WeAreChangeLA’s Bruno vs. Terrorism Charges Update

Bruno’s fight for freedom continues as support from around the world rises, including support from freedom fighters like Alex Jones in this interview –  


Plus interviews by Jack Blood, the Corbett Report and others around the world are calling for much needed financial support for Bruno’s defense fund. WeAreChange Holland created Free-Bruno.org to help raise funds and create awareness of what’s happening to Bruno throughout Europe. Bruno says that he is deeply touched and frankly surprised at how supportive the 9/11 Truth Community is being. He never expected so many people to have his back.

To clarify the ‘Terrorist Threat’ charge that Bruno is facing: The California Penal Code is 422 and is a charge of “Terrorist Treat”. Terrorist threats have always been considered serious crimes in the United States, but law enforcement agencies have become especially strict since the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. A terrorist threat is the threat to commit an act of violence intended to threaten or intimidate another individual(s) with reckless disregard of the risks.  

Consequences of a Terrorist Threat Conviction-

The consequences of a terrorist threat conviction can range in severity depending on such factors as prior criminal convictions, status of parole/probation, amount of media attention on the case, and other circumstances. Punishments and penalties of a terrorist threat conviction may include:

Prison time

Loss of Constitutional rights (right to vote or own a deadly weapon)

Parole or probation


Hefty fines

And more

Since 9/11 charges of Terrorism, including California Code 422, need less burden of proof in order to prosecute than other felonies and get Federal Funding. Often US Citizens accused of minor crimes find themselves facing Terrorism Charges as a direct result of 9/11. 

Bruno -“I was told to my face that I was being charged with a Terrorist Threat. If someone is charged with a Terrorist Threat, then apparently the code they use is the one they chose.” 

Katy, Michael and Susie were also told that 422 is a Terrorism Charge by a Sheriff at the court house on May 28th. Not wanting to believe it, they had Susie’s husband check on line that day from work. Sure enough they learned that Bruno is indeed facing Terrorism Charges.

Bruno - “Apparently because of the Terrorist Threat and Felony Resisting Arrest charges, as well as being referred to as 'crazy' and in need of 'psyche meds' I was treated as a 'special inmate' and kept in shackles and solidarity isolation. They kept me in Room #6 for hours on end where the frigid air was blasted. Anybody who has been in jail knows that its cold, I have been there on more than one occasion, but this was like nothing I have ever experienced. Eventually, I lost all my body heat. When they took the shackles off, I pulled my arms through my sleeves and pulled my shirt over the bridge of my nose. One officer continuously opened the window in the door and called me crazy guy. I got so cold that my legs, arms, shoulders began convulsing uncontrollably. Not shivering... convulsing. I had never experienced that in my life. I passed out. A couple of times, the same officer opened the door and yelled at me, bringing me back to consciousness, only to leave me convulsing and to pass out again. Finally, he opened the door and yelled at me, and another officer shackled me again, led me into a cage in the courtroom, and I stood there shivering.” 


Some Good News-

Bruno has been successful in obtaining a continuance of the court proceedings in order to find a decent attorney. We’ve bought a little time, but we need a qualified attorney ASAP and we need the funds to pay them. It is imperative that we find someone who will fight for Bruno; someone who has not sold out the Constitution. Not an easy task and personal recommendations for Criminal Defense Attorneys from the LA area are welcome. We’ve been in contact with several potential attorneys; choosing an attorney is a very crucial step in the process, so we need to see all or our options before a final decision is made.

We are a little more than half way to our funding goal of $18,000. Thank you everyone who has chipped in on the “CHIP IN” on wacla.org. Friends of Bruno and WeAreChangeLA members are profoundly grateful for your generosity and spirit of community. Bruno is overwhelmed by the love and support he feels coming from all of you and you’ve given him new strength to keep fighting.

Fight we must if we are going to clear Bruno of these grossly unfounded Terrorism and Felony Resisting Arrest charges that are hanging like a dark cloud over Southern California’s most active 9/11 Truth group. Please continue to spread the word and if you can give any amount, however big or small, please do. As mentioned we are only half way to our goal for Bruno’s defense fund. Go to Free-Bruno.org or wacla.org and click the CHIP IN. On Free-Bruno.org you’ll find the CHIP IN down and to the right and on wacla.org you’ll find it at the top of the page. Please give what you can and keep us in your prayers.

