Steadfastly Ignorant

For your review. My words to those who have remained steadfast in their opinions of 9/11 (not mine) and have not taken the evidence seriously, in spite of my badgering. At one point they tepidly, or perhaps incredulously ask who? why? (good questions). This was my response. Was I too didactic?

Please keep in mind that we have known this for some time. There are over 1,200 architects and engineers who have signed a petition requesting a new investigation (because the results of the first are simply implausible), many at risk to their careers.

This is not a popular stance though necessary for one with insight and a conscience.

The second point is that there are (0 that i know of) very few engineers who can back the official story. None have answered the open questions. I could point to NIST who, when questioned about the molten metal that lasted for weeks (by numerous reports, video and satellite thermal imagery) didn't answer, they denied it. No response to date. When questioned about the complete collapse (of the twin towers) and reasons behind it, they said they didn't have time to study it (seriously). No further response to date. And perhaps most amusingly, they put out a long awaited study on wtc-7 with calculations based on the premise that no free-fall acceleration occurred. There was a short 7 week public review when they would take questions most of which they ignored. One they couldn't ignore was a high school physics teacher's popular youtube video proving there was free-fall acceleration in the first 2 seconds (this implies the foundation was taken out symetrically). NIST had to admit that fact but they didn't reconcile the rest of their calculations leaving the report as is. (in other words a farce, or worse).

The best engineers and architects will decimate the claims that this was anything other than controlled demolition. There is zero chance it was otherwise. I could go on and on, but remember the human remains, 300 bone fragments, found on the Deutsche bank building roof years later (41 stories high just across the street). Gravity crushes, it doesn't explode or fragment.

I mention human remains because there were casualties and if we're a just society, those untimely deaths deserve a just response, not a politically expedient, convenient or simply a palatable one.

At this point, we know it was a planned demolition. As to who, that's a long discussion about events and situations that we haven't begun to talk about. The demolition was well done if unconventional (in the case of the twin towers, top down from the point of impact, floor by floor). The persons who commissioned this work must have had balls of steel. We should indeed pursue this inquiry.

I don't think it's necessary to understand the intricacies of what went on in the criminals' minds to prosecute and convict. It was a crime. But it is human nature to try to somewhat understand the motivations.

There was a hero that day... William Rodriguez.Read his story. Read, read, read about the pilots and medical professionals calling for a new investigation.

Remember, freedom to be constructive with our lives and our society is meaningless if we live with a lie of this magnitude. It's a mockery of intellect and law (and we may be reaping the rewards). It's insane because it costs us relatively nothing to open an investigation whatever the results might be. I really would hope an investigation demonstrates a gravity collapse within reason but that's an emotional not realistic hope. On the other hand, it may cost us our freedom, our meaning and our way of life to slam down an investigation in the face of the evidence.