Nationwide AE911Truth Ads on Coast to Coast with George Noory

This is the big leagues. AE911Truth is running a series of 30 second spots on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory in the build up to Richard Gage's appearance as a guest on the show July 31st.

[Starting this Thursday, July 15th at 2:17 a.m. Eastern]

Remember this will be a truly national spot airing on 500+ stations! A first for 9/11 truth. [There was a spot on Coast to Coast earlier this year, but it only ran in the Los Angeles market]. This is not just a local affiliate of a nationally syndicated show-- this is a nationwide ad that will be heard by nearly a half million people.

So put on a pot of joe and listen this Thursday at 2:17 a.m. Eastern. // Wed. 11:17 pm. Pacific

Thursday is the original spot by Ed Asner, while following versions will be modified to serve as promos for Gage's appearance on the 31st.

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911 Was "Another" Inside Job!

This is GREAT ! Tremendous Exposure.

There are all kinds of benefits with this national exposure, besides just getting the word out to listeners all across the country. e.g. This elevates the topic to a higher credibility in the mind of the public, because it is advertised. Also, it repeatedly puts people's attention on the subject. Another benefit is that for some people who are lightly familiar with the topic, they may take a second look.
Thanks McGee and all who were involved!

Great News!

As you all know this country and the entire planet for that matter is in grave danger. The NWO boys as I call them are going for broke. Financial collapse, the so-called oil spill, all the wars and more on the way. They are pulling all the stops because they want a one world fascist dictatorship. I still think 9/11 truth is the key to bringing them down. I don't think I will get any arguments there. This is a great way to wake people up.

Truly Truly


Nice truth bomb A&E's! Thank you. Thanks to Richard and everyone involved. We REALLY appreciate it, big time huge, more than I can axpress in words.

Here is the Ed Asner 30 sec. Spot

great job AE911Truth and RL.

This program has a huge following.

Someone tape it please?

They archive their shows, don't they? Gotta wait long to hear an old show?

I just cannot get over

how truly HAPPY this makes me, and I'm sure you too!

Richard Gage's Previous Appearance on Coast to Coast

Debate on Coast to Coast???

Is Richard Gage and others scheduled to debate some debunkers on Coast to Coast?

"Dave Thomas and Kim Johnson to debate 9-11 "Truth" Advocates Richard Gage and One Other Person (A Chemist? A Fireman? We don't know!)"on Coast to Coast AM Radio, Saturday, July 31st,
11:00 PM MDT - 3:00 AM MDT."

Upcoming 9/11 team debate on Coast to Coast on July 31

"Hi all,
Richard Gage of and a team of scientists are scheduled to debate a team of JREF debunkers on the Coast to Coast program. Gage has put me on the mailing list after reading my suggestions to him in how to debate the JREF crowd, as a consultant to his team."

- -

I'm all for any AE911 advertising effort

but going after coast to coast audience, is preaching to the converted.

Let's hope from here, they reach NEW eyes & ears.

There are many benefits other than NEW eyes and ears

You are right about the fact that many audience members might already be in the choir. However, there are also some other benefits with this action...
...This action supports Noory and Coast to Coast in a financial way. We will see the 9/11 Truth message repeated by Coast to Coast and George Noory during other broadcast conversations and interludes. In effect, this becomes 'free advertising' because of the air time.
...some listeners might have glimpsed at the first Loose Change film years ago and made the decision at that time in support of the government's story. These listeners have it "justified" that they have already researched the subject by glimpsing at the first Loose Change movie. With this national advertising action, it puts a renewed focus onto 9/11 Truth and also a huge emphasis from a scientific and engineering perspective. In other words, these listeners might give it a "second look".
...This elevates the topic to a higher credibility in the mind of the public, because it is advertised. The public tends to give more altitude towards those things which are advertised.
...This action repeatedly puts people's attention on the subject.
...Many people already know about 9/11 Truth. However, they might have dropped to the wayside over the years. This advertising might rehabilitate their vigor of support for the subject.
...As 9/11 Truth receives more and more media exposure, we will also see more and more people support in a financial way. The esprit and excitement of media exposure helps in recruiting funds.
(There have been many people who have quietly contributed money to the cause. My hat is off to them. Thankyou.)

On reaching new public... public are optimally reached "on the first time out with a medium". This is when the message gets the cream of new exposures. Over time, fewer and fewer audience members of that medium will be "new public". truthoverprofit, I think that this is your concern. However, this is the first NATIONAL ad campaign, so we will likely pick up new ears.

Not even close

My guesstimation would be that MAYBE 2%, at the very most, of the C2C audience are pro-9/11 Truth.
And probably not even that many. Probably more like 1/2 of 1%, if even that. (it's difficult for me to even
be as realistic as I probably should in guesstimating the numbers, because it's a little upsetting and irritating)

It's very obvious that the 9/11 Truth Movement isn't anywhere near as big as some people claim.
I doubt if it's even 50,000 strong. (actual, semi-active, and fairly supportive and knowledgeable people)

Otherwise things would be much different than they are today.

All you have to do is do some tabling and that sort of thing, and you will find that probably,
easily less than 5 in 100 are minimally knowledgeable about 9/11 Truth and its issues,
and less than that truly support it. (AT LEAST 70% of the general population STILL do not know about
WTC 7, and I'm probably being overly generous in that estimation)

At this late date it's a sad fact and unfortunate state of affairs.

And there is a lot of other anecdotal evidence, as well.

AFAIK, and last I heard, there aren't even 'official' 9/11 Truth student groups at UC San Franciso, UC Davis,
UC Chico, and Sac State, here in California. (or at most of the other state colleges and universities, or
the two-year and community colleges) And I've heard it's basically the same across the U.S.

Most cities still do not have actual groups, and those few that do (relatively speaking), are seriously low
in numbers for their 'membership' and supportership based on per capita population numbers.

This is also evidenced by the attendance of conventions and seminars and AE911Truth presentations,
where they struggle to fill small events, although it is somewhat better now than last year, etc. as one
would expect. But, even if you get 250 people at an event in a city with a population of several tens of thousands,
or more, the numbers speak for themselves.

One recent AE911Truth example is the San Leandro event, which had 250 in attendance (most of whom were probably
under the category of preaching to the choir), which is a pretty good turn out, because they usually and traditionally
are not that high, with a population of about 83,000 (although technically it's actually larger than that because in the
Bay Area, all of the cities are right up next to each other), they got about 1/3 of 1%.

So that is a pretty realistic number. (and I think probably, generally, nationwide a little, or a lot, high)

The adult (over 18) population in the U.S. is about 200 million, or so. 1% of that is 2 million, and 1/3 of that is
about 666 thousand. (OMG! that number can't be a coincidence!!!! ;o) ) I suppose there could be 666K 9/11 Truth
"supporters" in the U.S., but I highly doubt it. (that averages to ~ 13K per state, which is probably high)

So we need to not shy away from the reality of the situation, because that does no one any good.