We will be updating you as things progress. God bless you all.


Good luck and lets see justice done!

All in Australia 9/11 Truth and WAC Sydney are with you Bruno!

Kind regards John

Alex Jones

Is a millionaire, right? Why doesn't he help Bruno find a lawyer and pay?

This is an information war and the only value of this whole mess is getting some coverage. Bruno also needs a savvy publicist. That may sound strange but that's the way it is in the "real" world. OK, it isn't real but it's the world we live in.

Bruno in action!

Also of Note

Regarding the timed descent of the twin towers: is this.

A car or a large steel safe, or a grand piano, or any freely dropped object, when dropped in MID AIR from the height of the twin towers, will take 10 seconds to hit the ground, 9.2 in a complete vacuum, and just over 10 or about 10 when terminal velocity due to air resistence is factored into the equation.

Towers when down, from top to bottom in little more than two or three seconds beyond that.

Therefore, all the so-called 'breakage' and 'crushing' can only have occured within the DIFFERENCE between absolute free fall (through NOTHING at all, except air) and the actual fall time, through the remaining structure of the building, or in the space of about, literally, TWO or THREE seconds.

one two three - so from that frame of reference, try clapping your hands 78 or 95 times, in only THREE seconds.

The whole thing plainly and obviously violates Isaac Newton's Three Laws of Motion, unless explosives were used, then it's possible, and only then, there can be no other explanation.

Close to 3000 people were therefore murdered, not by bin Laden, but by some inside job perpetrated by a shadow government, people capable of setting up such a ruse and pulling it off, while at the same time effectively spinning the false flag patsy element and orchestrating the cover up by a complicit mainstream media, all in the name of waging "pre-emptive war" as advocated by the lunatic fringe of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Zelikow, Pearl, Feith, etc. from the springboard of the public myth, which in Zelikow's own words, need not even adhere to the laws of the universe, provided it is upheld and promulgated by the "relevant political and ruling class".

What an ABOMINATION! It will not stand in the fullness of history. Can't. Why? Because it violates BLATANTLY, the physical laws of the universe, and therefore the myth will fall apart, and will not be sustained, and when it does, en mass, that represents another non-linear historical shift (bifurcation) AWAY FROM the policies enacted in the name of 9/11, and in favour of the principals of truth, liberty and justice for all, not JUST US while the PTB operate above the law, accountable to nothing and no one. No wonder "they" want to try to figure out a way to silence our growing voice, and growing power and influence, led by nothing but the truth itself.

It's so vitally important that history records this thing correctly, and it will, because the videos of the exploding twin towers will always be available for re-examination, by each and every generation, from generation to generation and from age to age, while the twin towers remain conspicuously absent the New York City Skyline, in perpetuity.

Our job therefore, is to accelerate the inevitable, and bring about a historical transformation, not in military affairs, but in human affairs.

People like Bruno are at the very forefront of this effort, and this case, this is where the rubber meets the road..

Somebody downvoted my comment "Bruno in action"

Somebody downvoted my comment showing support for Bruno: "Bruno in action"..."Support Bruno".
I would like to know: "who?"

Bruno and WAC-LA are quite inventive...especially at...

...locations where people GATHER in large groups or where motorists TRAVEL PAST...

TomT, please remember that there are debunkers, agent provocatuers and cointelpro types that are watching what ALL protest style groups are up to. This is in person within our groups with some of our "friends"...certainly from distances where the cameras are always rolling...and for sure, via scrubbing the Internet and webworld efforts that we put out.

Because Bruno is so clear in his message, and has such "presence", and is such a tough strong fellow, he has long been a perfect candidate to provoke or to be "set-up" into desired negative behaviors, even though I believe that he was under full control in this particular situation and that he MIGHT be let off the hook. In this situation it appears that they had set the trap ahead of time and used his predictable grimacing in the court of law as an opportunity to try to provoke him, and also to have some officials as "tools" waiting to support that Bruno indeed did behave badly. This is abundently clear to all of us and sadly establishes a rather deep hole from which Bruno must dig out of...and all because of a facial grimace.

