Prof. Anthony J. Hall exposes Sebastian Junger's "War" pitch as Obama-era Propaganda for the anti-Semitic 9/11 Terror Wars

Sebastian Junger as a Propagandist for Aggressive Warfare in the Era of Barack Obama's Presidency by Anthony J. Hall   

Has Sebastian Junger been cast as a front-line propagandist in the ongoing psychological operation of poisoning public consciousness so that citizens will support the Obama regime’s unconscionable extension and escalation of the 9/11 wars? It certainly seemed to me during my recent trip to California that the telegenic Junger is busily engaged in pumping out a potent mix of strategic disinformation on behalf of the world’s most lethal and unbridled war machine. These days one of the main imperatives of this war machine’s media manipulations must be to assuage the constituency that voted for Obama so that aroused public opinion in the so-called Homeland will not get in the way of the military superpower’s most recent rounds of Eurasian invasion.

imgres.jpgI think I witnessed Junger and his publicity team deploy all their war-promoting guile at an extremely well crafted presentation underneath the Hollywood Hills at the Central Public Library in downtown Los Angeles. Junger took center stage to promote his new book entitled, simply, War [1]War’s text is based on Junger’s five interludes as a so-called embedded journalist with a small combat unit of US special forces in 2007 and 2008 in the Korengal Valley region of eastern Afghanistan. The book is one part of a larger media push. The centerpiece of this propaganda effort is Restrepo, a documentary film by Junger and British photographer, Tim Hetherington.Restrepo captured the Grand Jury prize for best documentary at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah.

In the book and in the accompanying documentary film, Junger’s technique is to concentrate on human interest stories that put in the best possible light the personal attributes and experiences of US soldiers. He told the audience at the Los Angeles Public Library that he wanted to be “embedded emotionally” with his armed brethren on the most extended frontiers of US military power. As stated by one of Junger’s handlers at the Sundance Film Festival, the war reporter’s goal is to spin a narrative of “pure experience,” one that treats “political context” as being “beside the point. [2] While Junger’s primary focus is to lionize America’s fighting men, the author does not miss the opportunity to direct verbal assaults at those opposing the foreign military occupation of Afghanistan.

In propaganda aimed at justifying the Obama’s regime’s pattern of widening incursions in the so-called AfPak region, Junger depicted the so-called Taliban as dehumanized aliens sent in by a malevolent Pakistan. Junger’s characterizations of the real or imagined enemy were conducted with stealthy effectiveness. Large swaths of the Indigenous peoples situated on or around Eurasia’s contested pipeline routes were demonized with a few well-targeted phrases that belied the author’s claims that his narrative was meant to transcend politics.

Junger attempted to play on the heartstrings of the audience by emphasizing how the whole experience of reporting in a war zone put him in better touch with his own array of complex emotions. Apparently the war reporter now has a fuller understanding of why many women cry at weddings. Junger’s Schwartzenegger-like good looks combined with his displays of touchy-feely sensitivity clearly impressed the largest part of the library audience. Its members seemed to me to embody a pretty good cross-section of Obama’s core demographic.

While the presentation apparently appealed to many of the women in the audience, there was also a inescapable homo-erotic undercurrent to some aspects of the Los Angeles media event. The mano-a-mano element of Junger’s romanticized description of militarism’s macho-fascistic attributes is well illustrated by the picture on the back cover of War. All and all it looked to me that the goal of recruiting aggressive young men for the Armed Forces figured prominently in the calculations of the media team assembled to put a bright public spotlight on Junger’s accounts of American soldiers in action.

I was steered to the event by Jeremy Rothe-Kushel. I had met Jeremy several days earlier at the Understanding Deep Politics conference [3] at Santa Cruz. I had recognized the intrepid You Tube investigator from his many admirable “We Are Change LA” videos [4]. My attendance at the Deep Politics event was part of my own preliminary work to explore California’s book-promotion circuits in preparation for the release this September of my own 1000-page peer-reviewed text, Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism [5] . In this broad-ranging text I cover many subjects including the genesis of the privatized terror economy and the 9/11 wars. As I outline in the forthcoming publication, NATO’s invasion of Afghanistan has been justified from the immediate aftermath of 9/11 until the present day by an unproven and implausible official account of the taking down of three World Trade Center Towers with two reportedly hijacked passenger planes.

During the book signing after the formal presentation Jeremy and I confronted Junger in "We Are Change"-style with information, theories and questions that the supposedly seasoned war correspondent ducked and deflected before calling in security to have us removed from the library. With Jeremy holding the camera, I zeroed in on the only direct connection Junger had made between 9/11 and his stint as an embedded journalist in the Korengal Valley. Junger had started his talk with a reference to his having interviewed Ahmed Shah Massoud, the widely-admired Northern Alliance leader who was assassinated two days before 9/11. Junger had indicated near the start of his talk that the murder of Massoud was connected through the all-purpose boogieman of al-Qaeda to the pulverization of the three WTC towers and the hit on the Pentagon.

