Sydney 9/11 Event Creates Serious Main Stream Media Ripples!

Story by John Bursill
22nd of July, 2010

Australia's number one talk back Radio Station 2GB, have reported on the Prof. Niels Harritt Lecture on the 17th of July, 2010 at the Sydney Mechanic's School of Arts during their late night show with Brian Wilshire. Sydney's most popular late night show's regular guest, Prof. Keith Suter who attended the Harritt Lecture, has expressed his fascination with the issue of the World Trade Center 7 collapse on the afternoon of September 11, 2001.

Audio sourced by Hereward Fenton, Editor and

Prof. Suter, a highly regarded Australian media personality and internationally recognised academic and expert on foreign affairs, clearly expressed his satisfaction with the event and the evidence supporting an apparent "implosion" of WTC 7. Quote: "I commend the organisers, they kept emphasizing it was a scientific gathering, although it was open to the general public...they were treating it in a scientific way. They were looking simply at the scientific aspects of 'how' the building came down not 'why' or 'who'. There were questions from the floor naturally, sort of saying who would be behind this and the scientist they had there...(Harritt et al)...they kept saying no, no, no it's our job to simply identify the process by which the buildings came down". Suter while talking to popular host Brian Wilshire who is already on the record as having many doubts about the official "9/11 conspiracy theory" went on to mention that WTC 7's collapse was missing from the 9/11 Commission Report.

It continues to be evident that the official conspiracy theory is dying the death of one thousand cuts by the tireless efforts of determined citizen activists. It also seems evident that it is by taking a non conspiratorial approach to the events of 9/11 we are having the most success; that is by allowing media people of conscience to report on alternate and controversial evidence of criminal activity with out being called "conspiracy nuts".

Do not be fooled by the silence of our mainstream media on an alternate 9/11 reality; it is and continues to be the most corrosive background media element holding back the power elite's agenda world wide. One by one the intelligent media personalities with credibility are getting on the right side of history as the the 9/11 Truth message becomes more reasoned and supported by what the "hard evidence" shows.

Powerful and successful event ! Successful Australian 9/11 Truth

Bravo! and big thanks
for a great job to The Australian branch of 9/11 Truth Movement, and namely to Mr. Bursill and Mr. Fenton, them seeking the truth to come out about the biggest event of our times - the 9/11 controlled demolition inside job false flag military clandestine operation.

This per common sense, and heck, also per irrefutable scientific evidence.

John, you write : ...... " Do not be fooled by the silence of our mainstream media on an alternate 9/11 reality ...." ....... well, controlled demolition is rather the truth about 9/11, not an "alternate reality" ..... ..... and, " holding back the power elite's agenda world wide " ..... it is not only "holding them back", really, it is indicting them and convicts them irrefutably of committing the gravest crimes of several kinds ...... oh gosh.

The whole establishment, the whole top of the world empire, all the ruling class, all them guilty of serious crimes. ..........

If nothing, this portends a period of higher instability for the world, for the future, ............ unless, of course, official mainstream media can keep up a complete and absolute censorship of the issue, thus holding average citizens of the world from learning what really happened, and in so, what led to genocidal iraqi occupation war, and to afghanistan occupation war.

Enjoy the show.

Petr Buben
So, will they shut down the internet?

There is a great big lie

residing smack dab in the middle of contemporary history, and a lie AROUND which much of contemporary history has been formed, so yes, obviously, the incongruity between the lie and REAL reality (I agree that 'alternative reality' isn't the best way to describe it) is a stumbling block for so-called "elites" and their agenda. Our movement and the Internet is a real problem for them, and now various people of reknown and credibility are catching on and jumping over to the right side of history, the side of what is simply real and true.

It's like an earthquake, like Zelikow's sudden, unexpected, non-linear, catalyzing event, which is, forever after, transformative, and which retains its power, even as the experiencing generation passes away.

What's interesting here, is that it will only become easier to digest as the experiencing generation passes away.

