FREE AT LAST!!! by Jon Gold
July 12, 2010
Jon Gold

They tried and tried to put the glove on, but it just didn’t fit. I kid, I kid.

On March 20th 2010, I was arrested for crossing a police line. Today, I was acquitted for the crime, along with Cindy Sheehan, and Jim Veeder. Sadly, Matthis Chiroux, Elaine Brower, and Lafloria Walsh were found guilty of failing to obey.

This was my first arrest and trial so all of this was new to me. Before the trial began, our lawyers and the prosecutor tried to work things out so there wouldn’t be a trial. The prosecutor offered a “pay and forfeit” without any conviction, and all of us declined. We stood our ground, and wanted the chance to clear our names. We felt strongly that our arrests were unjust, and wanted our day in court.

Cindy told me a couple of times before the trial that it was going to be boring, and it was. The only “excitement” came when Elaine, Laflora, and Cindy were allowed to testify. Everyone did great. When Casey was brought up, Cindy started to cry. I leaned over to Ann Wilcox (one of our attorneys, Mark Goldstone was the other), and said I want to testify. I wanted to come to the aid of Cindy because I was angry that she was made to cry, and the thought, “WTF?!? Hasn’t she been through enough already?” went through my mind. I was told that my testifying wouldn’t do any good, so I declined. I’m glad I didn’t testify, because if I did, I most assuredly would have been found guilty. I wanted to say, “yes, I crossed the police line, but that’s because the police were manhandling Cindy, and I wanted to keep an eye on her.” I think the only reason I got off was because there was no video of me going under the police line. If I did testify, I would have probably ruined it for everyone else.

The first to be acquitted was Jim Veeder. They clearly had no evidence that he ever crossed a police line, so he was let go. That was early in the day.

After the prosecutor and defense were finished, and the time came for the judge to make his decisions, I thought for sure we were all going to be convicted. The first words the judge said had to do with the prosecution proving things “beyond a reasonable doubt,” so I thought for sure we were done. I pulled out my prepared statement to read in the event I was convicted, and had it ready to go. Much to my surprise, I never got to read it, which was kind of a disappointment, but I did get to read it during the press conference we had this morning, so all is good.

I was the second to be let go, and Cindy was the third. The case against Cindy seemed strong enough that she was going to be convicted, but the judge seemed to be on her side. She was completely surprised when she was acquitted. I’m glad the judge was at least able to do that for her. A late birthday present.

A handful of people came to support us today, and I want to say thank you all. I told Cindy today that “we know some really special people,” and we do. My sincerest thanks for your support.

I want to especially thank Mark Goldstone and Ann Wilcox for working extremely hard over the past couple of months, building our cases, and making sure we knew which end was up. You should both be proud of yourselves for what you accomplished today.

Whether you were convicted, or acquitted today, you all shared in a victory for the first amendment, and that is something that can be celebrated by all.

Thanks for your courage



I repeat that it means alot to me that you did civil disobedience even though you suffer from claustrophobia



nice photo!

I'd like to hear the statement.

"I pulled out my prepared statement to read in the event I was convicted, and had it ready to go. Much to my surprise, I never got to read it, which was kind of a disappointment, but I did get to read it during the press conference we had this morning, so all is good."

Justice was served almost.

Now they should pay compensation for all the shit they put you through.

Here's the statement

"In response to our Government lying about, and covering up the 9/11 attacks, I began fighting for truth, accountability, and justice for what happened that day. My efforts, for the past eight years, have been on behalf of the people that lost someone that day, and for the 9/11 first responders that needed health care because of the toxic dust down at Ground Zero. The United States Government has used the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to launch illegal, preemptive wars and to take away our civil liberties. The resulting bankrupting of this country is unacceptable to me, and I felt it was my duty as a citizen to help to expose the cover-up. Ultimately, that fight led me to be in Washington D.C. on March 20th. It greatly saddens me that I was arrested, and will have to stand trial for such a trivial crime. I was under the impression that Americans have the right to peaceably assemble. Paradoxically crossing a police line is treated as a crime, but our leaders are not held accountable for their much more serious crimes of murder and genocide. It is also quite tragic to me that Cindy Sheehan, a mother of a killed soldier, has to stand trial because she believes in ending the illegal and unjust occupations that led to her son's death."

Great Example Of Citizen Activism

Jon, thanks for showing what it means to be an American.