As Junger signed his book for me I agreed with the author that there probably was a connection between the removal of Massoud and the events of 9/11. I asked Junger to reconsider, however, the identity of Massoud’s killers. As I see it, the largest weight of evidence points to the violent elimination of the Northern Alliance’s undisputed leader in order to put at the fighting force’s head the US-backed puppet, Hamid Karzai. The events of 9/11 provided the pretext for many pre-prepared actions, including the US invasion of Afghanistan to replace the Taliban government with a regime more amenable to massive opium production and sales as well as the pipeline-building agendas of Cheney’s and Bush’s Oil Patch cronies.

I tried to advance my analysis by calling attention to the speciousness of Junger’s characterization of al-Qaeda as a polity totally external to the so-called national security apparatus of Anglo-America. There is a very large body of literature detailing the character of al-Qaeda as a network emanating from within the bowels of the anti-communist war machinery that developed during the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan [6]. Like CIA asset Osama bin Laden, Ahmed Shah Massoud, who is known widely in Afghanistan as the Lion of Panjsher, was a leader of one of the theocratic proxy forces armed, organized, trained and funded by the US government and its go-betweens in the Pakistani intelligence service [7].

What I saw in the Los Angeles Public Library initially seemed to me like the unpacking of a new vehicle of propaganda meant to advance President Obama’s own version of the fraudulent Global War on Terror. In retrospect, however, it is not altogether clear to me whether Sebastian Junger has already been cast in the role as one of Obama’s key war propagandists or whether the embedded journalist was merely auditioning for the role in the show biz capital of a country dominated since 1941 by its permanent war economy.



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Good post!

Much as I wanted Junger's book to be objective, I found his approach to the war quite romanticized. Prof. Hill's (and Jeremy's) take on this author is in the right direction - propaganda comes in many forms. No amount of hero worship can legitimize this fiasco.

Great review

You have an interesting and unique writing style.

Restrepo sounds like a documentary version of The Hurt Locker. While claiming to "transcend" politics by focusing solely on the emotional battles of US armed forces, the "enemy" is portrayed as a sinister, alien pack of thugs completely divorced from human motivation and behavior.

The apolitical pretense, combined with gritty realism, clever direction and flourishes of extreme violence, allow both "liberals" and "conservatives" to marvel at the "artistry" of the director's vision while repressing their own feelings of guilt over the genocide occurring in the Middle East.

In fact, both The Hurt Locker and (by the sounds of things) Restrepo represent the very height of politicized filmmaking. By refusing to place these evens in their proper context, by dehumanizing the "enemy", and by portraying events from only one vantage point -- that of the aggressor -- these films serve to glorify the US war machine and the culture of macho violence inherent in same.

I look forward to the video footage.


exactly is meant by :" Obama-era Propaganda for the anti-Semitic 9/11 Terror Wars"?

"Obama-era Propaganda for the anti-Semitic 9/11 Terror Wars"

Just to be clear, this was my phrase, not Professor Hall's phrase, though, I've taken "9/11 Terror Wars" as related to Hall's "9/11 Wars." I believe the concept of terror is bundled into these wars as clearly as they are related to a specific state-sponsored 'interpretation' of the events of 9/11/01.

What I meant by this phrase was that, first of all, this version of war-boosting propaganda has a distinct, new feel to it that appears to coincide with aspects of Obama's appeal to certain socio-political demographics and psychologies. It has an emotional appeal and deals with politics while appealing to the realm of the "non-political." Professor Hall explains some of this appeal in this piece of writing.

In terms of anti-Semitic, I mean to rightfully take back, from the ADL and AIPAC crews, the fact that the Arab and Muslim peoples of the world are clearly semitic. There are different ways to trace back the origins of the word "Semitic." One is to go back to Noah's son Shem. It still leaves the term "anti-Semitic" open to be used for anti-Jewish biases, but, in my mind, anti-Jewishness is a subset of anti-Semitism. Because the semitic peoples of the middle east and south central asia are catching the brunt of the 9/11 Terror Wars, driven by the built up psychological scapegoating from state-sponsored lies around 9/11 and decades of hollywood depictions of Arab=violent terrorist, I think it is fair to say that this specific set of Imperial Wars have an ethnocultural-directed basis that the term "anti-Semitism" describes really well. It gets complicated, of course, in that some of the folks helping drive this war, in terms of the AIPAC/ADL/Likudnik crowd, claim the term for themselves. But this makes using the term in a more proper, expanded sense all the more interesting and potentially useful in my mind.


Thank you for your answer.

