Richard Gage's Gnosis Interview in Tucson

We thoroughly enjoyed Richard Gage's visit to Tucson last weeken. Big shout out to jkeogh for helping with the set-up. Thanks to the travelers from Phoenix. Enjoy!

Richard Gage

Is excellent and brave as always. I cannot believe NOT ONE PUBLIC OFFICIAL SHOWED FOR THIS
MEETING ?? This is our problem. These people are sworn to uphold the Constitutions both the Federal and their respective states and the laws therein. It shows the contempt they have for the laws they are paid TAX MONEY to uphold. I hate parasites, these people are worse than parasites.

not surprised..

And i think it is more complex why so many are in denial, not doing their jobs or being responsible as a US citizen..

This makes it even more important for those truth-tellers to support our campaigns for helping the sheeple wake up and work for humanity not insanity.

A coalition of 9/11 truth leaders and representatives of groups have been communicating on a monthly basis (via teleconference) about supporting critical campaigns. Our next challenge is to get a plan in place for united actions by this September's anniversary. Successful or not, at least we are trying.. 9/11 Truth Leader Teleconference

Press Conferences on the Steps of City Hall

Rather than inviting public officials and media to attend meetings somewhere, we might soon want to have Press Conferences on the Steps of City Hall.

If those 200 attendees, who were overwhelmingly in the choir anyway, were to have gathered with Richard on the Steps of City Hall in Tucson..... and officials and media were made aware of this PUBLIC ACTION..... something more might have come of it.

Great interview though.... and I'm sure it was a great presentation.
I just want to force local media to do their jobs.

Guess that's what it may take!

You're right, we had eighteen "undecideds" that were reduced to zero by the end of the evening.

I can guarantee, however, that all 200 people that attended will never be made to feel stupid again for questioning the official story.

City Hall the next time around is a great idea!

A Presser on the steps...GREAT IDEA!

Its part of CI...Civil Informationing.

Imagine if that clan broke up into smaller groups and spent the afternoon at 50 street corners in the city...

Combo actions are fun...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA


Remember the fundamental principle: You cannot teach a man something if his livelihood depends on his not knowing it.

"That which hurts,


~ Benjamin Franklin

We Need More Radio Hosts Like That

He was GREAT.