The mainstream media slience, and overt propaganda on the 9/11 event, is ominous, and cannot be sustained in the face of reality. Therefore they are screwed, all the while losing viewership over to the Internet, as more and more people simply turn OFF their TV's altogether.

We must never stop, revealing what is already in plain sight, including the destruction of the twin towers themselves, unto justice - if only in the form of historical justice, whereby the 9/11 event may be recorded and therefore remembered accurately, so as to serve a cause of justice as a turning point or a tipping point, of historical LEARNING, learning about what NOT to do and about how NOT to be, and that's valuable, and therefore something which does justice to the victims of 9/11 who are many.

So it's doubly powerful, and, entirely reality based, whereby a dedication and committment to truth and reality at all cost, is a hallmark of discipline, and of overall mental health and well being, even in the face of a painful truth wherein "that which hurts, instructs" (Ben Franklin).

Well said!

Thanks all for the thoughtful comments, makes for interesting reading:)

Regards John


And good work on your part John.

My main point in this matter of "justice", is that Dick Cheney does not have to hang by his neck until he is dead, for justice to be served here, and I'm thinking of Justice in this instance, like Love, as a type of formative historical causation, of the kind which will prevent future Dick Cheneys from engaging in these kinds of abominable acts of state sponsored terrorism.

Therefore, we don't even require a "new investigation", but only that history, looking back, understands clearly, in accordance with science and the immutable laws of the universe, that the official story myth isn't reality, and therefore is not true. That's when 9/11 as a policy sustaining point of leverage becomes nothing but a dead albatross around "their" necks and/or more importantly, the "neck" of the war-policy (and freedom undermining "security" provisions and all manner of covert and overt psychological manipulation) eminating from that state sponsored act of mass murder.

World News Flash!
The twin towers were blown up with explosives on September 11th, 2001 and could not possibly have "collapsed" from the plane impacts and fire since they were completely destroyed, from top to bottom, in a mere 13 seconds, where absolute free fall from the same height for any freely dropped object, in nothing (but air), is 10 seconds. Spread three seconds out over 95 floors, and that three seconds amounts to a negligable time difference from absolute free fall time, and so there it is. In plain sight, right before our eyes, the record of the event preserved in all those videos, from generation, to generation, and from age to age, in perpetuity - and thus, the myth cannot sustain itself in the fullness of time and history, not in relation to the truth and the reality - while the twin towers of The World Trade Center remain, forever, rather ah, conspicuously absent, the New York CIty Skyline..

The only thing differentiating WTC7 from the twin towers is that it wasn't hit by a plane, but their destruction via explosives is no less obvious, in that case being an unconventional, top down CD - but of course I'm preaching to the choir here. Nevertheless, sometimes words fly fast and far like arrows through the noosphere, or a bell is rung, and as they say 'you cannot unring a rung bell', nor recall an arrow already released..

people of reknown and credibility

Yes they're beginning to pop up, but maddeningly they seem to hold back, tending to allude to the truth instead of just stating it flatly, as if there's still some shame in daring to suggest what is now so irrefutable. I swear to God if Bob Dylan or Bono or Springsteen or Neil Young would man up, make a video wherein they frame the evidence, flatly state 9/11 was an Inside Job, make it viral and then announce a 911Truth Aid benefit concert in support of the 9/11 families that were victims of the Deranged Zelikow & Co., any one of them (or any one of dozens of this calibre artist) could push this heavy train way down the tracks. Their reputations are cemented. Let's not lament the fact that we live in a celebrity-obsessed culture, let's make it work for us. Man I wish Zappa was still alive. He wouldn't put up with this bullshit.

"It's not getting any smarter out there. You've got to come to terms with stupidity and make it work for you."
--Frank Zappa

Willy Nelson did

and he's as American as apple pie, and it didn't hurt or kill his career. I am grateful for him "manning up" but you're right, the rest are wimps, mass media sychophants, too concerned with their own 'image' thinking that it would be bad publicity or might damage their careers God forbid. Not a man among them.

We KNOW there's not a man among those who work in the MSM, not one.

