9/11 Truth Presented at Advanced Wealth Building Conference in Jamaica Written by Richard Gage, AIA July 27


9/11 Truth Presented at Advanced Wealth Building Conference in Jamaica
Written by Richard Gage, AIA
Tuesday, 27 July 2010 01:59

AE911Truth was flown into Jamaica earlier this month to present the evidence for the explosive destruction of the three WTC skyscrapers to their top 250 associates. Why? Wealth Masters International is a company of 20,000 associates seeking to build and maintain their wealth in the face of a declining economy and the largest wealth transfer in history.

Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey are the leaders of this unique wealth oriented company, who brought AE911Truth to this annual conference in order to give their followers very sensitive information that few other Wall Street gurus dare to understand or to provide. Their associates came together for four days to take a hard look at the light as well as dark sides of our national and world economy, and the opportunities available to savvy investors. They brought together a collection of other leaders, like Mike Maloney of GoldSilver.com, and G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, and a host of other leaders in the areas of investment and health.

What does all this have to do with 9/11? 9/11 changed the economic landscape. The truth about the destruction of the Towers on 9/11 (the subject of our talk) and the real perpetrators behind it (the subject of G. Edward Griffin’s talks) is seen by the company’s founders as essential to their associates “situational awareness.”

From the company’s website, http://www.wmitoday.com:

Encompassing a truly global presence, 40% of the attendees at the Wealth Masters International (WMI) m3 Private Wealth Group were comprised of international Members. Speakers focused on global economics, specifically, demonstrating the historical precedence for the financial opportunity that develops during economic lows. All WMI Members are made aware that the greatest transfer of wealth in history is taking place right now and the m3 Private Wealth Group is just one of the many opportunities Members have to learn more about what they can do to capitalize and generate extraordinary wealth during the transfer.

Before the presentation to 250 attendees, 55 believed the Official Conspiracy Theory, which believes that the planes and fires brought down the towers, and 40 were unsure. Afterwards none believed the OCT and only 7 were unsure. Thus the explosive evidence, as outlined graphically in our DVD, 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, once again speaks for itself, and appears to be quite compelling to those who have no previous awareness of alternative explanations. We sold all of the DVDs that we brought and half of the audience seemed to be in a state of shock, which was evident during the three half-hour break-out sessions which followed, and gave them a chance to ask quite a range of questions. The most common questions continue to be about the who, why, and how could they have gotten away with it. We largely let them wrestle with these questions and refer them to David Ray Griffin’s excellent books, including “The New Pearl Harbor Revisited.”

Many had stated that they would be providing donations to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization -- via the donation envelopes that we now pass out at all of our functions. We very much encourage people who really get the drastic implications of our presentation to support us financially or by volunteering. There is much more that we can accomplish toward our mission of research, education, advocacy, and justice. Our hands have been tied for lack of funding. If you have been waiting for the right time to join the family of monthly sustaining supporters then let me assure you that your wait is over. Now is the time to fully activate your relationship with AE911Truth and give us the boost we need to get the materials out to every member of congress, host our press conference and debate in Washington, DC this September, and to open our Washington, DC office. We must have a new investigation. What will be your role?

Very influencial!

So glad G. Edward Griffin was there making his presentation as well.

This is the kind of report which tells me that indeed our little movement that could, moved mountains of historical causation and will continue to do so moving forward, while placing a wrench into the gears of the war/security agenda for global hegemony by the "ruling elite" (an insane plan, now proven to be an abysmal failure).

Many of us who are able, ought to start considering runs for office, in order to "come to power".

We should also target the institutions of higher learning, so as to educate the next generation as they also come to power.

We can do this. We ARE doing it! :-)

First order of business will be the gradual, harmonized, dismantling, of the military industrial complex and intelligence apparatus who collectively represent and form the "dark shadow government". There are better ways of playing the game of global Risk. Then we need to move from tactical to practical, and drive a new arrow of civilized progress, capable of serving the mutual best interests of humanity, both individually and collectively. The image in my mind is that of the building of a capstone in a royal arch through which humanity may begin to pass into everlasting freedom (with eternal vigilence), which to be functional, cannot be placed and cemented with violence or the threat of violence.

Civility: Consciously motivated organizational behavior that is ethical in submission to a higher power principal, which is love. (M. Scott Peck "A World Waiting to be Born, Civility Rediscovered", paraphrased)

Once again, therefore, it may be said that it was the stone (Civility) that was rejected by the builders, which became the keystone.
And of course, that there is nothing now hidden, which will not be made known, and brought to light...

May the forces of light and love prevail. Amen, and amen. (make it so)

Maad mon! Big tings.

Memba mi tell yu (Listen up, take note).
Seh one (Great, wonderful, fantastic).
Loud up di ting (Expose someone's business).
One one coco full basket (Every little bit adds up).