Thank you Jon

for fighting for all of us.

from CindyToday

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Government Persecutors Read my Blog by Cindy Sheehan

Government Persecutors Read my Blog!

Cindy Sheehan

On July 12th, after one postponement, the POTA (Peace of the Action) 3, plus 3, went to trial in DC Superior Court for our arrests after the ANSWER rally and march on March 20th (the 7th anniversary of the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq).

On March 20th, after the rally and march, Elaine Brower of MFSO (Military Families Speak Out) and Matthis Chiroux of IVAW (Iraq Vets Against the War) accompanied some mock coffins that were in the march to the sidewalk in front of the White House. Even though there were thousands of people in attendance, Matthis and Elaine (and two others that didn't end up going to trial) were the only ones that lay on the sidewalk.

I spoke at the rally, but did not go on the march. During the march, I went to lunch and back to Camp OUT NOW that Peace of the Action had erected on the lawn of the Washington Monument. Some of us agreed to meet at the West side of the White House fence at 4pm, because we had heard the Democrats were going to all go there to have a meeting with the president about the "health (corporate give-away) care" bill.

When I returned back to the White House, I saw some commotion that was happening near the centerline of the White House and went to check it out. That's when I saw Elaine and Matthis in the pen the Park Police had set up and planned to join them. Long story short: four of us were arrested for "crossing a police line." And four of us were arrested for "disorderly conduct." Six of us who were arrested (including myself) spent the next 52 hours in DC jail.

When we were arraigned (in waste and leg shackles) that Monday, we were given a stay-away order from the White House, and all the defendants, except me, were given the opportunity to pay the fine and forfeit the right to trial. They all rejected the offer and we were scheduled for trial on June 10th.

On June 9th, I was on my way to the airport in California at about 5:30 am to go to DC for the trial, when I got an email from one of our lawyers saying that the trial was postponed. We learned the next day that the trial was scheduled for July 12th-when I happened to be in DC for Sizzlin' Summer Protests. The trial was yesterday.

A very creepy video that the DC National Park Service Police filmed during that day was the centerpiece of the persecutor's case. The video is creepy because of what the cameraperson focuses on. He/she was at Camp OUT NOW earlier that day and then moved over to Lafayette Park and moved slowly from sign to sign-to faces (most familiar, long-time activists)-the person even focused on a Worker's World (socialist) newspaper on the sidewalk. It was just creepy-we are constantly and voyeuristically being surveiled by our government.

Persecutor for the government, Branch, brought only two officers including Captain Beck, who was in charge that day, to testify. Captain Beck could only confirm that he witnessed four of the six of us committing our "crimes." In the video that Persecutor Branch showed, you can see the "good" Captain Beck-who was only a Lieutenant that day-- clearly shoving his bullhorn in my chest after my wrists were cuffed behind my back and the arresting officer is shown wrenching my arms up after two cops shoved me. Anyway-the two others of the POTA 3, Jon Gold and Jim Veeder aren't even shown in the police video crossing the line. The Government Persecutor brought only one very incoherent officer to testify to say that he had arrested Veeder (or the "white male with the aqua shirt).

I took the stand at the end of the defense case and I testified that I came upon the scene when the resistance was already in progress and that when I saw Elaine and Matthis being penned in there that it was my intention to go and lie down next to them and the coffins in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of people our nation has slaughtered in the name of profit.

Persecutor Branch thought she had damning "evidence" in two of my blogs where I wrote in one that I "crossed the police line." Well, I was arrested for "crossing a police line" and held in jail for 52 hours for "crossing a police line." Persecutor Branch said: "Then you agree with the charges." Wow, was that one of the dumbest questions ever? "If I agreed with the charges, I would have plead guilty and I wouldn't be here today," I answered her. "No further questions."

I, and my co-defendants, have spent a considerable amount of personal money, time, and energy to protest the Bush/Obama wars. Elaine Brower's convertible can probably drive down to DC from her NYC home by itself by now. Jon Gold has taken considerable time off of work to join Peace of the Action in DC last March and this July. Both Elaine and Jon had to take the 12th off to be here on trial. Matthis has to live with PTSD and part of his "therapy" is the antiwar sacrifices that he makes. If we "agreed" with being arrested for exercising our human freedoms and the freedoms guaranteed to us under the First Amendment, then we wouldn't have taken the time, expense and energy to come to DC for trial after trial.

