David Chandler 9/11 Analysis DVD

David Chandler: 9/11 Analysis DVD | July 04, 2010

9/11 Analysis is a compilation of short analysis videos I have produced and uploaded to the internet over the last few years, woven together with an interpretive narrative. The individual short pieces arose one-by-one as measurements were made and insights developed, but together they constitute a coherent body of work: the total destruction of the three most prominent buildings of the World Trade Center as seen through the eyes of a physics teacher and concerned citizen.

Shown here is the concluding narrative, an appeal to take the events of 9/11 seriously, even as the events of 9/11 seem to fade into the distance. The wars of 9/11 continue. The justification of torture, the loss of civil rights, the overturning of over two centuries of democratic tradition, and the demonization of a major segment of humanity under the guise of "terrorism" are continuing legacies of 9/11.

We are in the process of creating a DVD for international distribution and are requesting contributions for
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David Chandler 9/11 YouTube site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgjb4oDQdQA

Thanks David

Thank you David for making the physics proof that 911 was an inside job accessible to lay-people. Whilst it's evident from video footage that it was controlled demolition, the simple concise analysis of basic physical laws as they relate to the collapses have provided invaluable insight and ammunition for people seeking the truth and fighting the lies worldwide.

The 64% freefall acceleration of the north tower collapse showing that the top section was exerting 36% of it's own static weight and yet accelerating through the lower section is a damning, irrefutable piece of proof of controlled demolition, especially as the top section had all but disintegrated as seen in the video.

The 2.2 seconds of free fall in WTC7 is also irrefutable proof as it means that no gravitational potential was available to crush the building.

The cessation of toppling of the top rectangular section of south tower is more such proof. A leaning off centre mass would inevitable topple off, the more crushing pressure it provides the more torque and the more toppling. An asymmetric mass cannot cause a symmetric collapse.

These three facts involve basic conceptual physics. It's amazing how many people don't realise this. The collapse physics PROVES controlled demolition, any other evidence is just icing on the cake, and some potential disinfo.

The nanothermite evidence is great, and the result of brilliant work and perserverance, the only possible vulnerability is chain of custody, if it can be proven beyond doubt that the dust was the original dust from 911(it may well be provable, I don't know), then the nanothermite evidence is right up there with the collapse physics.

However everyone has seen and has copies of the video footage of the collapses, thus it's undisputable empirical data.

Thanks for bringing focus to a critical part of the evidence David.

WTC7 Sound Evidence for Explosions

Thanks to Debora Blake for

Thanks to Debora Blake for editing on that one.

Thank you David Chandler.

Your analyses of the physics of WTC 7 and the twin towers are invaluable tools for sharing the truth. We are fortunate to have you working to expose the mainstream lies.

Ditto. Thanks David.

What a great physics instructor! ...teaching people "to think a higher thought" with the data.

Well done David and Debora

And well worth the wait. The graphics, editing and presentation went beyond what I had expected. Bravo!

From some hidden explosions on a reporter's mike to tying it all together. Thank you David. "They" will deny it, but this puts the "no boom" argument to rest. There were booms picked up on this video, you just have to watch the reaction and then listen close for the reason.

Great sound work and graphics Deb. ;-)

I have an idea.

It's an idea whose time has come, and one which I've been pushing for a long time now, and have repeatedly emailed Steven Jones and the A&E4911Truth about, but have yet to see manifest.

The idea is to form a group, consisting of physics people, and structural engineers, to write a full and comprehensive paper, as a type of rebuttal to the Official NIST Report as well as erroneous WTC related conclusions (and ommisions) given by the 9/11 Comission, the only two "official" sources of historical information regarding what took place on the now infamous September 11th, 2001, on "911".

The paper could contain, both the physical observations and evidence, as well as the math itself accompanied by the corresponding "thought experiments" (for the layman to easily grasp), and would be published in a recognized physics and engineering journal, and, it would extend an open invitation to rebuttal, which will of course be impossible without violating the laws of physics.

The physics involved are on the level of grade 10 and 11 physics.

Surely, a physics and structural engineering paper, published in a highly recognized journal, is something this movement can mount, as a full and comprehensive flat out REJECTION of the official story Zelikow authored public MYTH about WTF HAPPENED, on September 11th, 2001, because the public, on the whole do not yet know the truth about it, and oh what a truth it is, historically speaking. Like David Chandler indicates, this is elemental, so basic, and so fundamental, in so many disciplines, nothing short of "world changing", that it is therefore of THE most vital, and urgent significance, not just historically, but in all manner of human affairs and running through the entire socio-political spectrum, from that day onward, including this day, today. The public myth about what happened on 9/11 is neither informative, nor formative, except in perpetuating war-policy based upon that myth, as a predominantly shared historical viewpoint about the immediate past (to paraphrase Zelikow in his pre-911 imaginings). It's "power", is based not on righteousness, and a commonly shared set of mutual best interests, but on murder for policy - and that simply CANNOT be permitted to stand in history, not in relation to something this important, David is right about that as well.

And, here's the thing - it (the official story myth about it) does NOT stand up, not under ANY amount of rational scientific analysis it doesn't. Under the lens of science, the myth dissolves, and, thereafter replaced by reality, what was destructive, becomes instead something informative, and hopefully, formative as well. It too (911 truth) "changes everything" and is equally "world changing", while being, relative to the lie about what happened, even infinitely informative, historically speaking, if only because it is entirely reality based, which can only be healthy, no matter how painful the realization when it dawns on a person, who know the truth when they see it, and who can not return to believing the lie when they do.

So bottom line I was just thinking that a definitive, peer reviewed, physics and engineering paper, published globally, with an open invitation to rebuttal, would be most helpful, to set the record straight, based on nothing more than phsyics and science and the immutable laws of the universe, something Zelikow himself said, prior to 9/11, was not even neccessary, to solidy the power of the myth in history, as the "cataclysmic transformative event". So far as yet, he's been mostly right, sadly for our movement, and for future generations and future history.

watch the history bending mythmaker, in action..

Zelikow "The Significance of Contingency" (in it, Zelikow states that the transformative cataclysmic event as "public presumption" need not even adhere to "the physical laws of the universe")

Check it out (this was pre-911, but we all know just what he was talking about here, when you look at all his writings and areas of Academic pursuit and place it within the context of the event itself, how it took place, and at the work of the Commission he later chaired, in selling that myth to an unsuspecting public)


What a murderous, and absurd, and cunning, LIAR!

What an outrage!

It cannot stand. And it does not, and it won't, not in the fullness of time and history, it can't, not if science and reality has anything to say about it it cannot.

Or was Zelikow right, in his pre-911 evil genius?

Which universe do we and will we live in?

If his, then I might as well be Winston at the end of George Orwell's 1984.. now THAT's insane.

No, we will win, if we continune to press on in, and ultimately through, to a transformation, not in military affairs, but in human affairs.

Thanks David for you VERY IMPORTANT Contribution!

You are an inspiration, a role model and a true hero of science and it's principles!

Look forward to this work when it's completed:)

Kindest regards John