then I faxed it to every Senator in our country, faxed or emailed it to every State Governor, and emailed it to many of the major news media (=another 150 emails) and other parties of interest like Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, etc.
To my surprise I only received 2 responses so far : Libertarian representative Rachel Hawkridge said great work thank you , and the Governor of Montana Schweitzer sent me a little postcard saying basically fu*k off, he's too busy, go to my own state reps , even misspelled my name. I think the silence from everyone speaks very loud if you know what I mean. Here it is, you have my permission to do whatever you want with it:
Point Of Contact:                                                                                           
25235 Klahanie Blvd #M301
Issaquah, WA 98029
(808) 429.8281

June 7th, 2010

To :
Subject : Instilling Constitutional awareness in our military.

Dear Sir,

            My name is Austin Moody. I was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps one year ago after serving four years as infantry with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, Company I. I am writing you to bring to your attention a very serious matter that urgently needs addressing. A large majority of our military personnel do not know what is contained in the U.S. Constitution, let alone understand it. By extension this means they then also do not understand the Oath of Enlistment they have taken to defend it, for how can you defend the Constitution if you cannot to recognize a threat to it? I am even of the conviction that the single most essential part of the oath we have taken is forgotten or misunderstood by most of our troops. Please allow me to reference the Oath of Enlistment:
“I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God. “
Although it states we are to follow orders from the President of the United States and our superior officers, it is clear that our true loyalty lies with our Constitution, not to the President of the United States nor to our officers, which every Marine I asked answered incorrectly. Other misconceptions are that the domestic enemies referred to would exclusively be either terrorists on American soil or civilian uprisings and revolts that would have to be subdued; and that orders should absolutely always be followed. It had not even crossed the minds of many Marines that the domestic enemy could possibly be our own government, attempting to strip citizens of their rights, or perhaps our own military leaders attempting to execute a coup d’état, or that orders should not be followed if they are in violation of the Constitution. By not making each and every one of our troops deeply aware of our true loyalty to the Constitution, we are actually jeopardizing it.
To help give you an idea of the scale of the issues I am talking about, I will share with you a very shocking experience. My former Battalion Commander Colonel Cooling was once addressing the battalion before releasing us to pre-deployment leave. He asked for a show of hands of Marines that had actually read the constitution. Only perhaps a few dozen Marines out of the more than 1000 Marines present raised their hands. There was always good participation when our Battalion Commander asked for a raise of hands, so this meant that nearly all of the Marines present had honestly not read it. He recommended we read up on it during our leave so we knew what it was we were fighting for.
Unfortunately I don’t imagine those numbers being much different in other units and even other military branches. But the precise number of troops currently ignorant in regards to the U.S. Constitution is actually irrelevant. What matters is that there is currently no system in place to ensure our troops are positively familiar with the U.S. Constitution and their obligations to their oath. In the cases of most Marines I know, including myself, the only exposure to the Oath of Enlistment we have had was when we were actually sworn in; and even then it was simply repeating what another person said out loud sentence by sentence, with little thought actually given to content.
I’m confident I don’t have to convince you that every other issue our military is facing, internal as well as external, should be of secondary importance to first and foremost educating our military with whom exactly their loyalty lies and what their primary mission is. Our troops are put through countless classes and briefings to ensure they know precisely what they need to know. It is very puzzling to me how such a significant issue as this has managed to stay so neglected for so long.
I respectfully suggest the following be implemented:
·        A copy of the U.S. Constitution distributed to each and every military member, active and reserve.
·        A class given to each and every military member that covers in sufficient detail the contents of the U.S. Constitution and the Oath of Enlistment, requiring servicemen to display a satisfactory understanding of both to complete the class, as well as an annual or bi-annual refresher class. Perhaps an online course with a questionnaire would be appropriate as this could positively ensure accountability of individual attendance.
·        A class with the same objectives given to all recruits of each military branch while undergoing their Basic Training.
I am aware that this is a “tall order” that will not be taken lightly and will require considerable efforts to implement, but frankly I would find it irresponsible, negligent and even against our Oath as military servicemen not to implement such a basic educational class for all servicemen that covers a subject as paramount as the Constitution, the essence of our freedom. The consequences of any inaction on this issue could one day prove disastrous to maintaining our freedoms.
Austin Moody

One more thing Carl. We might be running out of time. I'm getting the feeling we are only a few moves away from checkmate. Please check out these links if you have a minute or two. Thank you for helping in this fight.

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