9/11 Truth at G20 on CBC Coverage

I was out filming for Press for Truth at the G20 (pressfortruth.ca) and had my 9/11 T-Shirt on. I was taking a breather and saw the CBC getting ready to go live for an interview. The little Alex Jones voice in my head said "Target of opportunity" and this is what happened.


You out there in South Africa how about a 911 investigate sign!

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir, "
thanks for the video. "Investigate 911" is great ! Peacefull, correct , etc.

You out there in South Africa can you not do the same during the world cup ?



Looks Good!

It is my belief that the more the somnambulists see and hear a challenge to the "official story",
the more likely they are to open to the facts.

Very Effective

Tens of thousands probably saw the message.

The outdoor sidewalk portion of the NBC "Today" show in NYC provides a similar and daily opportunity for t-shirt wearing activists to quickly and easily communicate similar messages to millions of viewers.


Man I enjoyed that!! Great job!

If there's a next time, in addition to what you did, you could bring a banner (Google Building 7, or Investigate 9/11) and, with a friend, slowly stroll behind the reporter to "scroll" the banner behind him, like a human ticker-tape....Go right to left so it reads correctly on screen.

Great job.

That action was worth thousands in advertising costs

Excellent action! It was like buying an ad during the news.
You guys were all grins.
So was I.

Interesting Coverage?

The big-head-of-hair guy standing with the t-shirt did a great job, he reached a big audience. What a Truther. But it's interesting that the reporter was talking about the anarchists who do not believe that the G20 is a legitimate organization and they were planning terror. Plus an additional Truther, who'd been standing on the side and chatting with big-head-of-hair guy, leaned over the reporter's shoulder and blurted out "9/11 Was An Inside Job" at the moment the reporter made the terrorism claims. Coincidence? There's something interesting about this one.


You [not so] subtle SOB ;-)

Love it! Way to f'ing go!

Hey ...

check the dude with the "Investigate 9/11" T-shirt ... that's is so cool!

And someone said "9/11 was an inside job"

What a hoot ... I love it, you guys are awesome :-)



Good Job!

Great work...I love simple efficiency:)

Kind regards John

Derek from Kitchener 9/11

Derek from Kitchener 9/11 Truth was the one who said it after I did , I loved how he got right in his face :)

The Girl

The girl being interviewed was upset that the powers that be weren't focusing more effort into climate change...yikes.