I-75 Bohemian Grove Billboard Near Georgia/Florida Border

Billboard reads: "Google : 1. Bohemian Grove, 2. Building 7 , and find out what is going on right under your nose"


as much as anyone, ought to be getting behind the 9/11 truth movement in a big way, if they knew anything about Jesus' conflict with imperialist empire and the ruling "elite" class of his time. Some historians and Christian scholars believe his repeated reference to the "kingdom of God" or "kingdom of heaven" was based as much on his desire to draw a contrast and a distinction, as it was his conviction and certainty that such a kingdom of light and love exists at some level, some where, and must, if God's creation is good.

It is also rather strange, if not down right macabre, how Guiliani and others, during their annual 9/11 memorial speeches, often refer to the 9/11 victims as "sacrifices", as if the individual victims had any choice in the matter..!

"I ask for mercy, not sacrifice."
~ JC

"...sacrificed, on the alter, of freedom."
~ Rudolf Guiliani, 9/11 Memorial Service, September 11th, 2004

In 9/11, I see history repeating, and at its heart, there is Christ (as an embodiment of Civility) and anti-Christ (barbarism). Same sh_t, different day.

Strange also how the replacement structure for the twin towers, the "Freedom Tower" is a stylized Obelisk. No, not strange, abhorrent!

We will never forget.

We know, and soon, everyone will know, and the likes of Guiliani and Cheney and Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle and gang shall be remembered historically, as the people who authorized that sacrifice (mass murder).

"There is nothing now hidden, which will not be made known, and brought to light."

This is great!

Lets hope that the do gooder's keep doing good!

In Jesus's name....lets have the TRUTH!

Kind regards John


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