Hollywood's relentless vilification of Arabs

"and decades of hollywood depictions of Arab=violent terrorist"

Reel Bad Arabs

anti-life propaganda wars

I understand some of the passion about the use of Israel as a military state set up by the US and NWO. After JFK's assassination the nukes got sent to Israel and the empire wars went into high gear.. And some people think that 9/11 was done by Israel, but Israel has always used the neocons in the US for cover, while their expansion of US weapon systems and internal intelligence systems served some of their 1948-State creators that killed Kennedy and enabled the demolitions and attacks of September 11, 2001. The corrupt intelligence agencies and military for destabilizing our world show the US and Israel linked on many levels. I agree such actions produce anti-semitism, but its main consequence is anti-world-peace-justice-harmony.


Related resources to this topic:
Middle East Peace ~ initiatives & information

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice...can do it...

IF there is a stranglehold or fine filtering of the media by AIPAC, Israel, Mossad, and/or what are loosely called the Zionists that is both, specific to and at very high levels of effectiveness within the borders of the USofA as many people think, including many Jewish-Americans who truly want peace on earth, its very unlikely that this influence, or similar influences affecting the governemnt of the good ole USofA, will change or diminish soon enough to make a difference on the world stage. This is because we in the good ole USofA cannot get outside of the information boundaries confining us as described above.

However, the beauty contained within the concept of: "9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice" is that 9/11 has provided a common or well known "event" that exposes the corporatocracies that affect the entire world, and more importantly, provides those of us stuck in the good ole USofA's media trap an opportunity to join other citizens of the world who do not live in as much a stiffling media environment.

Joining together across the world in using the events of 9/11 to demand that, on a worldwide basis, we need to do much, much more to "get along", and to expose the corporatists for the oligarchs that they are is happening more and more every day.

A contemporary example of this potential for progress is the piracy and murder of the ocean going travellers shipping aid to Gaza at the hands of Israel which has bonded the world together against Israel's horrendous behavior...and has provided what can happen IF the world gets together for peace and justice.

Although chronilogically far less contemporary, emotionally the events of 9/11/2001 have even MORE of a powerful uniting force for world peace and justice than this last piracy and murder of innocents by Israel.

I argue that the filtering or containment of informtion and truth which is preventing information reaching the citizens of the good ole USofA as noted above, is in part, doing double or treble the usual work...IE: to protect Israel's role in the events of 9/1...along with hiding the truth behind the Military Insdustrial Complex ... and of course the deep influences with the political structure of the UsofA.

Whatever that role was, or currently is, and even if its found to be smaller than what seems evident to the 9/11 Truth Community [The Dancing Israelies story is huge a blockbuster.], surely by exposing these TRUTHS about what Israel's role in 9/11 actually was, the exposure will surely create a significant backlash or response similar to what we have just seen that the world has collectively enacted towards Israel's piracy and murder on the high seas.

Ironically, such a revelation's energy and force will be internalized within the borders of the good ole USofA at the hand of the very filtering systems or "fences" that have been long established by those groups and organizations aligned with Israel as noted above.

Those people and organizations who have captured us and our media by building protective fences out of which escape only tiny amounts of highly filtered information designed to control our "perceptions" of Israel's behaviors, in turn, will become captives within that very fence.

Its so strange that so few Jewish-Americans cannot, or choose not to see this troubling potential. Very strange indeed...and shortsighted?...certainly so it seems.

And of course, the fence is leaking more and more every day and soon only these "filterers" will be left inside as the world steps up and rebalances itself OUTSIDE of those fences. Its so ironic...and so sad.

The Muslim world is not the problem...instead, they are but the latest patsies for the "white male oligarchs and money exchangers and their families" to pillage and to declare war against.

love, peace and understanding

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA


As we fight to get the message out, I have been posting links in sites generally not particularly open to the reality of what has taken place those years ago. However, I have had so little luck, though some, in telling what has happened, I've decided that, despite the usual rule of NOT dropping in whole articles, because of those legal issues, I think though, that since we all realize the articles that need to be seen, are by authors that don/t/won't mind, because the purpose of their articles is not to make money. I don't think they will challenge legally any of us or any web site that leaves their whole articles dropped into the commentary stream, so I encourage all of us, to copy/paste whole articles. I just dropped the article by Terry Hansen from AE911Truth into another website moments ago. Let's all do it. Maximize opportunities to get the message out!! That article by Terry Hanson was an in depth, well researched article on the government manipulation of our media. THAT is an article ALL need to read and realize.

The article, we should all copy/paste entire contents into other blogs, not just the link.

THIS article in which I am now posting, here at 911blogger, also, in it's entire contents also ought to be copy/pasted, dropped into blogs all over the internet. The manipulation of media is our greatest barrier. We need to shatter it. There's thousands of us. Let's do it! Enough of just dropping links. It occurred to me, (duh) that we won't be challenged by those among us working so hard to get the truth out. Our authors WANT it out there.

The dude is a real


Junger is a very decent

Junger is a very decent writer unfortunately not given to political insights.
Perhaps in his evolution as a writer he will one day realize that the political dimension is unavoidable, as it is the cause of the globe's demise.