After the pitiful persecution, Persecutor Branch presented and after the spirited defense that our lawyers presents (First Amendment, necessity of protesting an illegal and immoral war, the questionable legality of the police line), three of us (the POTA 3) were acquitted (the persecution didn't prove their case against us beyond a reasonable doubt) and Matthis, Leflora and Elaine were convicted and given a $100.00 fine (suspended) and a mandatory $50.00 assessment to go to the Victims of Violent Crimes fund, which an amazing supporter, Larry Maxwell, paid after the verdict. Those convicted were convicted because the video clearly showed them and their infractions, and we other three were acquitted because the video did not clearly show our infractions. This seems to show some very lazy police-work to rely on videos that only they shoot. If the Persecutor had showed the Peace of the Action video, it would have been perfectly clear that I purposefully crossed that police line. Oh well-a win is a win!

This was actually the first time I was acquitted for charges stemming from protest and I wonder how Persecutor Branch feels about that one? I know our legal team was thrilled!

Elaine and I were in jail for the 52 hours-at least we got to stay together-when we weren't trying to sleep on the stone-cold cement floors-we talked about the pathetic antiwar movement and sort of felt sorry for ourselves being locked up for so long for such minor infractions that were still principled stands. However, we agreed then and we agreed yesterday after the trial was over-we would do this again and keep doing it until the wars end and our troops quit killing innocent people for the Empire and come home to get the help they need to reintegrate healthfully and wholly back into society.

We can't help it-we are serial Peace Criminals.

I hope Persecutor Branch enjoys this blog.

Note-today we went to the White House to bid a not-so-fond farewell to Obama (I am going back home tomorrow) by bullhorn, and I got to go all the way up to the fence because our stay away orders were lifted!

Congrats on Cindy achieving her goal, but

Cindy's courage in standing against the wars and her support for 911 truth deserve praise. Sadly, she continues to refuse to dialog with me.

Allow me to suggest that the authorities don't want those who do civil disobedience to serve time, giving us a better chance to touch hearts.

Cindy states, "If the Persecutor had showed the Peace of the Action video, it would have been perfectly clear that I purposefully crossed that police line."

Cindy is only using the approach of nearly all American practitioners on nonviolent civil disobedience. She deserves no more criticism than the others who won't even discuss how Gandhi's approach of suffering in jail to try to touch the hearts of their adversaries can be more powerful than what we normally do. I'd be honored to serve a sentence with Cindy, if she would consider it.

I recently went to court for my three arrests in March at the treason conference in Valley Forge. I pleaded guilty and received a year probation. This involves getting permission to travel and regular check ins. Because a close family member is on her last legs, I will wait to serve that time. To briefly review that action, I held a sign at the entrance to the room. I spoke at normal loudness only when spoken to. Those in the room where speakers gave addresses could not see or hear me and mostly were unaware of my presence. I didn't call the press.

My purpose was to plead with Cindy to engage me in a discussion of Gandhi. It was also to plead with Jon Gold and Betsy Metz that the culture in the truth movement of refusing to try to work things out with those with whom one disagrees is a counterproductive approach to organizing. I even hold that minority theory supporters should be addressed politely, even though I support not standing publicly with them.

The most notable part of my Valley Forge experience is that a police detective displayed better understanding of my thinking than my friends showed.

I must say we shouldn't be surprised that the authorities understand our strength would be better manifested by serving time when we do NVCD. Cindy wasn't always hostile to considering this. Here's a link to her post from 2005 after talking at length with me about the issue after our arrest at the White House. Here's a link
If You Believe in What You Are Doing, Give Me Your Stiffest Sentence. If You Don't, Then Resign

Thanks Jon

You handled yourself beautifully.

Thank you Jon, for your courage

and for the way you represented us here. You actions and words inspire me.

Thanks to Cindy S. and also to those who weren't as fortunate.. (Matthis Chiroux, Elaine Brower, and Lafloria Walsh were found guilty.)
What happens to them? I hope and trust they are well represented.

I think they got $100 fines

I think they got $100 fines

Peace Activists Acquitted of "Crime" of Protesting, Go Straight Back to Duty of Protesting
Submitted by davidswanson on Tue, 2010-07-13 12:41

Cindy Sheehan, Jonathan Gold, and James Veeder were acquitted yesterday on the charge of crossing a police line, or as NBC described it: "Cindy Sheehan cleared of DC protest charge." When did protesting become a crime?

