Axiom 2010 Truth Teller’s Conference In Salt Lake City

An unbelievable lineup of speakers is coming to Utah for a three day event, July 30 - August 1st…

Salt Lake City, July 17th - By: Clint Richardson, co-founder of We Are Change Utah

With the final addition of Stewart Rhodes (, the Axiom 2010 Conference is shaping up to be an unprecedented event. With the confirmation of our extraordinary panel of truth-tellers, including Prof. Steven Jones and rounding out the event with Alan Watt, live (via-satellite), Salt Lake City should be your destination July 30th through August 1st.

Our other confirmed special guests include: Sheriff Richard Mack, Luke Rudkowski, Dr. Tim O'shea, Walter Burien, Gary Franchi (with Camp FEMA movie screening), Daniel Estulin (via-satellite), Jake Shannon, Dr. Robert M. Bowman (head of the Star Wars program under Nixon and Reagan), Marc Stevens, Dr. A. True Ott, Byron Dale, and Dr. Ann Blake Tracy.

Seating is limited to 300, and tickets are going fast! Information and ticket sales:

The event will also be streamed live over the internet by our friend and sponsor George Butler at the GCN Network here:

We Are Change is also planning a mass 9-11 bannering of the Salt Lake area during the event to really wake the sleeping masses here in Utah, and asks that groups bring thier banners and signs to the event.

Please join us at the Salt Lake Community College conference center in Sandy, Utah in just 10 days.

Press and vendor info contact:

     Clint Richardson (

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Looks Great!

Thanks for your efforts...until justice!

Kind regards John

I will speak today starting at 4:10pm Mtn time (6:10 pm Eastern

at this conference -- and thanks to WeAreChangeUtah for the invitation. I understand the talk will be live-streamed. I intend to cover some new ground.