So where are they?

Pretty sad, when no one cares, and isn't prepared to say anything, almost as bad as the atrocity itself. What's that saying about when good men do nothing..?

Really Impressive Physics Sim Software

A decent physics simulation would get much internet attention if it were flexible enough to allow some of the parameters of the building construction or some of the conditions of the simulation to be adjusted by users.

I always imagined that a bang-up, interactive physics sim of the Towers and Building 7 would have the capability to go viral as users try their best tweaks to get the buildings to collapse the way they actually did. And perhaps some elaborate tweaking COULD get the buildings to collapse like they did. But everyone would be able to see just how unrealistic the tweaks would have to be.

Seems like open-sourcing a sim project like this would work.

Nils Harrit

Good on you Johnny. The wave keeps coming. all the best from welly. did anyone tape the talk?

mmmm the video...

Plenty of cameras there, and there is already something on youtube I believe. The original plan was for to do a post edit with three shots...we will see if all concerned can get it together??

Regards John

great press for 911 Truth.

This was an excellent segment. These guys apparently didn't get the memo, or they have higher integrity than most of their peers. My guess is that they have higher integrity. I am grateful that they treated the subject rationally with understandable curiosity. Thanks to Professor Harritt for his continuing hard work. He is a very good spokesperson. Thanks to John Bursill and all the other Truth activists down there too. We are moving ever closer to critical mass.

The Second Guy...

came off as knowing a lot more than he let on, and was eager for an excuse to get some of it out.

I got an interview with Brian a fews years back...

...he alluded in an e-mail he had been warned off and I have not been allowed back on his show since.

Wilshire knows exactly what's going on as do many in the press core today.

Regards John

If most of them know, if that's true

then as soon as the experiencing generation passes away, so too will Zelikow's public myth.

Sad there never WAS any real investigation however, but that doesn't mean to say that we cannot know with certainty, that we were all knowingly and willfully lied to about what took place on 9/11, and that the twin towers were blown up, the plane impacts little more than a ruse for the total "shock and awe" global false flag psy-op of 9/11, creating a suspension of disbelief as the cause of the destruction of the buildings, and in so doing, giving birth to the Zelikow crafted myth or "public presumption about it's immediate past" ie: planes hit, the buildings collapsed - we were attacked!

In other words, once enough time has elapsed, then everyone the whole world over will say that it's plainly obvious that the twin towers and building 7 were blown up by insider elements (obviously) on 9/11. They''ll all say "we knew it all along", not realizing the degree to which such a statement is an admission of utter cowardice in the face of the very worst atrocity or one of them, maybe next only to the Iraq War, perpetrated in modern contemporary history.

But what a waste, if history cannot learn something from this event looking back, even if only in the rear view mirror of 20/20 hindsight. And that's where we come in, our work to keep this thing front and center squarely on the table for our collective, global, consideration, and we have all the time in the world, and time and history is on our side.

The essential problem with Zelikow's myth is that it unravels very fast, and so the recognition of the truth, on evaluation, is a one way street, and the information available a veritable firehose, and, thanks to our movement, its a runaway train (sorry for the mixed metaphors), why? because September 11th, 2001 is THE most searched topic on the Internet, from then until now. There is not a single event capturing greater public interest in recent memory.

So WE WIN, and although it might be a long and hard fought struggle, we still win in the final analysis, can't not.

So with unrelenting perserverence, we carry on carrying on, if for no other reason than it's just the right thing to do, both for our generation, and for all subsequent generations.

It's a very good movement for a person to be able to claim to have been involved with.
At first, they thought we were all crazy, and now they thank us and shake our hands.

Robert, I'll Say it Again...

You sure have a gift with words.

Thank you for sharing.

you're most welcome

thanks Joe.

I like to think that I'm ringing a historical bell, or firing arrows of truth into the noosphere - that I really am speaking truth to power, as much as I am preaching to the choir as they say.

Leak this to wikileaks!

Perhaps Julian Assange might find this interesting?


Go ahead - keep on leaking! :)