Elaine Brower and Matthis Chiroux were convicted of failure to obey a legal order, and Leflora Cunningham-Walsh was convicted of crossing a police line. They were given a $100 fine and may appeal.

Cindy immediately announced a protest of wars at the White House for 1 p.m. today. Can you join her there today or in the coming days?

Call me Rob.

my report from the trial, and thoughts on this episode

i attended the trial- the centerpiece arguments presented by the defense:
1) The First Amendment protected rights of the arrested, to speak and assemble freely and to petition their govt for redress of grievances were violated.
2) There was no evidence (the prosecution did not claim that there was) of an emergency or threat to public safety, which would have justified revoking the permit and cordoning off the traditional 'free speech zone' in front of the White House, thus doing so, and arresting non-violent protesters was unjusified.
3) The actions by the Park Police in locking the protesters away for 52 hrs- despite the charges carrying no jail time, and despite there being no requirement to hold them (the law apparently permits it)- were an attempt to suppress First Amendment-protected political activities (it was obvious from the Park Police video they were aware of Cindy's presence- and as soon as she crossed the barrier, the cops were all over her- she was the first one arrested. It's a fact that the cop's actions effectively disrupted the Peace of the Action campaign in March.)

Prosecutor Branch insisted the Constitutional argument and allegations that the Park Police were attempting to suppress speech were irrelevant. Regarding the reasons for actions of the police, Cpt. Beck and Branch simply insisted that the Park Police have the jurisdiction and authority to do as they deem appropriate to maintain crowd control. The justification given for cordoning off the area was that the regs require protesters to keep moving in front of the White House, and to keep control of their signs/props; a dozen mock coffins were placed on the sidewalk, and a number of protesters laid on the ground, in solidarity with the war dead.

Hundreds of protestors were crowding around and shouting slogans, but the crowd had been entirely non-violent during the entire demonstration and march up to that point, and was entirely non-violent through the period of arrests and afterward- I was there during the entire episode and did not see any cops touched, saw nothing thrown at them, and I didn't hear even any verbal abuse of the cops- and neither Beck nor Officer Gilbert testified otherwise. Beck was asked by the defense if he let the protestors know that that regulations would permit the placement of the mock coffins and laying down on the sidewalk 10 yards to either side of an unmarked 'fence centerline,' and he acknowledged that he did not- the counter-argument was they're not required to do so.

Judge Morin gave no credence to the defense's constitutional argument or the allegation that there was no justification for the cordoning off of the free-speech zone and arresting of peaceful protesters; instead, he commended the Park Police on their actions. The charges against the 6 defendants- crossing a police line (Sheehan, Gold, Veeder and Cunningham-Walsh) and failing to obey a lawful order (Brower and Chiroux)- carry a max $100 fine and no jail time. These were minor charges, such that this was not a jury trial; Morin found the govt did not meet the burden of proof (beyond a reasonable doubt) in 3 cases, and concluded they did in the other 3.

Judge Morin seemed sympathetic to the protesters, and seemed to be doing his best to impartially weigh the merits of the case as argued by the prosecution and the defense- Defense Attorney Mark Goldstone told us that prior to becoming a judge, Morin had worked hard against the death penalty.

HOWEVER- by blindly accepting the State's authority to arbitrarily enforce a DC law in a way subverts the Constitutionally-guaranteed innate human rights to peaceably assemble, speak freely and petition the govt for redress of grievances, justice was subverted, imho.

This injustice is made even more glaring by the fact that the actions of the arrested were intended to call attention to the war crimes of the Bush and Obama administrations, which include launching/continuing wars of aggression (based on false information) that have killed well over a million Iraqis, Afghanis and coalition soldiers- and implementing and/or covering up/failing to prosecute torture; rendition; indefinite detention w/o charge; warrantless domestic spying. The fraudulent 'license' for these crimes- 9/11- also remains to be properly investigated, even as the unanswered questions that point to high-level complicity and cover up continue to fester, undermining the legitimacy of the Establishment.

The mainstream media have mostly neglected their job in holding public officials accountable for their actions, and to the law- and as human beings and US Citizens, we are responsible, as these are our lives, government and tax dollars and they are acting in our name, though they may or may not have our express agreement and permission, and many of us have expressed our opposition in various ways.

