9/11 Truth Goes Coast to Coast in Australia on the #1 Music Station 2DAY FM!

John Bursill talking 9/11 Truth on Sydney's number one FM station that is syndicated Australia Wide!

Story here: http://www.911oz.com/weblogid/452

John was interviewed on the 2DAY FM Breakfast radio show on the 25th June 2010. This program goes right across Australia, and is one of the most popular shows in the country. This time slot is normally the Kyle and Jackie-O show, but the show today was hosted by Chris and Charli.

It will be replayed on the Australian Top 30 this week!

Call them on +61 2 9375 1041 and give them your support. Let them know that this was an excellent and courageous thing to do!

Visit the website and leave a comment: http://www.2dayfm.com.au

Great work, John!

You should quit 9/11 truth more often! :P

Hey don't down vote this...

I have been feeling a little burn out and Cosmos is making a very funny joke!

Some us simply cannot stop fighting even when we need to. Maybe deciding to back off a little can lead to some less forced break through's...

Thanks for the laugh brother I needed it after all that stuff going on here lately:)

Love and best John

Sorry to nitpick

But what did you mean when you said that "we don't really know" if the twin towers were destroyed with explosives, and then switched focus to Building 7. And the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are all in consensus about all 3 buildings destroyed on 9/11, not just building 7.

The only other gripe I have is when people say "the laws of physics were violated on 9/11" without adding - unless explosives were present. It just sounds nutty without the context..

Don't get me wrong - good work for getting the word out, that is much appreciated. I guess I'm just saying that context and framing is everything, and that for something like this, our statements should be honed to a razor's edge.

And while no real investigation has been done, that is true, the event isn't entirely shrowded in mystery without one, and what I mean by that is, if the twin towers were brought down with explosives, where the destruction of those two high rise office buildings is THE pivotal element of the 9/11 event in everyone's consciousness when they think about 9/11, then the vast majority of people killed, were murdered, not solely by hijackers in planes, but by the use of high grade explosives. And this is a fact supported by the laws of physics, as a self evident truth. In other words, a new investigation isn't required to know with certainty, what happened to the twin towers when they exploded from the top down on September 11th about an hour after the plane impacts where those impacts could not possibly be the cause of their destruction, but only the ruse to sell the cause of destruction.

A "new investigation" is unlikely to occur, and if it did, it would be co-opted, perhaps drawing the conclusion for example that the cause of the twin towers' destruction is "indeterminate".. and then within that context, opting for the twisted and simplistic cause and effect slight of hand official story use of Occams Razor ie: planes hit, the buildings collapsed, we were attacked.

Hello Robert:)

The interview was cut down by a few minutes to 5 from around 8 by their producer. These other minutes I covered the points you talk about including the Pentagon. You probably would of not like what I said about that:)

The towers were brought in an unusual "controlled demolition" yes I agree but we do not "know" exactly how that happened. Knowing things that we simply don't have enough evidence for is simply stupid and damaging to our efforts.

By demonstrating "we do not know everything" but have evidence that is not explained by the OCT we gain respect by careful conservative people of substance that have influence.

The idea pushed by some groups that "everything" is on the table and "no one" should support any part of the OCT as true is not and has not ever worked building our credibility.

Kind regards John

It happened, with explosives.

I agree that the who, when, how, and perhaps even the why remains unresolved at this time, but it's not hard to see that the twin towers were brought down with explosives in a top down controlled demolition. There is no need for a new investigation to come to THAT conclusion. That's all I'm saying, and it looks like we are in agreement here on that note.

I just wish we as a movement would highlight the cental aspect of the global psy-op that was 9/11, the intentional and willful destruction of the twin towers, not by planes (the ruse), but by explosives.

Once everyone recognizes this, then we win the info war & the psychological war. There's no need to deflect from it, from what happened there at GZ where the greatest loss of life occured.

You mention the interesting fact that the only thing remaining in the pit of the WTC was steel and dust - are you alluding there to the lack of busted up contents of the buildings, because indeed, that does seem a bit of a mystery, since regardless of what type or combination of explosives, one would expect to find more than steel and dust, but parts of all the contents in the buildings, like parts of phones, filing cabinets, chairs, copiers, etc. etc. but for the most part, it was just steel and dust remaining (and no, I am not attempting to invoke things like space beams and scaler weapons etc), it's just curious as to how the contents were also turned to dust or tiny pieces, how everything could be exploded and disintegrated like that, it's just strange.

So yes, it's a little mysterious as to what actually occured, I get you on that, but it's no mystery at all that the plane impacts were not and could not possibly have been the cause of the destruction of the buildings given the manner and the speed with which they were completely destroyed from top to bottom..

Understating is good

When talking to people who know little or nothing about the controversy, it's best to just wet their appetite. Get them to open to the idea that the OCT is in question. Trying to make the case in one swell foop does not work, as you said.

Excellent air time, thank you.

Steady, ever increasing pressure.

Excellent job John.



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"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie; deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth,
persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of
thought." - John F. Kennedy

I appreciate your criticism

but I think John held up very well under pressure and got a LOT of good information out in such a short period of time.




It is harder to do than most think it is.

I loved hearing this! Great work!

John, you did an excellent job of rapidly hitting bullet points.
Thanks for all you do!

I like the way

female presenter, Jackie O, starts by saying "John, do you mind telling us why you, and so many of us around the world, believe that what happened on 9/11 is not what we've been led to believe" By including "so many of us around the world", she expresses a partiality in favouring truth that is sadly lacking in much of the mainstream media. I cringe at the way so many pundits feign impartiality when presenting fact versus fiction, truth versus lies, as if there were no fundamental difference between the two, as if lies were due just as much credence as the truth, as if fiction were just as valid as fact.

John, I thought your delivery was brilliant ... clear, precise and succinct... logical, reasonable and credible.

I do agree with Robert Rice above, that when you say "the laws of physics were violated on 9/11" it is important to add "according to the official explanation", or words to that affect... though I'm sure you realize that and in the moment of giving the interview it was simply an oversight, not an error.

Keep up the great work John, I look forward to meeting you some day

And I wasn't trying to be overy hypercritical

either, I was just hoping for some clarification regarding the cause of destruction of the twin towers, and why in John's view, that's an unknown which can only be addressed through a new investigation. Just seems odd, the way he addressed that issue, which imo, is the very crux of the 9/11 official story vs. reality in terms of the historical, and psychological impact, on each of us individually, and collectively as part of a larger, global "civilization".

Thanks and I point to the edit...I covered that...

Kind regards John

Excellent work John!

Congratulations. Fantastic interview John! An outstanding breakthrough in Australia.

The two interviewers, Charli Delaney and Chris Page (filling in for Kyle and Jackie O) were obviously informed and very respectful.

Please thank 2DAY FM. They deserve it.

Thanks John!

Wonderful job John! You sound so level-headed and competent, pulling in detailed descriptions of things that likely the audience knew nothing about or had forgotten. This was a very good representation for the movement. Thanks for doing it!

It's great to see that Niels Harrit will be down there to speak, and interviews like this are key to pulling in a lot of people. You should get a link up on the 911oz site as well to it.


It's in the news roll on the front page!

It's in the news roll on the front page!

Thanks Vic...

Regards John

Replayed on the "Hot 30" Countdown 7th July Coast to Coast!

Replayed today on Wednesday the 7th of July at 8:30 PM Australia Wide with 2DAY FM in Sydney via it's affiliates to thousands of listeners coast to coast!

Another great day for truth:)

Kindest regards John