My point is as it has been for a long time now...we gotta always act with CIVILITY and emotional control AT ALL TIMES IN ALL SITUATIONS in order to present the HI PERPS few opportunities to bust us. Its really this simple.

If folks haven't noticed, the boundaries for "disruptive or suspicious behaviors" have been significantly lowered since the 1960s. I feel that this is a fantastic opportunity for us because it was the bad behaviors by activists that isolated protest movements from the public. This is because the average citizen does NOT want to act this way...let alone perform any CD-Civil Disobedience.

The FACTS ARE...that our professorial behaviors, more acedemic approach towards treatments of evidence and information, and CIVIL public presentations have gained MUCH MORE GROUND than any and all of the early WAC's "confrontational and bullhorning the 'little people' " style of activism that was infused into the 9/11TM circa 2005-2006...[aka the advent of WACs].

The one staged event that stands out in my mind is the outdoor "confrontation" with Bill Clinton where the alleged? Truther had to be escorted away by security...and it all conveniently made national news...and it was all so scripted...including Clinton's response. This was such a perfect cointelpro op. And even though the young man-Truther-agent? may not have been directly or knowingly involved, one way or another he behaved in the exact role that the cointelpro ops were looking for...a perfect example of a successful cointelpro op...

Much can be learned from both the resistence in the USSR when they figured ways to communicate "between the lines" of news publications and the like...and the now ADMITTED infiltration of 60s peace groups by agent provocatuers whose job it was to FIND, AGITATE AND SET-UP the few key activists with the most potential for volatile reactions and agressive behaviors. In the end they also supported these peace activists and leaders in the destruction of the peace movements from the inside. And of course, this all happened while having these activists appear to be "the way to be a good activist"...again, a perfect cointelpro op...undetected and growing cancers from within.

Bruno is NOT such a fellow...but because of his powerful "presence" he is a perfect target for their cointelpro ops.

The one thing that the HI PERPS have absolutely no response for is:

...well educated people presenting FACTUAL INFORMATION in CIVIL TONES with CIVIL BEHAVIORS and by MODERN MEANS...

...and of course, the average citizen is going to be far more open to this exact type of presentation than any others. So to me, we now have a great opportunity to move ahead in our public conduct...and we should enthusiastically make the most of it.

So, TomT, you are getting voted down because of the moles crawling around on this site...the voting up or down thing is a cointelpro's dream anyway...

In all of this its apparent that we sure do have them deeply concerned. And concerned they should be because they are heartless war criminals and multinational corporate-financial thugs who have been caught in their killing ways...and they know this.

Should Truthers buy into my thinking here and become more aware of any potential people or situations that can be manipulated into some negative behaviors...and choose to take earlier steps to "deflate" the situation, here is the easiest thing to do to decompress the situation and flip the scene upside down...its simple.

Stop talking...smile...and show them your hand with the peace fingers held high...

That's all it takes folks...do NOTHING ELSE...it stops them in their tracks and completely flips their confrontation upside down turning it against them. AND...it also gives us great VIDS to spread around the world [see my PS below]. The HI PERPS have absolutely no response to this behavior...and through it all we get our message out and also ID the bad guys as being the bad guys and the good guys being the good guys. Pretty simple aye?

Can't wait for DRG's next book taking on Cass Sunstein because Sunstein's ripples are definitely being felt out there...at least around Puget Sound anyway. And apparently the ripples are being felt down in LA too!

We gotta deal with this reality...lets keep it CIVIL...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

PS: One of my friends just showed me a new ap for his blackerry type device which can immediately send a VIDEO clip that has just been taken up into the webworld and to selected emails for secure saving. This solves the "confiscation" problem. Now, I do not know what I'm talking about here but the ap is: QIK and its an op system for google phones...[I have absolutely no idea about what I just wrote...but somebody on this site will explain it all I'm sure]...I do know that this VIDEO ap will become very important in our revolution...rdh


This is totally friggin' outrageous.

Recall that during the COINTELPRO era the FBI would arrest and charge activists on blatantly phony pretenses just to put them out of commission temporarily; sometimes the frame-ups succeeded, eg Geronimo Pratt; however 9 times out of 10 the activists were vindicated and set free in short order. We need to support Bruno and spread this to the alternative press so as to put pressure on the legal figures involved. I've already emailed Raw story and ICH.