Eight people got arrested in March, for their non-violent opposition to the war machine; it's not enough to stop it. Perhaps 8000 could- but seems more likely it would take 8 million. I don't know what it will take, but I respect the bold and brave actions taken by those who risked and were arrested.

Under what conditions is nonviolence strong?

Numbers of protesters does relate to the strength of the protest.

Maybe you would consider that nonviolence is potentially more than not striking or verbally abusing people.

Gandhi led thousands...eventually. He started by standing against injustice alone.

I gave this talk in Dr King’s home town of Atlanta at the US Social Forum in June of 2007 entitled, “Nonviolent resistance in the US can be practiced with greater strength”

Americans who refuse to examine the evidence of inside job are lacking in courage. As a nation, we deserve to live under tyranny. We need to WANT to preserve our freedoms.

All antiwar and 911truth activists display some courage, but probably not enough.

Show "What an absolute delight it has been..." by Robin Hordon

Uncalled for

First of all, this isn't Jon's blog. It was posted by one of the moderators of this site who also attended the Peace of the Action activities in DC. Second, it's fine if you don't like Jon but this sounds like crazy talk:

"A commonality between Jon Gold's involvement in the latest peace action in WDC and his involvements with 911blogger you ask?...each has dwindled in the average person's participation because of Jon Gold's involvement."

Are you actually blaming Jon Gold for a low turnout at Peace of the Action?

Totally called for...and predicted... have had to be paying very close attention to understand this pathetic story...and I expect that you haven't, nor has to do with why the peace movements have been disabled over the years-from within...thankfully, I was able to inform Cindy about the negative energy...just like I warned her a while ago that if Webster Tarpley was involved, she shouldn't be...nothing personal here at all...nothing personal with Tarpley either...soley for what's good for UNBIASED truth and an OPEN 9/11 website...something that 911blogger continues to have A LOT of trouble with...and its all tied together...and Chomsky is a very, very well hidden gatekeeper...with most people thinking that he is the exact opposite...yet gatekeeping is what Chomsky does...again, had to have be paying close attention to the peace movements "why dysfuntional" scene...had you been, you would have figured it out and have commented on the discussion in a supportive way...big irony here...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

I have been paying attention

I remember when you accused Jon of being a Zionist, and censoring information pertaining to Israel's possible involvement in the attacks. I also remember seeing you reference "Manhattan Jews," and being called out on your seeming bigotry with no response from you. Now, if anyone else reading this can make heads or tails out of what Robin just said in reply to my very simple question, please let me know.

slight correction

it was "Madison avenue jews". So essentially, he was echoing a common statement from Stormfront.

such an endearing term, ya know?

Show " have missed it..." by Robin Hordon

"Massachusetts Avenue Jews"

Thanks for the correction.

So according to you, Jon Gold is responsible for a low turnout at Sheehan's peace actions and is a gatekeeper for Israel. These are some pretty serious accusations but I haven't seen you provide any evidence to support either one. I encourage readers to do a site search with the keyword "Israel" and see what they find. If this site is a gatekeeper for Israel, I'd have to say it's doing a pretty bad job. As for the accusation against Jon, it's blatantly absurd on its face and should be retracted and apologized for. Perhaps you should contact Ms. Sheehan and see how much patience she has for your nonsense.

That's a good idea Cosmos!

While I am not friendly with Jon Gold at present, I have always been of the view that his strict and restrained position on evidence supporting 9/11 Truth is very helpful. He has been one of the only people to reach out to the Peace Activist Movements effectively.

While his stand against "the controlled demolition movement" has been harmful, that's his right.

Robin I am perplexed by your attack here on Gold, and I think you better put up or shut up!

If you can't put up, then please also apologize!

Regards John

Hasn't been...

"Harmful" for me. It's helped me out A LOT with regards to reaching people, and especially people that we need on our side.

Welcome back!

It's all good Jon...just keep fighting:)

Regards John

Has never been a "gatekeeper for Israel."  I was the first one to bring up the topic on back in 2006.  Sibel Edmonds, someone who calls out the country of Israel, has been posted here repeatedly.  Reprehensor posted about Israeli Wiretappers, and James Bamford's work.  He also posted about the U.S.S. Liberty.  There are a number of posts regarding Israel.

