Video highlights of lectures presented by Steven E. Jones, Ph.D. and Kevin R. Ryan in 2009.

60 minutes of highlights presented by Steven E. Jones, Ph.D. and Kevin R. Ryan in 2009.

Dr. Jones is a well published professor of physics, and Mr. Ryan was previously employed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

They describe some of the findings they have published in peer reviewed scientific papers.

They argue that scientific evidence refutes the official conclusion by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) that explosives were not involved in the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7 on September 11, 2001.

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You grabbed some good, highlighting points and compressed these into a shorter time frame for the viewer. With so much video and information available on the internet, viewers are taxed with where to alot their time.

Really impressive body of work. One Question!

The video of Steven Jones' talk ends with a very interesting observation - In 2001 there were not many labs with the capability of making this nanothermite. Which labs did have the capability?

Lawyers for 9-11 truth?

I mentioned this on the NIST vs Newton thread...

Why not a fund to call NIST to account in civil action in a court of Law? Surely Lawyers for 9-11 truth along with expert witnesses (high school Physics teacher!) can put a case together and expose NIST for the pseudo scientists they are. What NIST have done is illegal isn't it?