Login Problems

UPDATE - July 8th
Putting this blog back on top, a few people are still contacting us with login or commenting problems, please see the instructions below on how to correct this.

UPDATE: We've isolated our recent login problems to cookie-handling changes in the Drupal 6.17 update. (See http://drupal.org/node/458704). Our excellent programmer has corrected the problem, but unfortunately the lifetime of our login cookies was 23 days.... so you may still be unable to login well into July unless you clear all your "911blogger.com" cookies.

How to clear cookies:

Internet Explorer:

Previous Note:

Hey everyone, sorry for the inconvenience, we are having problems with the login system and hope to have it resolved soon. Clearing your cookies may allow you to login if you are having trouble.

- Justin

Some other difficulties...such as "contact" and account

Mattias from Sweden has been trying to establish an account. info@vaken.se

He informed me that the CAPTCHA image does not show anything.
I noticed this also.
So, Mattias can not open an account at 911blogger.

I have sent several emails to the "contact" for 911blogger after signing in and also to a couple 911blogger moderators, but have never heard back from anyone.


The captcha is fixed, M's account was created 3 days ago.

Thanks guys!

I appreciate you folks at 911blogger keeping things rolling for us all.
Thanks for all the hard work!

Thanks for you work,

I was able to login yesterday after clearing cookies as you suggested....