Family of Secrets Author Speaks in SF

Author Russ Baker, gives a gripping talk on his book, Family of Secrets- an in depth examination of the Bush dynasty and America's invisible government, at Borders Books in San Francisco, June 15, 2010.

Anyone interested in the scholarly pursuit of how power really works in the US and to what extent the purveyors of that power will go need to read Russ' book. This highly disturbing book has been quarantined even by what many consider to be an open minded show---Comedy Central. The jokes on us. If you want to understand the dark back story to events like those on September 11, consider bringing Russ Baker into your consciousness.




US president is the Wizard of Oz. But who stands behind the curtain? June 25th Russia Today

Investigate 9/11, just not too deeply
March 18, 2010 | 6:03

Investigate, but don't go too deep: According to new documents, that is the message the Bush Administration sent to the commission investigating the 9/11 attacks. Russ Baker says that the government doesnt wan't full disclosure on this issue and that people who investigate may be crossing the line.

At a book signing last year I gave Russ 28 DVDs. He had commented that he needed help researching 9/11.I told him that much had been done already.

This is essentially the same talk I heard last November.

Russ Baker reads and explains a chapter

The hidden stories...not what we have been told...
Q & A -

This is worth listening to. Baker talks about Cheney's maps of the mideast prior to 9/11, and Baker talks about how George W Bush was planning to invade Iraq prior to being elected President. "...If you want to have a successful Presidency, you have to have a war."



I'd appreciate it if someone would clear up what is meant by "quarantined even by what many consider to be an open minded show---Comedy Central."

Perhaps they mean

'The Daily Show'? Comedy Central is, of course, a network, not a 'show.'

Correct. -John Stewart

Correct. -John Stewart

Stewart is not Stewart and he was never a political comic...

Here is a wierd crossing of paths that I can share with you all...perhaps with great doubts on your part, but its true...and its on the record.

I was artistic coordinator for Catch A Rising Star's Boston comedy club in Harvarad Square, Cambridge, MA from its opening in 1987 until sometime in 1992-93... and soon it became a very well known and appreciated comedy club all across the country. I choose to believe that it was because I recognized that the Cambridge audience were well read and quite political, and built comedy shows to meet that characteristic...and that was MY PLAN!...and it came from my rather "silent activism" perspective. Part of the good rep was because I supported comics that "spoke truth to power". And this is because after being fired by Reagan as an Air Traffic Controller in 1981, I FULLY recognized that the "fix was in"...and that somebody had to do something. So I did at Catch...until I got caught supporting the REAL Native American story ...which is ANOTHER crazy journey...

Anyway, as artistic coordinator I was responsible for supporting the headlining comics with opening and middle acts...but more importantly, I was responsible for segregating out the better young comics coming up the ladder in the BIZ from those less talented.

As the reputation of the club grew, and the BIZ recognized that I, for some totally unexplainable reason, had an eye for talent, Catch's HQ in NYC would occasionally send some of their "pets" up to Catch-Cambridge so that I could comment on their talent...totally wierd to me...but that is the way that it was. We can talk about my Larry David review at a later time.

So, Jon Stewart...which is NOT his real name...which is a very, very odd sounding and non-hollywood name, was sent up for a week inorder for me to see his comedy work. Jon "whatshisname" could really tell a joke, could manage a stage and a crowd, could be very personable, was VERY photogenic, was quite funny, but only had 19 minutes of TOTAL material to present. And he was headlining!...where usually headlining comics have 45-90 minutes of material that was between good and great..Jon "whatshisname" had 19 minutes that were good.

So, my report back to Catch HQ was exactly what I wrote above, except that I stated that he REALLY would need writers...because his gas tank ran out at about 15 minutes of show...and he was personable for the next 15 minutes. But here is the kick, and this is why its a perfect place to share this information...and you all may not believe this.

Jon "whatshisname...had ZERO minutes of political humor...not ONE SINGLE part of his early comedy was political...ZIP...NADA...NOTHING!

However, the co-founder of The Daily show, Lizz Winstead, whom I also know and supported in her climb in the BIZ... WAS very politically active on the comedy stage [ to say the least]...and its SHE who co-created The Daily Show" concept from HER politics...and Jon "whatshisname" was simply chosen to play the role...and...he now has GREAT WRITERS...and still can tell a joke...and make something out of not much!

And finally, after watching The Daily Show for cutting political content and biases, I and other good political comics conclude that Jon "whatshisname" a gatekeeper and offers mostly generic popular pablum wrapped in trendy words...and who never touches certain subjects...except in a biased way!

Now, who would ever have guesssed the "fix was in" in Hollywood...anyone???

This Baker guy is pretty damned good...and he supports the concept that many of us in this movemnt form quite "Strange Bedfellows"...

...which by the way is the name of a long buried but TRUTHFUL political comedy album made by my political comic and political satirist friends from that era...and who also have been shut down by the BIZ...Barry Crimmins...Jimmy Tingle [60 Minutes II until he got caught telling the truth]...Randy Credico and Wil Durst...

...shut down BECAUSE... they actually spoke truth to power...and the BIZ...controlled by Manhattan and Hollywood...don't want too many stories told.

What a strange convergence in my life...and BTW...don't even ask about the emergence of progressive talk radio [AirAmericaRadio] wouldn't believe that connection either.

And then there is NORAD...and AA77...

Thankfully the beer is stops my head from spinning...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA
Puget Sounds ONLY "Port of Peace"
...most of the other ports are littered with grey ships, ammunition and "nukular" warheads...

Gary Null has talked about the Hollywood 'fix'

I don't recall him giving details, like names. My guess is that he was told things in confidence, at least as regards specific disclosures. He doesn't break confidences.

He's known, and helped, many Hollywood actors and actresses, so was certainly in a position to hear stories about political favors, first hand.

Family of Secrets

I had this book strongly recommended from various places. I would strongly agree with this recommendation, and am passing it along.

I would say that this book is disturbing for those still in denial about 911, but for those who get 911, it is a great tool to sort out just how our government may work.



Awesome.... and an awesome fit for We Are Change

This is the sort of 'deep politics' information that is extremely relevant to 911, at least in a contextual way. Hopefully, groups like We Are Change will help spread the word about Family of Secrets, which will, in turn, help open the public's mind to 'non-official' views of 911.

A good attitude

A good attitude metamars.
Some would like to throw the baby out with the bath water, saying Baker is too cool to 911 scholarship.
By welcoming his participation we welcome one of the best descriptives of just how deep power functions
in the US. We can't really understand 911 without that.

Russ Baker is a Brave Man a very Brave Man

His research is first class and the book is a real treasure. He is swimming in dangerous waters and I am sure he know's it. When the book first came out I only saw one hard copy on the shelf at the local Barnes and Noble, I read a couple of chapters and then went back about a week later but it was gone. I have never seen another copy in the store. I did a local library search and waited for one of the four copies purchased. It's a great book and the JFK and watergate stuff were real eye openers. Take care Russ Baker we know about a long list of reporters who connected too many dots and tried to show the big picture. I would say that from my limited view this book has already been surpressed and will most likely continue to be.