What has historically not allowed are people who equate being Jewish with being a Zionist, a form of bigotry and ignorance.  What it has not allowed is "Holocaust Denial/Revisionism" because of the obvious detriment that line of "research" has to our credibility.  9/11 wasn't a Muslim crime, a Zionist crime, an American crime, a Saudi Arabian crime, a Pakistani crime, etc... it was a crime. The perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks are murderers before they are any nationality, ideology, or religion. Hold the individuals responsible, whoever they may be, accountable. America, sadly, is treating 9/11 as a Muslim crime, and look how well that's working out.

Watch this video taken of an Orthodox Jew during Netancuckoo's visit to the White House...

Here's a picture of me "overcompensating" (even though I've always talked about Israel, so I don't know how that is possible) during Netancuckoo's visit.

Take care...

Welcome back, Jon!

Very well said and great video, too.

Just defending myself...

Another thing has shied away from are people that think the Zionists are responsible for all of the world's problems. The Pharmaceutical, Oil, Tobacco, Alcohol, Defense, etc... industries might have something to say about that. It is the same thinking as Hitler. This is the 9/11 Truth Movement. Not the anti-Zionist movement. The anti-Zionist movement does things like help to make sure the Palestinians aren't driven out of their homes, and that the people of Gaza are taken care of. A noble cause that should be supported by everyone, but it is not the same as 9/11 Truth.

Well said Jon....

Regards John

good for you

glad you defended yourself against the unfair assertion you are a gatekeeper for israel


Way to go Cindy, Jon, and the peace and justice movement.

While most people dont go further than their own keyboards, you sacrifice time, money, and possibly freedom. Its inspiring to see such dedication.
Ignore the naysayers who seek to divide our numbers with their negativity :)

One last thing...

Before I go... there are some "people/idiots" who are crying about being banned, and "censorship" (most of the same people who were banned before the new ownership took over). Passive aggressiveness with the intent of starting an argument, accusations that have no basis in fact whatsoever, and the promotion of shitty information has NO place on a 9/11 Truth site.

It's not "censorship." It's called BEING RESPONSIBLE.

Take care

seek dialog

I gave real compliments and respectful criticism. All I seek is dialog rather than agreement. How about it?

Let me put this as clearly and succinctly as possible...

We DO NOT want a dialogue with you. We will NEVER have a dialogue with you. Please STOP harassing us for a dialogue with you.

Jon, you have been back two days...

Do you see a problem here?


Someone who has harassed Cindy and myself for months, who tried to disrupt the Treason in America conference by laying down in front of the entranceway, is still harassing us. I'm not "back." Just defending myself, and asking a lunatic to leave me alone. I sure hope you're not trying to imply that this is my fault. If you are, then I would have to laugh.

I imagine

that if people trolled Jon less, there would be less "problems".

Then he could go about being a zionist gatekeeper who wont talk to some random guy without all the distractions ya know?

He's done a lot real Zionists would hardly approve of

It's not too common in political circles to give credit to someone one might otherwise criticize.

who is we?

An advocate of nonviolence would be willing to dialog with anyone.

Thomas Merton, a monk whose autobiography was a best seller 60 years ago, noted(not an exact quote," Everyone possesses a kernel truth")

That's one reason why Cindy's pleading with W was so effective. W was acting cowardly.

Dialog doesn't have to mean agreement

Someone who refuses to dialog probably is more dedicated to victory than truth.

You are better than that

I am still considering doing the year in jail to touch Jon, Cindy, and Betsy's hearts.

Harrassment is just a pejorative term for persistence.

Betsy walked by me at one point that weekend. I didn't say anything to her. I want her to look at the word satyagraha tatooed on her wrist and decide she has no reason to fear a conversation with me.

I'm even more concerned with the culture of our movement than I am with whether Jon joins me in dialog. I contrast to the left, where people accept they will have to work things out with some people they don't like; too many truth movement activists are more concerned with being able to look back when it's all over and say," Don't say I didn't tell you so, when I tell you that I told you so." A more important priority is to figure out how to save our freedom.We deserve freedom more than most, but we don't want it enough.


I would like to ask anyone around here if they would please go over to the site, link below, and take them on. It is called Iowa Liberal. Anyone around here reading that has a science based professional background would be especially helpful. The topic is Bush's mangling of science. They agree that the Bush mangled science but won't acknowledge the scientific facts that go contrary to the NIST and FEMA reports. I would love it if we had a team that went around and took on these @&*